11 famous movies about emotions and emotional intelligence in children

11 famous movies about emotions and emotional intelligence in children

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Many times as parents we insist that our children learn things and more, that is, that they prepare their minds for tomorrow. That is very good, of course. However, we cannot put aside working on your emotional intelligence. On this occasion, we suggest you do it in the most fun way: through some of the best famous movies about emotions that we can use as a resource for the emotional education of children.

More and more parents are aware of the importance of educate children on emotions. It is about the little ones learning to identify, understand and manage how they feel.

On the other hand, we hear the term 'emotional intelligence' more and more frequently, but what does it really mean? As noted in the research article 'Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom' (written by Diana Osorio, Natalia Yagum and Claudia Montenegro for the Minuto de Dios University Corporation) this concept was used for the first time in 1990 by Salowey and Mayer, psychologists from Harvard University and New Hampshire respectively. Reference was made to the emotional qualities necessary to achieve success. As Daniel Goleman would later explain, it's about finding a way to add intelligence to emotion. It seeks to act according to emotions, regulating them based on the stimuli we receive from society.

So why is it important to initiate children in emotional intelligence? Because from the earliest childhood they will begin to feel joy, anger, sadness, frustration, etc. And knowing how to manage all these emotions will help you get to know yourself better and regulate yourself.

And what resources do we have for this? Well, the ones you already know: stories, explanations from mom and dad, always respectful accompaniment, even more so if tantrums occur, and children's movies, just the topic that concerns us this time! Watching a movie as a family can be of great help to understand and understand emotions that are often difficult to express with words.

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Yes, yes, movies, especially if seen as a family, are another excellent resource that parents can use to show children that all the emotions and feelings you notice inside are normal. They are also very useful for our children to see that, little by little, they must learn to channel and manage them and, whenever they want, talk about them. What are those fun and valuable movies? Do not look any further! We will let you know right now.

1. Home: home sweet home. Amazon Prime Video. All public
Oh he's a somewhat mischievous Booy alien who can't think of anything other than to invade Earth and then flee, it is during his escape that he meets a young woman named Tip. I won't tell you more, what I can tell you is that Oh changes color according to the intensity of his emotions. On Netflix you have the series available, look for it with the name 'Home adventures with Tip & Oh'.

2. Up. Amazon Prime video. From 3 years
Two generations and two people who have nothing to do with each other are immersed in a hectic adventure where the dreams of the other seem to be more important than those of oneself. Have you ever seen this movie? I do and it gave me the impression that it is perfect to remind us that not only children have the task of naming their emotions, we older people should also do this type of exercise from time to time, don't you think?

3. Wall-E. From 4 years
Why is this movie perfect for talking about emotions with children? Well, because its protagonists, the robots Wall-E and Eve, can understand the expressions, gestures and even the emotions of the other without saying a word. Once you have seen the movie with your children, propose the game of looking at each other's faces for a while without speaking, then decide what you think the other person's expression conveys.

4. How to Train Your Dragon. HBO. From 6 years
A teenager living in a Viking village befriends what are theoretically the enemies, the dragons. This movie is excellent to spend a lovely time with the family and to teach emotional intelligence to the little ones. The series is available on Netflix.

5. Howl's Moving Castle. Netflix. From 7 years
They say that cinema has the amazing ability to positively influence people, what's more, by identifying with their characters and seeing how they express their emotions, we ourselves feel like reflecting on our feelings with total freedom. Another of the films about emotions that we are going to talk about is called 'Howl's Moving Castle'. I saw it a few days ago with my son, the debate afterwards about what fire did, as it was first grumpy and then very nice, or why the protagonists had doubts about their own abilities, turned out to be the most enriching. I recommend that you watch it with your children, you will like it a lot.

6. Inside Out. Disney +. From 4 years
This fun Pixar movie has two sides: for children and for adults. In any case, it is an excellent resource for children to learn more about basic emotions (each one identified with a color).

As you can see, in this list of films that treat emotions in one way or another, we have included those that can be easily found on the most popular platforms such as Netflix, HBO and Amazon Prime Video. However, remember that many times the content changes from one country to another, take that into account when doing your search. We continue!

7. Kangaroo dad. From 7 years
It turns out that two dads lose their jobs, so they can't think of anything else but to babysit a bunch of kids. Will the little ones be able to learn to manage their emotions? Perhaps it is a question that we should ask the main parents ... When you see it you will understand why I am telling you this.

8. Spirited Away. From 7 years
I haven't seen this one yet, but I've already added it to my 'things to do with my son' list. From what I have read, the protagonist of this story does not know how to manage neither his joy nor his anger, and of course, this leads him to experience unexpected situations.

9. The worlds of Coraline. From 7 years
Coraline moves to a new house with her family, there she discovers a wall that leads to a parallel world. As the girl does not feel quite well in the new house, she does not hesitate to enter that new and mysterious parallel universe. If you want to work on emotional aspects such as communication between parents and children, this film will make things a little easier for you.

10. Benji. From 7 years
Two children find a dog that immediately becomes one of the family as it helps the little ones when they are in a dangerous situation. Not only is it great for bringing emotions to the table, it is also great for understanding the value of friendship, family, and courage.

11. Looking for happiness. For over 13 years
Starring Will Smith and his son, in this story based on true events we see how a father and his son struggle to make their way after losing everything. It is moving to see how the father manages his emotions, does not lose his temper and tries to teach his young son valuable lessons. This film also gives us the opportunity to reflect on what happiness is for each one, on sacrifice, frustration and personal effort.

Do you know any other movies for children that explain emotions?

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