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May 24 and July 1, days of Saint Esther or Esther. Girls names

May 24 and July 1, days of Saint Esther or Esther. Girls names

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Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Among all names for girls, this time we talk about the beautiful Esther or Esther. We will tell you what is the origin and meaning of this beautiful nickname for your daughter and we will explain to you why the saints of Santa Esther or Santa Esther are celebrated on May 24 and July 1, in honor of the biblical character of the Persian queen Esther .

With all this information, deciding if you finally choose this name for your baby will be easier. But, also, if you have already chosen Esther for your daughter, you will love knowing all the curiosities that we will tell you below.

There are two frequent dates of the saints to celebrate the special day of all girls who are called Esther or Esther: May 24 or July 1. In general, many households prefer the date of July to organize a special party, although it is also common in May. But it does not end there, since other homes celebrate Saint Esther's day on December 8.

This name of the saints honors Esther, an Old Testament character (considered a prophetess by the Jews, who make her the protagonist of their Purim festival) whose story is told in the Book of Esther.

After King Ahasuerus disowned his wife, he decided to marry the young Jewish Esther, a woman of great beauty, which made her, nothing more and nothing less, the queen of Persia. In the sacred texts Esther is shown as a very brave woman who is willing to fight and sacrifice for the sake of his Jewish people. And it is that when the Persian prime minister, Haman, ordered to end all the Jews, she fought for her husband to end the extermination and defend his people.

The sacrifice and delivery by the people of God, made it consider a sacred woman who became part of the saints.

One of the reasons that has led so many parents to choose Esther's name (or its variant Esther) for her daughter is its beautiful meaning. Did you know that it refers to the stars?

There are different opinions of experts on the origin of this name. Some claim that it derives from the names of the goddesses Astarte or Istar. There are also those who defend that the meaning of Esther is 'myrtle' or 'medo' (some plants), since the biblical character we have just talked about was originally called Hadassah, and that is the meaning of this name.

However, most agree that the earliest name is Esther (without H), a name of Hebrew or Assyrian origin that means 'star' or 'celestial star', since it would come from 'istar' or 'stara'. In some regions of the world, over time, the interleaved H has been added. In fact, today it is almost more common for parents to choose Esther's name over Ester's.

Esther is a name used in many countries and, beyond the Ester or Esther variant, the difference between some languages ​​and others is very small. For example, in German, French or Dutch, Esther is preferred, while Hester is preferred in English, or Esther in Italian and Portuguese.

On the other hand, Esther is a feminine name for which no diminutive has become popular, since in itself it is a short and direct name. Yes, it is common, however, that it is used next to the name María to form the beautiful name composed of Maria esther.

You will like to know that there are several famous women around the world who have been called or are called Esther. An example of this is the actress Esther Williams, the Spanish models Esther Cañadas or Esther Arroyo, the Argentine writer María Esther Vázquez, the Mexican painter Esther Fernández ...

To calculate the number that corresponds to Esther according to numerology, we must add the value that each of the letters of the name has (according to the position it occupies in the alphabet). In Esther's case: E (5), S (1), T (2), H (8), E (5), R (9). This makes Esther's number is 3.

Babies who are related to the number 3 are usually very nice, according to what numerology explains. Their great social skills make them win over people very easily and have many friends. Also, they are little ones who learn very quickly, often by imitation.

If you like Ester more for your baby, you should know what in her case, the corresponding number is 4, since its letters are: E (5), S (1), T (2), E (5), R (9).

According to numerology, babies of number 4 have a great creative mind that helps them get out of the problems and obstacles they encounter. However, they are not afraid of effort, so they do not substitute hard work for their ingenuity and cunning. Parents must promote the value of responsibility in the children of this number to ensure that they know how to direct their great qualities.

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