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Wendy's vacation. Kid stories

Wendy's vacation. Kid stories

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Wendy's Vacation is a short story that teaches children that in summer, in addition to sun, beach and days to play, there are many other discoveries that arrive in an unexpected way and that can make those days unforgettable. For example, one of the best entertainments we can have is reading a Kid stories as nice as this.

Share this wonderful children's story with your children and propose the educational activities that we suggest after reading. How well you are going to spend this vacation!

Wendy was sitting by her bedroom window wondering what she was going to do during summer vacation. At that moment, her mother entered the room.

- What's wrong with Wendy? Why are you so sad? - asked his mother.

- Mommy, I don't know what to do this summer. I know I can play outside and go swimming in the grandmothers pool. But, What else can I do?

Her mom thought of something that would really make those days very special. Then she said:

- I have an idea. There is a very nice lady who lives on the street, she is a friend of mine and she lives alone with her four cats. I think it would be nice if you visited her from time to time this summer.

The next day Wendy and her mother went to see Mrs. Martin. She and Wendy liked each other as soon as they met, so much so that the girl told her that she would visit her three days a week.

On her first visit, Mrs. Martin told her that there was a trunk in the attic that had dolls and a beautiful little house to play with. The girl found it very fun to play with that magnificent dollhouse. Every day with her new friend was very special, full of stories, discoveries, and new things to learn. He loved visiting Mrs. Martin so it was all summer.

When the summer was about to end, Wendy would miss her visits with Mrs. Martin, she would not have so much time to visit her. A few weeks later, when autumn had arrived, the leaves were falling from the trees and the sun was setting earlier, Wendy went to visit Mrs. Martin again, she had a big surprise for the girl. One of his cats had had kittens and he gave one to the girl. Wendy, surprised, looked at him, hugged him and said to the lady:

- I will call him Summer, because it is when I met someone very special that I will never forget.

Lovely this children's story about Wendy's summer vacation! True? For work on reading comprehension with your child, which is a very important skill for your present and future as a student, here are some questions about the text. We also add other questions that refer to the story but that try to make the children reflect.

Feel free to adapt all these reading comprehension questions to the age and knowledge of your son or daughter. In case they are too easy or too complicated for him or her, it could discourage them to continue reading and enjoying the wonderful world of literature.

1. Why was Wendy sad?

2. What did your mother propose?

3. Who was Mrs. Martin?

4. What surprise did Mrs. Martin have for Wendy after the summer?

5. What do you like to do the most on summer vacation?

6. Wendy visits Mrs. Martin, who would you like to visit?

7. Can you have a good time on vacation without leaving home?

Starting with the reading of the story, you can propose other educational activities to the children that reinforce some of the concepts that the story works, while having fun. Here we propose some:

- The search for the words begins!
For the children to review what they have learned in Language class, here are some types of words that they should look for within the text: A preposition, a verb in the past, a verb in the future, a proper noun, a determinant, an adjective.

- Make a dictation
Dictations are a very beneficial type of exercise for children, since they allow them to work on concentration, listening, or calligraphy while they review spelling and grammar. Therefore, we can take advantage of one of the paragraphs of this children's story and use it as a text to dictate to our son or daughter.

- Organize a play
Would you like to organize a play at home? Use the story you have read to create your own script. You can make a puppet show, making your own homemade puppets, or be the actors and actresses yourself.

- Illustrate history
There is nothing more fun and stimulating for children than drawing. How did the children imagine Wendy? Ask them to illustrate the story.

Like Wendy, the protagonist of this story, there are children who do not know what to do when the summer holidays arrive ... and they get bored!

Dear moms and dads, don't panic. It's okay if our children get a little bored from time to time. In fact, quite the opposite! These days, when most children (and adults) are overstimulated by the amount of images that different technological devices teach us every day, boredom is beneficial.

When the kids get bored on vacation go to your creativity and imagination to find the most fun way to entertain yourself. It is at that moment that a cardboard box turns into a medieval castle, on the ground there begins to be lava that we cannot step on or the roll of toilet paper becomes a blank canvas to create any wonderful creature.

Although boredom is the spark that ignites creativity, we cannot fall into continuous and excessive boredom. And is that, when we never stimulate the little ones, their development, demotivation and learning can be affected. Therefore, below we propose some fun activities that children will have a great time with on summer vacation.

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