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Nacho sleeps alone. Short story to put children to sleep in their room

Nacho sleeps alone. Short story to put children to sleep in their room

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There are some children who do not want to sleep alone in their room because they are afraid of the dark and end up taking refuge every night in their parents' bed. This is the case of Nacho, the protagonist of this short story by Marisa Alonso entitled 'Nacho sleeps alone'. However, his mother teaches him a very useful trick to drive out the monster of his dreams that he is so afraid of. Share this children's story to teach your child to sleep in your room without fear.

- ¡I don't want to sleep alone! - He shouted one more night after turning off the light in his room.

And his parents one more day allowed Nacho to sleep with them.

That afternoon, his mother spoke with the boy while they had a delicious chocolate cake that she had made in the morning, and a glass of milk.

- Why don't you want to sleep alone? What are you afraid of? - He asked the boy.

"To the dark," he answered immediately.

- Why? What you think? - asked his mother.

- Every night there is a monster that when I turn off the light comes to scare me - Nacho answered.

- That's your imagination! To kick out the monster of your dreams you must not allow it to enter your head. When I was little, and sometimes now, the same thing happens to me as you. You are old enough to learn how to do it. Pay close attention to me!

Nacho's mother continued explaining what to do, while the boy listened carefully.

- When you turn off the light and see that the monster wants to get into your head,don't think about him! Ignore him. If every night he sees that you are not paying attention, he will end up leaving.

- And how do I do that, mom? - Nacho asked tilting his head.

- Last night I couldn't sleep - her mother told her - a monster wanted to take over my thoughts by getting into my head. So, as I always do, I ignored it and began to imagine how I would make the chocolate cake that Aunt Mary told me. In my mind I kneaded the flour, the egg and the other ingredients to make the cake. I got the smell when I took it out of the oven, I garnished it with slices of banana and strawberry. Then I bathed it in chocolate and, without actually tasting it, I fell asleep.

- How delicious it is! Hmm! - He said taking a big bite of the cake he had on his plate.

Nacho looked at her with wide eyes. He hadn't thought he could drive the monster out of his head.

- When you go to sleep think of beautiful things What have you done or what would you like to do: play with Alex and Macarena, go to the park, a day at the beach, dress your doll, you can imagine everything! If your head is thinking of such beautiful and funny things, the monster will not be able to get into your dreams. That's the trick!

When night came, Nacho went to bed more relaxed. Shortly after turning off the light.

- Mother! - They heard Nacho scream.

- Has the monster returned? - asked his mother.

- He tried to get into my head, but I didn't let him in. I have thought about the bicycle race that I am going to do tomorrow with the cousins.

- So? - His mother said very happy waiting for him to speak. - I just want to go to your bed for five minutes!I promise to sleep alone!

And they do it like that. Nacho spent a little while in bed with his parents and then went to sleep alone, as he had promised.

I had finally learned to cast the monster of your imagination and to sleep alone in his bed!

Here are some activities that will help you to work and enjoy this story even more with the children.

1. Reading comprehension questions
The first thing we should do after reading the story is to check if they have paid attention and understood the reading. To do this, we propose some comprehension questions.

  • What was Nacho afraid of?
  • What did you do when you were scared at night?
  • What trick does your mother teach you?
  • Can you successfully cope with what scares you?

2. Do a shared reading
There are many ways to read this story to make it a fun exercise. If your son or daughter can't read yet, you can be the storyteller. But if he's old enough, you can read it together (it's even better if there are three of you!): One will act as the narrator, another will read the mother's part of the dialogue and another will act as Nacho.

3. Read the story singing
You will have a great time if you read this story as if it were the lyrics of a song. To do this, you have to choose a children's song, your favorite, and use it as the base melody to read the story. What fun!

4. Illustrate history
Finally, you can make a drawing that tells the story of Nacho.

As stated in the study 'Child fear and its management mode through the classroom' by Anna Viceño for the International University of La Rioja, fear of the dark is one of those innate fears of children, that is, they can occur without the child having had a previous bad experience or being conditioned in any way. While it is true that scares can make the child be alert and feel fear.

This fear of turning off the light usually occurs between 3 and 4 years of age, although in the case of some children it is maintained even after 10 years. It is necessary to work it so that the child learns to manage fear, which is one of the basic childhood emotions. Here are some keys to achieve it.

- Use this story to reflect with your children
First of all, we suggest that you use this story by Marisa Alonso for your children to reflect on their own fears and use Nacho's mother's trick to cast those nighttime fears away. To do this, you can ask them questions such as: Are you scared at night like Nacho? What do you do when you are scared at night? Do you think Nacho's mother's trick would help you?

- Draw fear
Some children may find it helpful to draw what scares them, because seeing it on paper is not so terrifying.

- Propose games to face fear
Through games we can make children spend time in the dark and, in this way, they will realize that they have nothing to fear. We can propose to do Chinese shadow theaters, play blind man, hide gifts ...

- Accompany the children with love
For children to overcome the fear of the dark and learn to sleep alone in their room, it is necessary that we accompany them, always give them our support and show them a lot of love. Little by little they will dare to sleep in their room.

And if this short story about Nacho's fear has helped your child learn to sleep in his room, these other children's stories could also be useful.

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