36 amazing phrases to surprise children every day

36 amazing phrases to surprise children every day

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Meaningful phrases serve to make us think and reflect, they help us to value the important things in life, they show us affection and affection if they are said by a special person and they also entertain us and make us smile. Why not share some of these exciting phrases with your kids? For this, below we have made a compilation with some phrases to surprise children every day of the year, And leave them with their mouths open!

Let me tell you something, my son, every night before going to sleep, he asks me to read him a story; Sometimes I pick up a book, other times I pull my imagination and occasionally we talk about our things. The point is to spend a little while together, what wonderful moments! I'm telling you this because it occurred to me that you might like to hear one of these phrases, I'm sure I can surprise you and also learn things.

Of course, to surprise and amaze a child not just any word is worth it. They have to be original and very entertaining phrases to attract their attention. We have it! How about a batch of funny and loving phrases to surprise children every day? Look how many we have come up with! In addition, we have classified them by categories: to make people laugh, to think, to motivate ... Let's see them!

With these phrases you will not only surprise the children, but you will get a huge smile on their face, and we all love to hear that our people love us very much.

1. If you smile at me like that, I'm doing fine
Of course, that smile on the children's faces is unmistakable, right? Without a doubt, this is one of the most emotional phrases that you can dedicate to your little ones.

2. Thank you for making me a good mother
The credit is ours but also theirs, we graduated from that school the same day.

3. I love being able to say that you are my life
How many times do you call your children 'my life'? I do a lot and they still seem few to me.

4. I am very proud of you
Encouragement phrases like these are perfect to say in any situation, never forget it! They are little emotional caresses that convey to children how important they are to us.

5. You are the most wonderful son in the world
Well yes, our children are, so say it out loud so that he hears you well.

6. Your whole family is very happy to have you
You can say this phrase to him all together, brothers and sisters included.

7. Seeing you smile is my favorite hobby
So is hearing you laugh out loud. Music to the ears! That's why in my house we like to tell jokes so much. Do you usually do it too?

8. There is nothing I like more than seeing the person you are becoming
What a beautiful phrase! Give it to your child from time to time, you will see that it helps him feel special.

9. I love you
Thus, in capital letters and out loud, two words that you must say many times every day.

We learn many things from books, artists, thinkers and other scholars, right? Well, that is what we want with the following sentences, that children learn things such as important values ​​and for that, we have to get their attention ...

10. Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once I grow up. Pablo Picasso
Do not forget, dear son, you must try that the great imagination that you have now accompanies you all your life.

11. If I remember correctly, childhood consisted of wanting what could not be achieved. Audur Ava Ólafsdóttir
It is that desire for everything that will make your dreams come true.

12. You have a friend in me
Yes, you are right, this phrase is from the movie Toy Story, why have you also wanted to see it with your children today? We already have plans for this afternoon!

13. Children are the hope of the world. Jose Marti
Explain to your children what this phrase means, surely it will not leave them indifferent.

14. When a mystery is too impressive, it is impossible to disobey. The Little Prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
I don't want you to be an obedient child, I want you to learn to be responsible and respectful.

15. It was but a fox like a hundred thousand others. But I made him my friend and now he's the only one in the world. The Little Prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
Do not stop reading this book with your children, on each page there is a teaching.

16. If you carry your childhood with you, you will never grow old. Tom stoppard
I have rediscovered my childhood the day you came into my life.

17. All older people were children at first, although few of them remember it. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Tell your children that before we grew up, we were all children and that is why we can understand them and understand how they feel.

How about we now see a few funny phrases? Write them down on a piece of paper and tell your child one every day, you are going to surprise him a lot!

18. The downside of having to live in the clouds is that at some point you have to go down
Let the one who lives in the clouds raise her hand from time to time!

19. Only creative children know how to fly with their minds
My son, you are a very creative child, may your wings never end.

20. A day without sun is, you know, at night!
Well of course, what is it going to be? You can propose this phrase to your children as a trick question to stimulate their logic.

21. Remember: either you win or you learn
The one who doesn't win is the one who learns the most. How much children can learn from their mistakes!

22. To the early riser, no one makes breakfast
Less if you get up early, because mom does it with great affection.

23. If the world is a handkerchief, then we are snot
Take what we've just discovered now! Your children will see that you are a funniest mother.

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It is now time to read some positive phrases to think and to motivate the children. Read them slowly and use each one in its proper context.

24. 'Please' and 'thank you' are magic words
Use them and you will see how many doors open. And remember, 'you can' is also a magic phrase so that your children can achieve whatever they want.

25. The best time to be happy is right now
And so it will always be, have you ever stopped to think about it?

26. Being wrong can be the best of teachings
Let your children make their own mistakes, only then can they learn from them.

27. Dreams should never get ahead of our fears
The fears are going to be there, you just have to know how to talk about them so that they will step aside and stop bothering us.

28. Life is a mirror, if you smile, she smiles at you
Try and you will see that I am right. This phrase is sure to surprise and make all children reflect.

29. A friend is the best of treasures
You can say this phrase when you see that your son has quarreled with a friend.

30. Empathy is an emotion that must be worked on
Talk to your children about empathy, many times it falls into oblivion when it is really very necessary.

31. Knowing how to forgive doesn't make you weak, on the contrary, it makes you strong and helps you to be a better person
This lesson should also be remembered by the elderly, don't you think?

32. If you say something is going to work out for you, surely it will
I say this phrase many times to my son when, before picking up the pencil, he already tells me that the drawing is going to go wrong.

33. Today is a perfect day to smile
Suggest that the children draw a picture of a big smile and put it on the wall of their room. Beautiful!

34. For the rainbow to come out, it has to rain before
For everything to go well we have to make an effort.

35. Things in life always have a good side, or at least one side that is not so bad
This phrase can help you feel much better at times. And it sure surprises them.

36. Clouds can be bright and vivid colors
You did not know? Maybe it's time to take a look at the sky ... Maybe you will be surprised!

What do you think of our phrases to surprise children every day? What other phrase would you add?

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