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Day of Santo Isaías, May 9 and July 6. Names for boys

Day of Santo Isaías, May 9 and July 6. Names for boys

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Although it is not one of the most frequent names, Isaías is very familiar and is one of those names that maintains its freshness despite tradition and is always current. He celebrates his name day on May 9 but also on July 6, which is the day of Saint Isaiah the prophet.

Although we cannot ignore the one of the most important biblical prophets, the prophet Isaiah, who recorded his prophecies in the Old Testament book that bears his name (it is considered the longest in the Bible with more than 70 pages and is You could say that he was the author of the first biography of Jesus).

Isaiah was one of the first to speak about the arrival of Christ in this world and it did so 700 years before the great event. But he not only gave details of what the life of the Messiah would be like, he also offered many data about how Jesus would spend his last days. Without a doubt, one of those essential figures regardless of religious ideology.

Did you know that Isaiah was a statesman, adviser, poet, orator, and writer? He was born into an aristocratic family in Jerusalem, in 756 BC, had two children and his wife was baptized by the Jewish people as 'the prophetess'. Throughout his life he criticized the powers of Judah and the errors of his people, whom he also encouraged during the captivity of Mesopotamia.

The death of this prophet was very cruel and bloody: He died cut in half and is believed to have been martyrdom was ordered by King Manasseh of Judah.

Isaías is a name for a boy of Hebrew origin that means 'Yahveh is salvation'. Like all names in the Hebrew tradition, it is a talking name of clear religious significance. A nuance that is lost over time but that leaves the name surrounded by an aura of mystery.

For the meaning of your name, Isaiah has a charismatic personality shrouded in mystery, which together with his enigmatic character make him a born seducer. Isaías triumphs in social relationships and his charm is enhanced by his enormous capacity for work and his sense of responsibility.

He name Isaías It is known in all languages, although it is more frequent in the Anglo-Saxon sphere in its Isaiah form. Its musicality and the calm that this name transmits make it ideal for any child. And furthermore, in recent times there has been a clear trend to bring biblical names back to the present day.

It may help you to choose the name of your baby to know that Isaías is the name of politicians and military men of all time, of soccer players, chess players and even philosophers or doctors. However, it is an American actor who has most popularized the name of your son, Isaiah Washington.

When you see your baby's face, you imagine what things he will achieve when he is older and what he will be like, right? It is not that we have a crystal ball, but we are going to resort to the help of numerology to discover what the personality of the children called Isaiah will be like. Did you know that the number that will accompany your offspring throughout his life will be 3?

- Positive traits
Get ready to celebrate massive birthdays, and they are very sociable children and will have a lot of friends. Relationships with others will be great! They will also stand out for their mental agility and their speed when it comes to learning new things. You won't need to explain things to him more than once or twice, at the most!

- Negative traits
There will be behaviors or behaviors that parents should improve from the beginning to prevent them from going to more, for example, their self-centeredness. Used to being the center of attention, they will always get very jealous when someone takes the limelight from them.

The Bible is one of the most important religious books and one of the most widely read. Throughout its more than 1200 pages we can find a lot of names for boys that can be ideal for your baby, if you still have doubts about whether Isaías will be the final one. Do you want to know which ones we have selected for you? We will focus on the Old Testament!

  • Abraham
    It is one of the more classic baby names that is still widely used today, popular for its references to both the Bible (the first of the three patriarchs of Judaism) and American history.
  • Moses
    This Hebrew name means 'drawn or saved from the waters'. The Bible highlights his feat of bringing the Hebrews out of Egypt when they were slaves and bringing them to Canaan.
  • Jacob
    It is a boy's name of Hebrew origin that means 'supplanter'. He was the youngest son of Isaac and Rebecca and the twin brother of Esau. This name has evolved into Jacobo and Jacoby. Which one do you like the most?
  • Ezequiel
    He is one of the Old Testament prophets. A Hebrew name that could be translated as 'God is strong or God makes us strong'. There are two dates on the calendar to celebrate your birthday: April 10 and August 19.
  • Abel
    He was the second son of Adam and Eve and his name means 'breath', but also instability. He died at the hands of his brother, Cain, out of jealousy.

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