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Videos of children's favorite animals

Videos of children's favorite animals

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Discover how pandas, koalas, sea bears, crocodiles, monkeys and many other favorite animals of children live. Show these videos to your children and discover with them how penguins, kangaroos, sea turtles live ... our site went to visit these animals and we offer them several videos with images and curiosities about them. We answer questions about how is a chick born? Why is the giraffe's tongue so big? Why do sharks attack? and others more.

We show you how a chick is born to what difference there is between an orangutan and a gorilla. We also teach them that giraffes don't make noise because they don't have vocal cords and that sharks aren't bad. Children's questions about their favorite animals are fascinating. Could you answer them?

Chicks, sea bears ... Don't miss these animal videos. You will discover surprising and very curious things about them. For example, that orangutans are 7 times stronger than us, or that koalas sleep more than a sloth...

We help you answer all the children's questions about different He has recorded the best videos about the animals that children like the most. Find the answers to all of your child's questions.

How chicks are born and live. How long do chicks take to hatch? Can you see like us? These are some of the questions children ask about chicks. But there is more.

What do orangutans do and where do they live? We answer the main questions of children about orangutans. Are they like gorillas? What differentiates you from them? What do they eat? Are they sociable?

How penguins live and what they eat. What would you like to know about penguins? Do you know how they live? our site has moved to Faunia, an animal theme park, to ask some curiosities about these cute animals.

How sea bears reproduce. Is a sea bear the same as a seal? And what about a sea lion? These are some of the questions children ask themselves about these intelligent animals. But there is more. our site asks the experts at Faunia, an animal theme park in Spain, about this topic.

How giraffes eat and live. We answer the main questions of children about giraffes. Giraffes are graceful and mysterious animals. Kids love it! Do you like giraffes? We discover all the curiosities about this elegant animal. Children will learn many things about giraffes, from how they sleep to how long their necks are.

Where do pandas live and what do they eat? Here you will find all the curiosities of panda bears, one of the favorite animals of children. Answers to the main questions of children about pandas.

How sharks live and what they eat. We answer the main questions children often ask about the shark, the largest fish in the ocean. Curiosities about sharks. our site has produced a video with all the answers to children's whys about the life of sharks. What do they eat, if they sleep, how many teeth do they have, etc.

What do sea turtles need to live? We tell you all the curiosities about sea turtles, an animal in danger of extinction. We answer all the questions that children ask about this animal.

What are koalas like and where do they live? We tell you how koalas live and answer the questions that children often ask about this cute animal. Answers to Children's Whys about Koalas.

How kangaroos live and reproduce. We answer children's questions about kangaroos, an animal with many curiosities. In this video you will discover how fast a kangaroo jumps, what it eats and how it reproduces, among other things.

Where do guinea pigs come from? What would you like to know about guinea pigs? Without a doubt, it is one of the favorite animals of children. Discover with this video curiosities that you did not know about guinea pigs.

How crocodiles live and what they eat. Find out what crocodiles are like. We tell you curiosities about this animal to tell the children. Do you know how a crocodile sleeps? Why is your skin so rough? Find all the answers here!

If your children like animals and want to continue enjoying activities with their favorite animals, we suggest some stories, fables, jokes, poems, drawings, crafts, songs and riddles, as well as other ideas with animals so that they can enjoy together and have a fun time with the family.

Animal jokes for children. The whole family will not stop laughing at these short animal jokes for kids and adults. Your kids will have a lot of fun with these hilarious top jokes that they can learn to tell their friends. Also, telling jokes has many benefits.

Riddles or riddles of animals. Invite the children to play with animal riddles. Riddles and riddles for children to test their imagination and intelligence. Children's riddles, an ideal resource to stimulate and entertain children at home or at school.

Animal stories for children. Children's stories to educate children who talk about animals, the jungle, the forests. Stories for children where the protagonist is an animal.

Animal songs for children. Children love animal songs, they not only help them to know the animal kingdom better but also expand their vocabulary. On our site we offer you some of the most popular animal songs for children.

Animal fables for children. In you can find children's fables of animals, which will help you explain to your child certain attitudes that are difficult to make them understand due to their young age.

Animal figures to make with balloons. Looking for ideas to decorate birthday parties? We propose you to create an animal themed party, for this you can create all these original animals with balloons that we propose.

Animal makeup for children's costumes. Learn to create original and simple animal makeup with the video tutorials that we offer you on site. It is an ideal resource to complete a children's costume.

Videos to learn how to draw farm animals. Learn to draw the farm animals with these simple videos. Following the step-by-step instructions, you can teach your children to draw and color their favorite animals.

Short poems about animals. Easy poetry with rhymes for children about animals. Poems are a great way for children to learn about nature, animals, or the professions. Children's poems. Read these short animal poems for children, it is fun poetry to read to children and learn more about animals, whether domestic or wild.

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