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Calendar of the names of June saints

Calendar of the names of June saints

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June is here! It is a very special month in some parts of the world, because it involves a change of season (the arrival of summer or winter). And even more extraordinary is for mothers who give birth to their little one in the next 30 days. If you are thinking of choose a saint's name, be inspired by those who celebrate in the month of June. File our calendar of saints and to choose it has been said!

He June names calendar includes female and male names that are trending, such as Olivia (June 10), which never go out of style and are a classic, see the case of Antonio (June 13) or Juan (June 24) and also we come across beautiful biblical names, like Ruth (June 4).

Have you found inspiration in the saints of the sixth month of the year or do you want to see more options? If the only requirement is that it be a name of saints, we recommend that you take a look at the calendars with the saints of all the months of the year.

We started by taking a tour of the names of saints for boys. In our selection you will find short, traditional, less popular names or with great relevance, but they all have a common denominator: they are perfect for your baby.

- Justin
From Latin roots, how could it be otherwise, it means 'the one who observes the law' or 'the one who acts with justice'. Celebrate your birthday on the first day of this month of June.

- Eugene
It comes from the Greek and means of noble lineage. It was adopted in the Roman and Greek empires to name the sons of the nobles. His saint is June 2.

- Cecilio
Of Latin origin, it means 'blind', with great implications of wisdom and intuition. On June 3 he celebrates his day. Better known is her female version, Santa Cecilia, patron saint of music (November 22) and who was an example of courage.

- Bonifacio
It comes from Latin and refers to 'Who works well'. It is a religious and holy name thanks to Saint Boniface, apostle of the Germans, German Catholic saint. As a curiosity we will tell you that Bonifacio has also been the name of 7 popes. On June 5 he celebrates his saint.

- Norberto
Of Germanic origin, this name raises two possible variants regarding its etymology. On the one hand, there are those who suggest that it could be understood as 'illustrious for its strength', while others give the etymological interpretation of 'the light that comes from the north'. In any case, both meanings are very powerful. His saint is June 6.

- Isaac
Of Hebrew origin, its meaning can be interpreted etymologically as 'the one who will laugh with God'. Widespread thanks to the Old Testament, it should be remembered that this was the son that God asked Abraham to sacrifice as a token of faith. He celebrates his birthday on June 7.

- Maximino
It is a name with a lot of history and a lot of power! Of Latin origin, there are several Roman emperors who were called Maximinus, and their meaning is 'the greatest'. On June 8 he celebrates his big day.

- Efren
A proper name of Aramaic origin whose etymological meaning would be 'fruitful'. One of the most relevant and important characters in history is Saint Ephrén, also known as 'the mystic'. He celebrates his birthday on June 9.

- Barnabas
Of Hebrew origin, it means 'son of prophecy'. He was chosen from one of 70 disciples to take the gospel to all corners of the world. June 11 is his saint.

- Onofre
Of Germanic origin, it means 'Peacemaker'. A name, without a doubt, that will mark the personality of your child. He celebrates his saint on June 12.

- Antonio
Of Latin origin, it means 'the one who is brave'. It is one of the most popular names and a data: 678,425 men only in Spain are called that. Although it is a very popular name, since 1970 it began to lose popularity, for this reason, men named Antonio have an average of 55.9 years. Saint Anthony of Padua has gone down in history for being a humble and hearty man.

- Elisha
Of Hebrew origin whose meaning is 'to whom God protects his health'. Celebrate your name day on June 14.

- Aureliano
Of Latin origin, it means 'as valuable as gold' and comes from the oldest Roman tradition. June 16 is his saint.

- Ismael
Name of Hebrew root, the etymological interpretation attributes the meaning of 'the one that God has heard'. June 17 is his saint. For its beauty and musicality, it is gaining strength in recent years. He does not get to be like Hugo, but he lacks little.

- Silverio
Variant of Silvio and of Latin origin. From its root 'silvanos', the meaning of 'wild' is extracted, so it can be interpreted etymologically as 'coming from the forest' or 'guardian of the forest'. On August 20 in his saint.

- Luis
Latinized form of Ludwig. This name is composed of the Germanic voices that mean 'illustrious' and 'battle', and its etymological interpretation could be 'the one who is illustrious in battle'. It is very common to find this name together with others. He celebrates his saint on June 22, but also on August 19.

- Paulino
Name of Latin origin, derived from Pablo, which means 'the smallest'. Throughout the years, eight saints were named like that, but we also meet three saints baptized with the name of Paulina. June 22 is his saint.

- Juan
From Hebrew roots, its etymological interpretation would be 'God has had mercy'. It was used in ancient times to thank God for the conception of a child. They are particularly known in the Christian religion John the Baptist and, the preferred disciple of Jesus, John the Evangelist. On June 24, the date on which his name day is celebrated, and in some places the arrival of the summer solstice.

- William
Castilianized form of William, a Germanic name that could mean 'the one who has the will to defend his people'. It was very common among the Norman people and reached its greatest popularity after the coronation of William the Conqueror as the first Norman king of England. June 25 is his saint.

- Pelayo
Adaptation of the Greek name Pelagius, which means 'deep sea'. Its greatest reference is the martyr San Pelayo, martyred to death for not surrendering to the proposals of a caliph. Pelayo, in addition, was an Asturian king. His saint is June 26.

- Cyril
Of Greek origin, its meaning could be interpreted as 'The great King'. It owes its popularity to Saint Cyril of Alexandria, remembered for having been one of the most important defenders of the Orthodox Church. Celebrate your name day on June 27.

- Pedro and Pablo
From Greek Pétros and later converted to Latin as Petrus, it means stone. In the Gospel according to Saint Matthew, God says to Peter: 'You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church.' Saint Peter was the prince of the apostles and the first pope. But this day, June 29, is also celebrated by Paul of Tarsus, because the two apostles were martyred on the same day.

- Ladislao
Of Slavic origin, it means 'good governor'. Several kings have carried this powerful name. He celebrates his saint on the last day of June, that is, the 30th.

And now it's the baby girls' turn. What women who were saints are on our calendar for the month of June? Find out!

- Ruth
Female name of Hebrew origin that means the faithful companion. The character of Ruth has an important role in the Old Testament, since after being a widow and childless she remarried and had a son who would be King David's great-grandfather. His saint is June 4.

- Olivia
Female variant, of Latin origin, which refers to the olive tree. This tree is the quintessential symbol of peace and wisdom, and is famous both in Greek mythology, (the sacred tree for Athena) and in the Christian religion (ancient scriptures narrate how the dove returns to Noah's ark with a olive branch in the beak). And last given: on June 10 he celebrates his name day.

- Micaela
Of Hebrew origin, it is one of the female variants of Michael and means 'God is just'. Every year it's starting to get stronger, so don't dismiss it the first time. Right in the middle of the month, June 15, celebrate your day

- Marine
Female name of Latin origin, although there are authors who claim an Etruscan origin, which means 'the one that comes from the sea'. If you live in a coastal town or city or are looking for a name that transmits peace and serenity, Marina is surely one of your favorites. Remember that their saint is June 18.

- Agrippina
Of Hellenic origin, it refers to the Roman family of Agrippa, and means 'born of difficult childbirth'. The figure of the Roman virgin and martyr sacrificed at the end of the 3rd century should also be highlighted. June 23 is his saint.

- Vicenta
A feminine variant of Vicente, it is an appellative of good omen related to the name Victor. It means that his destiny is victory, as an allegory of triumph over sin. He is of Latin origin and celebrates his day on June 28.

In the month of June, specifically on June 5, World Environment Day is celebrated. What if we choose a nature inspired name for our baby? It will be a way for both you and your offspring to feel more connected to mother earth.

- Bosco
It still does not surpass in popularity to boy names like Hugo or Teo, but it lacks little. It means Forest and as information we will tell you that in Italy, where it comes from, it was used as a surname. He celebrates his saint on January 31st.

- Coral
This beautiful girl's name reminds us of marine formations of different colors and, in other times, it was used to designate the stone of love. Do you know that in the Middle Ages there was a Virgin named Coral? On May 14 he celebrates his saint.

- Ignacio
'Born of fire' is its meaning and that is why we wanted to include it in this list. It is common to find variants such as Nacho, Iñaki or Íñigo. July 31 is his saint.

- I read
Of Chinese origin, it means thunder. If your baby came into this world on a dark and stormy night, perhaps this should be his name.

- Moon
It refers to the satellite that is around the Earth. It is a very poetic name that can go alone or it is also common to find it with other names such as Elena, Esmeralda or Cecilia.

- Pink
Beautiful, precious and very cute. This name refers to its homonymous plant. Perfect idea for sweet and delicate girls. He celebrates his saint on August 23.

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