Tutti frutti game. How to play with a pencil and paper with children

Tutti frutti game. How to play with a pencil and paper with children

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The simplest games are the ones that are most successful among children of all ages. Surely you know this popular game that is known as Tutti Frutti. It is also Known for Stop, Ceasefire, Quiet pencil, Mercadito, Basta, Auto pencil, Russian salad... and by many more names.

This game helps children to think, improve and increase their vocabulary and concentration. Although there are more elaborate versions in the form of a board game, the truth is that to play Tutti Frutti, you only need a pencil and paper.

Recommended age
From 8 years

2 or more

How to play
A table is made on a sheet of paper. The names of the chosen categories are written in the columns (name, object, brand, food, clothing, flowers, countries, means of transport, colors, etc.), in the rows the letters of the alphabet are written, which can be chosen by lottery or considering an alphabetical order.

When the signal is given, each player will have to find a word that begins with the chosen letter from each of the categories. The first person to finish gives the signal to 'stop the pencil' or 'stop' and the other players stop writing.

Each non-repeated word is worth 10 points, and 5 points for each word repeated by several players. It can be established that if the word has been repeated a certain number of times it is only worth 3 points, depending on the number of players.

Games are not only fun but they are also educational and instructive tools. This game of STOP, Ceasefire, or whatever it is called, motivates children.

1. To think fast

2. To work under pressure

3. To test your wits

4. To increase your concentration

5. To discover new words

6. To increase your vocabulary

7. To increase your knowledge

8. To practice writing

Playing with a pencil and paper with children is always a good alternative and resource to pass the time, for example in the waiting rooms of the doctor, the dentist or some other consultation, on a train or plane trip, in the lunch or dinner in a restaurant, and on many other occasions.

They are perfect games for those moments when we have nothing at hand to distract children. Therefore, we propose some games with paper and pencilApart from the Stop, so that they can entertain themselves with the children and have a fun time with them. To do this, you will only need a blank sheet of paper and pencils.

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