10 gift ideas for grandmothers

10 gift ideas for grandmothers

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Although the years go by, we will always be someone very important to our grandmothers. Let's not forget that grandmothers are not only those who are there to take care of our children when we have to work or take a trip, or those who help families emotionally and even financially. Grandmothers are not second mothers… they are grandmothers! has prepared a fantastic list with 10 gift ideas for grandmothers. It doesn't have to be his birthday. Any day is a great time to thank them for all they do for their grandchildren.

Grandmothers bring wisdom, love and many values ​​to their grandchildren. Instead, the grandchildren bring them life, joys, unique and joyful experiences. On such endearing dates as grandparents' day, birthday, saint's day, Christmas or Three Kings, it would be nice if we didn't forget about grandmothers, right? We have prepared for you a selection with the 10 gift ideas that we can make to grandmothers. You'll tell us what you think!

1. books
If the grandmother is one of those who like books, a book can be a very successful gift alternative. There are many books that may interest you: recipes, therapies, romantics, biographies, travel, self-improvement ...

2. Handbag
A new bag will always be welcome for grandmothers, as it is an accessory that we do not change many times. And if also if your grandmother is the one who has to go look for the grandchildren at school, it does not hurt! You will have to fit the snack and the water bottle and you would need space.

3. Flowers or plants
If the grandmother has a house full of flowers and plants ... talk no more! The perfect gift for her is a flower pot. You can go to the local florist or plant a 'tree' in a very cool pot.

4. Pajamas or nightgown like that of the grandchildren
There is no more appreciative gift for a grandmother than a pajama or nightgown. You are sure to have happy dreams, and if you also wear it when your grandchildren stay with them and it matches with them, much more special!

5. Photo holder
Grandmothers love to have frames with family photos all over the house. So a photo holder with the photo of the grandchildren, they will love it. A real treasure! What if you make it yourself as a homemade craft?

6. Creams or makeup
Grandmothers, like moms or aunts, also like to take care of themselves, so they would like to receive as a surprise gift a hand cream, or an exfoliating, moisturizing cream, a natural soap ...

7. Chocolate box
That is a gift that will make grandmothers even sweeter. Children can prepare some chocolate bonbons for their grandmothers.

8. Cologne or perfume
This is also a very successful gift for grandmothers. We just have to know which scent they like the most and is more in line with your personality and way of dressing.

9. Jewelery or jewelery
If you have a flirtatious grandmother who likes to get ready to go out ... this present will suit her wonderfully! A necklace, a bracelet, an earring ... you will love it and it will make you shine more strongly!

10. Massage
For grandmothers who have a busier life, a massage can become a perfect gift. A back or foot massage can undoubtedly become an unforgettable gift.

Grandmothers do not give their love without expecting anything in return, so perhaps the idea of ​​giving them something that children have made themselves can make them much more excited than something material. And the thing is that the most important thing of all for grandmothers is the love and time that we can dedicate to them throughout the year.

For children, and as explained in the research work 'The benefits of the figure of the grandfather in Early Childhood Education', carried out by Maitane Alejos for the University of Navarra (Spain), 'the figure of the grandfather is a wise person with whom they maintain a close emotional bond and share moments of fun, being these more flexible than parents when it comes to establishing norms.

- Recite a poem
If you can't find the exact words to tell Grandma all that she means to you, ask for help! We advise you to memorize a short poem and recite it the next time you are all together.

- Write a story
Can you imagine the face of your grandmother when opening the mailbox at her house (or the mail, for the most modern) and finding a letter with a story written in the handwriting of her grandchildren?

- Send an emotional phrase by whatsapp
Sometimes we can't have our grandparents as close to us as we would like. If this is your case, don't panic! Send him a very emotional phrase on WhatsApp or organize a family video call. It will be very fun!

- Create a very special craft
If you love crafts at home, you already have the perfect gift for grandma! You just have to find the necessary materials, for example, rolls of toilet paper and give life to your favorite animal (a ladybug), a microphone or an off-road car.

- Make a drawing or collage
We are going to prepare a very special mural! All you need is a piece of cardboard, magazine or newspaper clippings, pictures of you from the whole family, pens, scissors, glue and a lot of imagination. What will come out of you? Surely something very cool!

- Cook a sweet
How many times have you called your grandmother to make you some meatballs or to make you that delicious puree that only she knows how to make? Surely many times, but this time we change roles: it is the children who must prepare something special for their grandmother. How about a very easy to make Maria cookie cake?

Reading stories to their grandchildren is something that our elders enjoy a lot. Grandparents love to surround themselves with all their grandchildren and see their faces when they tell them their 'little battles' from when they were young. Surely you still have a lot of adventures to tell them, but if you lack ideas, you can take a look at these grandparent stories!

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