51 friendship phrases to educate children in values

51 friendship phrases to educate children in values

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Friends are real treasures, and that's why children must be taught to value and care for them from a very young age. You can help him bond with his friends. We offer you the 51 best phrases about friendship to educate children in values. Fabulous phrases to reflect with children on what friendship means.

The power of words on the child's brain is such that we encourage you to read these phrases about friendship with them so that they understand how important friends are to them.

1. 'Among individuals, friendship is never given, but must be conquered indefinitely '(Simone de Beauvoir).

2. 'True peace is not only the balance of powers, but that great joy of living in friendship' (G. Jules Berger de Xivrey).

3. 'We cannot know the precise moment when friendship is formed. As a last drop makes the glass spill, so a kind act of a succession makes the heart overflow'(James Boswell).

4. 'Friendship that demands nothing or complains is almost always a weak friendship' (Mme. D'Arconville).

5. 'A friend is someone who knows us but loves us anyway '(Fr. Jerome Cummings).

6. 'Substituting self-love for the love of others is to change the insufferable tyrant for a good friend' (Concepción Arenal).

7. 'Whoever finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure' (Jewish Proverb).

8. 'A noble friendship is a duo masterpiece' (Paul Bourget).

9. 'Your friend is the man who knows everything about you, and loves you anyway'(Elbert Hubbard).

10. 'The best thing in the world is friendship' (Jean de la Bruyére).

11. 'A friend loves at all times; to help in adversity a brother was born '(Proverbs 17:17).

12. 'Friendship is a love that is not communicated through the senses' (Ramón de Campoamor).

13. 'What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies' (Aristotle).

14. 'This is the precept of friendship: ask friends only what is honest and do only what is honest for them' (Cicero).

15. 'Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow you. Don't walk behind me, I may not be a guide. Just walk by my side and be my friend '(Albert Camus).

16. 'The friendship of a single wise man is worth more than that of a large number of madmen' (Democrates).

17. 'The best way to destroy an enemy is to make it my friend' (Abraham Lincoln).

18. 'The friendship of the petty is more dangerous than his hatred' (Thomas Fuller).

19. 'He who seeks a friend without errors will never have one' (Hasidic saying).

20. 'It's so easy to talk about our intimacies to a stranger and it's so difficult to talk about them to a friend! (Maurice Baring).

21. 'A true friend He is the one who approaches you when the rest of the world abandons you'(Walter Winchell).

22. 'If you reproach a friend for his defects or vices, you run the risk of fighting with him; if you make him present his ridiculousness, you can be sure that he will never forgive him '(Edine P. Beauchêne).

23. 'Friends are necessary for joy and pain' (Samuel Paterson).

24. 'Friendship is not counted although many sell it, since friends who have bought it or are not or are worth little' (Baltasar Gracián and Morales).

25. 'The friendship that can end was never true' (St Geronimo).

26. 'Friendship is the most perfect of man's feelings, because it is the freest, the purest and the deepest' (Henri D. Lacordaire).

Did you like these 26 phrases that talk about friendship to show your children? We have many more that you cannot miss! Take note of all of them!

27. 'Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their work. For if they fall, one will raise up his companion: but what a disgrace for him who does not have another to help him up '(Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10).

28. 'When you have been a good friend, you find good friends even in spite of yourself' (Nicoló Machiavelli).

29. 'Friends show their love in times of trouble' (Euripides).

30. 'The fidelity that we owe to our friend is a sacred thing, which does not allow the slightest irony' (Pythagoras of Samos).

31. 'Friendship is a companion animal, not a herd' (Plutarco de Queronea).

32. 'My friend is the one who tells me my failures in private' (Solomon Ibn Gabirol).

33. 'Friendship will do for you what blood will not do' (Scottish proverb).

34. 'The friend dies; friendship does not '(Turkish proverb).

35. 'True friendship seeks three things: virtue, for being honest; dialogue, as delight and utility, as necessity '(Plutarco de Queronea).

36. 'There can be no friendship where there is no freedom'(William Penn).

37. 'Friendship is like music: two strings of the same tone will vibrate at the same time even if only one is pressed' (J. Quarles).

38. 'A friend is a gift that you give yourself' (Robert Louis Stevenson).

39. 'Friendship between equals is usually very long-lasting' (Quinto Curcio).

40. 'The greatest effort of friendship is not to show our defects to the friend, but to make him see his' (François la Rochefoucauld).

41. 'Like the same things and not desire the same things: that is true friendship' (Cayo Salustio).

42. 'A true friend is someone who is with you when he would rather be elsewhere' (Len Wein).

43. 'Friendship is always helpful; love sometimes hurts' (Lucio Anneo Seneca).

44. 'Only your true friends would tell you when your face is dirty' (Sicilian Proverb).

45. 'A proof of friendship is given to us who supports our advice'(José María Tallada).

46. ​​'In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends' (Martin Luther King, Jr.).

47. 'Friendship and love are here, or there, or beyond, but they are. That you do not know how to know them does not imply their nonexistence '(C. de Villalobos).

48. 'Friendship is born the moment one person says to the other:' What? You too?' I thought I was the only one '(C.S Lewis).

49. 'Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of time. There is a time for silence. A time to let go and allow people to do what they want with their destiny. And a moment to get up to pick up the pieces when everything passes' (Gloria Naylor).

50. 'Friendship could only take place through the development of mutual respect and within a spirit of sincerity '(Dalai Lama).

51. 'Friendship doubles joys and divides anguish in half' (Sir Francis Bacon).

Stories are an excellent educational resource for children to learn values ​​such as friendship, and it is through the characters in these stories that they will empathize with their protagonists and it will be easier and easier for them to understand certain concepts.

- The star and his new friends
If your child still does not understand well what friendship is and, above all, everything that his friends can bring him, the story of 'The star and his new friends' will teach him that working together and as a team can achieve many more stuff.

- Three good friends
Lobo, Mirlo and Sapo are three friends who do everything possible to keep their friendship together and alive despite adversity. And how do they do it? Sometimes you have to give in!

- The stone boy
A very exciting story that will make children reflect on the value of friendship and the power it can have.

- The mountain and the bird
Whenever we speak of friendship we think of two people, but friendship can also occur between other living beings, such as a mountain and a bird. What will they talk about? What will that relationship be like?

Friends play a very important role for the growth and development of the child, so much so that some studies indicate that children who grow up alone may have problems in the future to incorporate into society and suffer emotional difficulties in their lives.

Through friends, children learn to understand, to listen, to share, to be more tolerant, to practice solidarity ... And, of course, to better control their emotions. For all this, parents must encourage our children to interact with other children and that these bonds that are created are healthy from the beginning.

The role of friends in a child's life will depend on the child's age. Thus, as explained in the study 'Friendship in children', from the magazine Temas de la Educación, 'friendship occurs in different stages of life and in different degrees of importance and significance'. But what are those stages?

- Up to two years
Babies play with other children in parallel, that is, there is hardly any contact and each one does it independently. If the little one goes to nursery school, he will start little by little to share toys and to socialize a little more.

- From the age of three
They like to be around other children, although it is not yet a basic need for them. They begin to establish small affective bonds and may begin to express their interest in a specific partner.

- From 4 to 6 years
They already choose their playmates, although they do not have a specific criteria. In fact they can spend time with a 'friend' with whom they do not share tastes or hobbies. This, for example, can make if they spend a long time without seeing each other (summer vacations) when the reunion occurs they feel that the other is like a stranger.

- Starting at 7 years
We are entering a stage of consolidation of those who will be our children's 'best friends'. Friendship, especially from the age of 8, is very important to them and will play a very important role in shaping their personality. At these ages they understand friendship as we adults do and they look for someone to help them, understand them, listen to them ...

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