Ten mime games for kids

Ten mime games for kids

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The mimic games They help children to improve their body expression and to express sensations and feelings through non-verbal communication. Through these activities, children can gain better control of their body. But they are also great games that encourage your imagination and creativity, achieve greater concentration when expressing themselves without words and above all they have fun in a group.

Besides being very beneficial for children, mime games are very fun entertainment for children. Can't think of games to put into practice? Here are some ideas! In all these games, it is about a child standing in front of other friends or family, who will have to guess what he is imitating or representing.

1. And what animal are you?
This first game consists of imitating different animals. The rest of the children will have to guess which animal it is. We can crawl as if we were a snake, move our mane like a lion, walk on tiptoe to be as tall as a giraffe ... Will others be able to guess what animal it is?

2. Today I become ...
After playing mimic animals, you can go one step further and expand your repertoire. You will have to make others guess if you are robots, dwarfs, giants, models, doctors ... Any idea is valid! And the more original, the better, because it will be more difficult for the opponents to guess.

3. The game of emotions
The objective of this activity is to be able to express different emotions such as anger, fear, joy, surprise not only with the face, but also with the whole body. This is a great exercise for children to internalize what the basic emotions are and what each one of them consists of.

4. In action, there is the question
In this part of the mime game we must carry out different activities with our body such as: climbing a ladder, lying on a bed, sitting in a chair ... It is a very useful activity for children to stay active and practice gross motor skills .

5. Guess my shape?
This is a mime game that can also help children to expand their knowledge of geometric figures. It is about trying to shape a circle, a square, a rectangle with the body ...

6. My homework today is ....
On this occasion, we suggest you to imitate different actions related to tasks or responsibilities such as: cooking, fishing, painting, cutting a tree ...

7. Letters and numbers
This game consists of making the representation of the numbers or the letters with our body. It's quite a challenge, but it's a lot of fun! Even if we form teams of several children, we can encourage them to form whole words.

8. Oh no! I have become!
An evil fairy comes from a distant country and turns us into objects. It is about shaping different everyday things that we always have around us with mime games, for example scissors, a camera, a skittle ... Let the children choose which objects they want to imitate, they will surely have fun! in big!

9. Sports
This activity consists of imitating different sports practices such as playing golf, basketball, cycling, swimming, horse riding ... Who will guess more sports?

10. Give me the feeling
Through mimicry, we encourage children to express different sensations, such as heat, cold, sleep, hunger ...

Have you tried all the previous mime games and had a great time with family or friends? What fun! But, in addition to being a healthy and stimulating entertainment, mimicry plays an important role in learning and development of the kids. Let's see some of the contributions of this activity for the smallest of the house.

- Find new ways of communication
As the thesis 'Mimicry, role plays and some general aspects of North American culture to facilitate oral production in English' (by Cindy Ibeth Cavajal and Lina María Torres for the Universidad Libre de Bogotá) points out in these games, the gesture it becomes the main form of communication but also of expression. This means that children, deprived of the word, only have their body to convey a message, so they have to strive to find new avenues of communication. This forces them to seek solutions and to be resourceful and creative.

- Improve body expression and agility
Thanks to this type of game, children work on corporal expression and attribute meaning to gestures and movements. It is a plastic exercise that encourages your children to be active. On the other hand, it is a perfect excuse for the little ones to work on their gross motor skills, agility and flexibility.

- It favors problem solving, but also imagination
What happens when you're playing a mimicry game and your classmates can't figure out what you're imitating? That you should look for other gestures and solutions until your friends understand them! This favors the creative search for solutions on the part of children, but of course also children's imagination.

- Children gain confidence in themselves
Thanks to games, we are able to create safe and pleasant spaces in which children feel good. Within these environments, the little ones feel more security and confidence in themselves and have no problem getting into the dynamics of the game, even if at first they feel a bit embarrassed.

- Can be played anywhere
One of the great qualities of mimic games is that they can be played anywhere and at any time. Not being a noisy activity and not requiring a lot of space for their performance, they can be great entertainment, for example, to have fun in the pediatrician's waiting room or on the bus trip. In addition, we do not need any materials to carry them out.

Mime games are a classic which children of many generations have played. Surely your parents already told you how much fun they had with these activities, you also played in your childhood and now you teach your children to have fun by imitating. And it is that, although technological or modern games are increasingly monopolizing the attention of our children, traditional games continue to make children of all ages have a great time.

Therefore, from our site We want to propose that you also keep these games of a lifetime and that you teach them to your children. Surely they also appreciate (and very much) that game or challenge that you enjoyed so much. Therefore, below we propose some ideas.

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