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Childish story. The boy and the nails

Childish story. The boy and the nails

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Stories, fables and poems help us teach values ​​to children. From our site we encourage you to use the story of 'The boy and the nails'to talk to your child about tantrums, anger, and temper. Help him to understand what he feels when he is angry and what consequences it has, as well as give him the necessary tools so that he learns to better channel his emotions.

There was a boy who had very, but who very bad character. One day his father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his cool, he should drive a nail into the fence behind the house.

On the first day, the boy drove 37 nails into the fence. The next day, less, and so on with the following days. The child was realizing that it was easier to control his temper and his bad temper than to drive nails into the fence.

Finally the day came when the boy did not lose his cool even once and told his father that he did not have to drive a nail through the fence. He had finally achieved control your bad temper.

His father, very happy and satisfied, then suggested to his son that for each day that he controlled his character, he take a nail out of the fence.

The days passed and the boy was finally able to tell his father that he had already removed all the nails from the fence. Then the father led his son by the hand to the fence behind the house and said:

- Look, son, you've worked hard to drive and remove the nails from this fence, but look at all the holes that were left in the fence. It will never be the same!

What I want to say is When you say or do things with a bad temper, anger and a bad character, you leave a scar, like these holes in the fence. It no longer matters so much that you ask for forgiveness. The wound will always be there. And a physical injury is the same as a verbal injury.

Friends, as well as parents and the whole family, are true jewels who must be valued. They smile and encourage you to improve. They listen to you, share a word of encouragement and always have their hearts open to receive you.

His father's words, as well as his experience with the nails, made the child reflect on the consequences of his character. And colorin colorado this story is over.

Did you like this story? And you your son? Have you noticed how their reaction was at the beginning of the story and at the end? His face, his expression and his gestures can help you get an idea, but if you want to find out if your little one understood the true meaning of the story of the boy with the nails, we have a proposal for you!

We are going to put your reading comprehension skills to the test with a series of questions and activities that will help you delve deeper into this educational story about the evil genius and the strong temperament of some children.

1. Reading comprehension questions

- What was the boy in the story like? What problem did he have?
- What did your parent ask you to do every time you were angry?
- What did the child have to do when he finally managed to control his character?
- How was the wood where the nails were?

2. Search the dictionary
With the use of the internet, many times we forget to take the dictionary that we still keep in the classroom library and look for words that we do not understand. What if we take advantage of reading this story to encourage the child to do this activity? It will be a fun, playful and educational way to make sure they understand well all the words they have heard!

3. The game of synonyms and antonyms
The following proposal is intended for children who are already in primary school and who have already seen more specific linguistic concepts such as synonyms and antonyms. We look for words in the text above, for example, later, near or day, and we have to find their opposite. We can do the same with words that have the same meaning.

4. The boy and the nails. Part 2
One way to develop and encourage children's creativity and imagination is to let them free, to think, to let their thoughts fly ... But to motivate them and give them a little push, how about we suggest that they write the second part or the continuation of this tale?

Children's short stories can have a magical effect on those who listen to them, so much so that they can help them change something within them. If you are looking for more stories that talk about children's behavior, pay attention to the selection of stories that we have prepared for you!

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The stories are an excellent option for parents who have children with a lot of character and a strong temperament at home, but it is not the only tool. Check out the resources that our team of expert psychologists and pedagogues have put together to deal with the temper and tantrums of the little ones.

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