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How to activate parental control on children's Tik Tok step by step

How to activate parental control on children's Tik Tok step by step

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You want to be a modern mother or father and let your children use the app and social network of short videos Tik Tok, but at the same time you are afraid that they may use it 'like crazy', that they will spend even more time glued to the mobile screen, that they talk to people who should not and that they see and / or upload inappropriate content. Relax, dear parents, Tik Tok is on our side, all we have to do is activate the parental control feature of Tik Tok.

Tik Tok is the application that triumphs among the young and those who are not. Because I have to confess that several of my friends have the app and that even upload videos dancing and singing with their children. Sounds fun, right? You sing or dance, you do this or that challenge, some clever phrases ... And you publish it on your profile so that your group can see it at the same time that you see what they do and you laugh at each other from a distance, but together.

So far everything is correct, doubts assail us when pre-adolescents and adolescents (beware, the social network itself says that we do not allow children under 13 to use the application) use this social network at will. What if they talk to people who are not to be trusted? What if they watch videos with inappropriate content? What if my son or daughter uploads videos that they shouldn't have even recorded?

No, it is not about you telling them to uninstall the app, spy on their mobile or ask your permission before doing anything on it. There is another better thing you can do to avoid certain things and not lose the confidence of your children, it is about Tik Tok parental control.

Yes, the creators of this app have put themselves in the place of anguished parents and have introduced a new functionality. Is about a parental control they have called Family Safe Mode (Family Safe Mode, in English) or family synchronization, whereby mom and dad will know what their children are doing from their own phone, isn't it wonderful?

With this possibility, we can put the debate on whether it is justified to snoop on our son's mobile in order to protect him and find out what he does on social networks. We will only have to download the app on our smartphone, create a profile, link it to the child's account and, voila! Already we will know remotely what they do and do not do.

And, you may be wondering: how is this family synchronization activated to control the use of Tik Tok by our children? It is very simple. It is only necessary that the father, mother or guardian has logged in on their mobile device and, on the other hand, that the child's Tik Tok account is also logged in on their mobile. Now you just have to search, on both cell phones, the section of 'Settings' and there the section of 'Digital Wellbeing' or 'Digital detoxification'.

Then on the child's account a QR code will appear. Take your mobile (the one of the father or the mother who is going to carry out the supervision mission) and enter the code. Ready! Both accounts are already synced.

When it comes to the digital well-being of children, all the measures seem little to us, so, in this case, the social network offers us to control three aspects on which we will be able have control from our device without invading your privacy.

1. Limit the time they spend watching content on Tik Tok. You can set a maximum of minutes, once it has been exceeded they will not be able to view anything.

2. Limit the appearance of inappropriate content based on age. The app is designed to upload short creative videos, however, as you already know, it is a rule that is not always met, this control gives you the opportunity to decide what things your children will not see.

3. Control who can and cannot send direct messages. It is only allowed to those who have registered as over 16 years of age, but it does not hurt that you also activate this control so that the messages are only from some friends.

Are you feeling calmer now that you know how to set parental controls on this short video social network? Great! However, talk to your children about the importance of configure well the account of any application that are going to be downloaded, in this way, they can use it safely knowing that not everyone will be able to see what they do.

In the case of Tik Tok, in the configuration we can:

- Choose if we want to have a public or private account. Tik Tok reminds us in its user guides that, even if an account is private, the profile information (both its name, photo and description) is visible to all users of the app.

- Block users in case we don't want them to talk to us.

- Enable restrictions for comments or messages and duets.

- Save the videos in private so that not all users can see them.

So, yes, fun but also safety for users.

We also have to tell you that in this safe family mode of Tik Tok, the app itself tells, in a very creative way, to all its users that using the social network is fine, but this should not take away time from going out on the street , play sports, interact with others face to face, play other home games ...

These videos remind the community of the importance of be aware of the time spent in the application, in this or any other and on the Internet in general. You know, if the message that you should take 'free time' comes to mind, it's time to put your phone on the table and go for a walk.

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