Grandparents Day with the family. 22 great games for kids and grandparents

Grandparents Day with the family. 22 great games for kids and grandparents

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Every July 26 is Grandparents Day or Grandfather's Day, in some countries like Spain, and the August 28 in others like Mexico. If you also want the oldest (and wisest) of your family to spend an unforgettable day surrounded by those who love them the most, including, of course, their beloved grandchildren, you have to prepare some fun games for children and adults.

In order for this very important and important date to be even a little more special, on our site we have prepared a list with the best and most fun activities for celebrate Grandparents Day in style. Perfect to do at home all together, as a family. How exiting!

There is no greater happiness for a grandfather or grandmother than to see their children and grandchildren grow up. According to a survey conducted by the AARP organization (for seniors), grandparents feel blessed to have time to spend with their grandchildren, as they allow them to enjoy and witness how the cycle of life continues. In addition, they value the fact that they do not have to act as parents.

And there is nothing better for a grandchild than spending time with their grandparents. Our elders are the ones who can teach them the most, not only because of their experience, but also because of their infinite patience and his unconditional love.

In Mexico, Grandparents' Day is celebrated on August 28. But in other countries such as Spain, Argentina or Brazil, it is celebrated on July 26, as this is the Day of the saints of Santa Ana and San JoaquĆ­n, who were the grandparents of Jesus. It is a very special date because we have the opportunity to thank our grandparents for everything they have done and they continue to do for us and because we have the great opportunity to return a pinch of that full dedication that they give us every day.

What better to do with a family day full of fun activities? We propose a few below, choose for yourself the ones that your grandparents and grandmothers will like the most. And do not hesitate to let the children participate in the preparation as well, they are often the ones who have the best suggestions.

We start with the list of great ideas to celebrate Grandparents Day. Here are some activities that you can do at home or around your home.

1. What were mom and dad like before they were mom and dad?
Grandparents usually like to tell stories and anecdotes from the past and children love to listen to them, so this can be the first activity for Grandparents' Day, sitting all together around the table with a delicious homemade snack and enjoying the words of grandparents. The theme for this occasion may be what mom and dad were like before they had children. The colors are sure to come out!

2. Flipping through family photo albums
Raise your hand to anyone who loves looking at family photo albums. Nothing better to awaken memories than a few photos. Encourage the children to ask as many questions as they want, Grandpa and Grandma will be happy to answer. This activity reinforces the sense of belonging to a group and allows children to know what life was like before they were born.

3. A sports session
There are the grandparents and grandmothers who spend the afternoon knitting at home and there are those who do not stand still all day. If your grandparents are one of the latter, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon of family sports: a bike ride, a hiking route through the countryside ... Children will understand that getting older does not mean having to leave from exercising.

4. Let's cook!
What did you use to eat at home when you were little? Grandparents are sure to prepare delicious dishes or delicious homemade sweets. Maybe it's time to remember those recipes and make them again only this time with the grandchildren. If it is a simple recipe, allow them to come into the kitchen and help, your mission will be to take photos and add them to the family album that we talked about before.

5. Do you fancy a carpentry workshop?
Virtually all, if not all, grandparents are experts at fixing and designing things. It will be because they learned it when they were little or because before there was no idea that if it breaks, it is thrown away; Before, things were fixed with their own hands, for those they had so much value. You can tell the grandparents to tell the grandchildren about it and even set up a woodworking session. They are going to have a great time making their own homemade toys!

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6. A movie, but this time they choose the abusers
If you tell the children to choose a movie to see together on Grandparents' Day, be sure they will put a picture on it. Okay, but what if grandparents choose this time? Anything they want, including old black and white movies. Without a doubt a fun time and a lesson for others.

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7. Coloring, drawing, making mandalas and also crafts
Yes, yes, our elders also like to paint, draw, color and do crafts. Why? Well, because it is something that everyone likes! Prepare an art session at home and hang the drawings in a well visible place in the house.

Teach your children that you have to spend time with the family always and not only when their day arrives. Show them that it is nice to do something for others, that surprise plans, even having a cup of milk together, are priceless. And tell them also that grandparents are very generous because they always have a little hidden gift to give to their grandchildren, but we can also do something special for them.

If they understand this as children, in the future, they will become the best grandparents in the world. Let's continue with the activities for Grandparents Day!

8. Enjoy with crafts
We can do a lot of very beautiful things, for example, a scrapbook, a collage with old photos, learn to knit or sew a button, cross stitch ... You propose the ideas or simply tell the grandparents to choose the one that more illusion make you. Surely you will get great crafts and full of creativity.

9. To dance!
Do your grandparents go to dance class? Then they will take the greatest of joys if you go with them one day and show your skills as dancers. Another option is to prepare the dance session at home; music, the favorite of grandfather and grandmother.

10. A gardening day
If grandparents are lucky enough to have a garden next to home, this will be another of the best activities that can be done for Grandparents' Day: enjoy gardening. Spend the afternoon planting seeds, picking fruit, or just learning how to care for garden flowers. Tell the children that in these things rush is not worth it, that the fruits need time to grow and that the flowers are more beautiful if we water them and treat them with love.

11. Recite a possessed
Older people tend to be fans of reading, especially poetry. They will be pleasantly surprised if we recite one we have learned to them, if we read some verses together or if we go to the library with them to find books of this type. If you recite a poem to them that talks about grandparents and grandmothers, they will like it three times as much.

As you can see, it is about looking for very simple activities that the whole family like and that also serve to strengthen emotional ties, especially if the grandparents live far away and we do not have the opportunity to see them very often.

12. Board games of a lifetime
Ludo, goose, dominoes, cards, chess and any other traditional board game can be the most entertaining pastime to do with grandparents. Children still can't play chess? Let the grandparents be the teachers this time. It will be a teaching and a nice memory!

13. Shall we use the computer for a while?
If our grandparents have taught us to repair things with our hands, to take care of the garden and to play chess, what if we teach them to use the computer a little? Or rather, let your children teach the lesson. If the children are still too young to handle these technologies, we can adapt the plan and watch an episode of their favorite cartoons or series on the screen sitting next to their grandparents.

14. Tell tales
At the beginning we said that grandparents could act as narrators of the family's history, because now they can only be a children's story, the one at home or the one that comes from their imagination. Older people have a special gift for storytelling. The second part of this emotional activity will be for the children to tell a story to their grandparents, they will be all ears!

15. Teach grandchildren songs and sayings of a lifetime
Songs from before, popular sayings, tongue twisters or even riddles that used to be said a lot and now fall into oblivion. We will tell the grandparents that if they can show us a few and we will suggest to the grandchildren that they write down the ones they liked the most on a piece of paper or even draw a picture of those so beautiful that we are accustomed to.

16. A family outing
What do you think of a family outing to celebrate this special day? It can be going to the cafeteria next to home to have a snack together or it can be visiting another city. That each one chooses according to the tastes of the grandparents, the idea is to spend a day together and thank them for everything they always do for us, which is not little.

They have raised us as children and now they help us take care of our children, they never come home empty-handed, they always have a smile on their face to give away and a hug to give us one of those that comforts so much, they never say no to nothing, they are always there when you need them and a lot more wonderful things that we often overlook. Dear grandparents, these activities are to celebrate your day together: July 26 / August 28. We hope you like them!

17. I see I see what do you see?
Another lifelong game that young and old love a lot, so why not play once in a while? We can do it in the usual version, with things that we really see, or we can play with things that we do not see at that moment, in the latter case the clues are allowed.

18. Build the family tree
Nobody better than grandparents to tell us who our family is. This activity of making the genealogical tree of the whole family could have been included in the crafts section, but it seemed to us that it deserved a special mention. We can create ours with photographs or drawing instead. How beautiful it will be! Encourage the children to ask questions of the grandparents of the relatives, they will surely tell a lot of very funny anecdotes.

19. Memory games
Memory games are good for all of us, especially the little ones and the oldest in the house. Take one that you have at home, for example, from looking at some cards, turning around and remembering where they were, and have a fun game together. Let no one dare to cheat!

20. Chained words
You know how to play chain words, right? One says a word, for example, 'house' and another has to say another that begins with the last syllable of the previous word, in this case -sa. You can play at snack time or on the way to the family outing that you have planned for Grandparents' Day. Let's see who wins!

21. Puzzles with lots of pieces
The puzzles are not only perfect as entertainment and as a way to exercise memory and visual acuity, but they are also ideal for working the much-needed patience. Give grandparents a puzzle with lots of pieces for their day and make a piece every day that you go to see them. Once it is finished, it only remains to decide where in the house you are going to put it.

22. Gift giving
A Grandparents' Day would not be the same without gifts, we know that time together is priceless but surely a personal detail makes your heart fill with joy. It occurs to us to give them activities to do outside the home: a cooking class, gymnastics or dance classes ...

We can also give them something that they like and that they need, such as new walking shoes or a nice wall clock. And, lastly and most importantly, the gift that the children will give him, that they will keep forever. Explain to your children that they have to take their time, that the card or craft they prepare must be done with great affection, also invite them to write some words of affection.

Did you like these activities and games to celebrate Grandparents' Day? Do you have any tradition in your family for this day? We read you in comments!

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