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Saint Thomas Day, July 3. Names for boys

Saint Thomas Day, July 3. Names for boys

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Thomas It is a name for a boy of Aramaic origin that means 'the twin'. It is a traditional name that never goes out of style, so the name Tomás is a good option to call your baby. In addition, the great variety of forms that the name Tomás can take will make your child choose the one he likes the most. He celebrates his name day on July 3, which is the day of Saint Thomas.

Who was really Saint Thomas? Very little is known about the life of this apostle, but in the Gospel of John we can find some references. Did you know what he said about him? He nicknamed him the twin, but then who was his other brother or sister? Judas, although there were people who rejected this theory.

John, the evangelist, also reflects in his writings the strong, determined and courageous character of Thomas when he transcribes the words he said encouraging his companions to accompany Jesus to Jerusalem: 'We too are going to die with him.' Another great moment of Thomas the apostle was at the Passover supper, when he asked Jesus: 'We don't know where you are going. How are we going to know the way? '

But surely Thomas will be remembered as the apostle who did not believe in the resurrection of Jesus. 'If I don't see the nail print on his hands and I put my finger in the nail holes and if I don't put my hand in his side, I won't believe,' he said after Jesus presented himself to his disciples but he could not find himself there at that time.

The fact that his name day is July 3 does not have a clear origin and rather than coinciding with his death or the day of his martyrdom (it is said that it was in Calamina), it is thought more that it was due to the transfer of his remains to Edessa. On January 28 another Thomas is celebrated, Saint Thomas Aquinas, who went down in history as one of the greatest theologians and philosophers of the Church.

The name Tomás implies a restless and curious personality, sometimes adventurous and other times thoughtful. Tomás is a special child with great intuition and self-confidence, which makes him easily trusted by others. Also is a person who knows how to adapt to circumstances, often providing solutions to any family problem.

Tomás is in the different languages ​​Thomas, Tommy, Tom, Tomé and Tomaso, among many other possible forms. So the name of your son brings to mind famous actors like Tom Cruise, prestigious designers like Tommy Hilfiger or legendary singers like Tom Jones. And it also reminds us of one of the most admired bullfighters, José Tomás.

The name Tomás has appeared frequently in literature, not only by the hand of writers like Thomas Mann, but it has also given names to many protagonists as in 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer' or in 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'. In addition, we all remember the series of children's drawings 'Tom and Jerry' where the cat Tom is dedicated to chasing the mouse Jerry.

But we like more the relationship that the name Tomás has with the church of Santo Tomé in Toledo, where you can admire one of the most fascinating works by El Greco, 'The Burial of Count Orgaz'.

He Thomas name keep a secret that we want to tell you: a number that will accompany you throughout your life and that allows us to know some positive and not so positive traits about your personality. To find this number, you just have to add the number that is hidden behind each of its letters: T (2), O (6), M (4), A (1) and S (1). By adding all of them, we get a 7. What will numerology want to tell us about Thomas?

- Positive traits
They are very intelligent children, dreamers and with great charisma. They are always the center of attention in the places where they are: nursery school, college, institute, work, family gatherings ... The most curious thing is that they reject this role that others give them. And, one last detail, they will stand out in all those activities that are related to physical movement.

- Negative traits
That sensitivity that characterizes them will make that, sometimes, others can hurt them without intention. When this happens, they usually take refuge in themselves, they never ask for help from anyone, much less express their feelings or emotions. You will have to be very attentive as a mother!

If you have noticed the Thomas name Because it starts with the letter T, here we bring you a selection of names for boys that you will like to take a look in if you have doubts! We tell you everything about its origin and meaning.

  • Teo
    Without a doubt one of the most popular Greek names in recent times when it has opted for short names like Ian or Leo. The reasons? To date, it was unknown, of reduced length and does not present problems when it comes to pronunciation.
  • Tobias
    Also used as a surname, this name of Hebrew origin means 'God is good'. It is usually associated with very kind people.
  • Thaddeus
    'The one who praises' or 'the one who confesses' is the translation of this name of Aramaic origin that we discovered thanks to Judas Thaddeus, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus who was known as 'the brother of Jesus'. In the last decade it has become more fashionable after the Spanish film 'Tadeo Jones'.
  • Taylor
    It is a unisex name, that is, it is used for both girls (singer Taylor Swift) and boys (actor Taylor Lautner). The consequence of this fact has caused that this name has evolved towards the form of Tyler.
  • Timothy
    Also known as Timothy, this Greek name means 'one who feels love or adoration for God'. He celebrates his saint on January 26.

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