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Thirteen month old baby. Baby development month by month

Thirteen month old baby. Baby development month by month

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When the baby reaches 13 months, It is normal that he has already taken his first steps and that means that he will be able to explore corners of the house that he could not before. Everything catches your attention, so much so that needs like eating and changing diapers don't arouse your interest as much. What else will be new for a thirteen-month-old baby, and what can parents expect from their child's development?

At this stage, babies tend to reject their parents' arms and communicate more easily with theirs. It is a stage in which the baby will begin to gain more autonomy. For this reason, you must continue to monitor the baby's steps, as well as safety at home: in windows, cabinets, doors, furniture, etc.

It is also important that parents follow the recommendations of the pediatrician and that they go to all the reviews that are established to control that the baby growth and development It is adequate. In these visits, different vaccines will be administered, according to the calendar of each place.

It is important that parents and caregivers of the child are aware that a time of self-centeredness is beginning, from an emotional point of view. The baby discovers himself and his world is him.

When the baby reaches the 13th month of life, its growth tends to be slower and that may perhaps overwhelm the parents because they think that there has been some stagnation. Away with stress! How the parents are (weight and height) and the type of feeding of the child (breastfeeding, formula milk, successful introduction of solids) will greatly influence.

Its average weight is usually 10,000 g and its height can reach about 80 cm, but remember that this is approximate and that you have to take into account how the weight has been at birth and how its evolution is being. If these figures are not reached, but the tendency is to gain weight and grow, everything will be normal!

From the year of life, babies tend to lose a little bit of weight, since it moves much more than in the other months. He is a great explorer and, even if he is not walking on his own, he will be crawling or trying to get up and sit up.

When they reach 13 months of life, babies, in addition to being able to move and better control your legs (some can walk on their own and, on the other hand, there are others who still have a hard time supporting themselves and ask for the 'finger' of mom and dad).

Too they develop other skills with their hands. They tend to grab, throw and manipulate objects, even the spoon, pencils and they can already make more defined and meaningful scribbles, try leaving them a painting and you will see what they can do! There is still a long way to go for him to hold the objects well and control them, but little by little, depending on the interest he has and his abilities, the baby progresses less or more in his balance.

At thirteen months of age, the baby's body posture and movements are more controlled, although not entirely stable. The baby begins to experience more forces in his legs, which helps him to stand more and more on his feet, even if it is by holding onto furniture or in the hands of his parents. There is little left for me to run to meet you when you get home from work.

In this stage, her face tends to be longer and it will surely have much more hair. Maybe it's time to cut his bangs at home or take him to the salon! Handymen don't stop wanting to grab and pull things that catch their attention and your downstairs neighbors may complain a bit, ha ha ha.

Among its most immediate achievements is that some babies will already be able to hold the bottle by themselves and drink water, for example. If you notice that it is difficult or that you do not point your finger at things, we should consult your pediatrician in the next check-up.

Thirteen month old babies usually start to eat less. At this stage, the growth rate will be slower and the baby will begin to lose fat, but a priori there is no need to worry. The little one will already know what he likes and what not to eat, although also do not withdraw a dish from his diet because he has rejected it the first time. They find it difficult to adapt to new flavors and it is advisable to offer it at least five times to know that it is not to their liking!

Your diet at this stage will be based on fruits, meats, milk and their derivatives (half a liter a day and always whole because it contains more fats necessary for its development) plus legumes, cereals, and sugar and salt should remain away from he. You must be careful when introducing new foods to control possible allergies or react to certain foods. Other than that, the baby will have days to eat more and others less, He will start to look like an adult!

If you continue breastfeeding, congratulations! According to the WHO (World Health Organization) it is recommended to extend it up to two years of life of the baby because it has many benefits, since you provide them with antibodies that protect them and strengthen their immune system and a wide range of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) .

Most babies at thirteen months of age will know how to say 'dad' and 'mom', apart from other words related to where they live, the toys they play with, parts of their body and, also, words related to the foods they eat.

Therefore, it is important that you take advantage of these moments to stimulate language of your offspring because 'the acquisition of language arises through active use in contexts of interaction that parents should favor', according to the report 'Development of language and communication', by Dolores Navas PĂ©rez, of the care service Psychology of the University of Malaga.

His vocabulary is still limited, but in this second year of life and thanks to his curiosity, the baby is learning more and more words, relating them to the objects and people in their environment. The baby will already know how to ask for some things, pointing or speaking. The truth is that he will make himself understood when a need arises, even if it is only to attract attention, and he will no longer do it only with crying, more typical of other periods.

At thirteen months of age, the baby will begin to develop new skills. Interactive games will pique your interest more. You can start to stimulate the baby's interest in books, telling a story at the time of the bath, when the diaper is being changed or while taking the ride in the car seat. There are books that offer experiences like trying different textures of fabrics, hairs, and even different smells.

At this stage, babies will love to see what happens when you put your finger in a hole, what is behind a page, what noise they will hear when they squeeze something. It amuses and entertains them a lot! In short, the baby will have no reason to be bored. If you don't know what types of games are the most recommended for your age, here is a list for you!

- Ball-related activities
You stand on one side of the hall, your little one on the other and you play to pass it. It will be very entertaining!

- Ideas with the house tupperware
In the absence of toys that can be stacked, you can take different containers of different sizes that you have at home and, like a Russian doll, put them in.

- Proposals with mirrors to stimulate the thirteen-month-old child
Surely at home you have more than one mirror. Take your son and put him in front of him: the moment of discovering his face is incredible. It will ask you all the time to be in front of it!

- Build your own sensory bottle
Take a small empty water bottle, put lentils, beans or chickpeas in it and let your child play with it and discover the sound that comes out of it when shaking it.

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