Tricks for sagging belly after childbirth

Tricks for sagging belly after childbirth

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During pregnancy, the logical growth of the abdomen causes the skin to stretch and become much more elastic to house the baby. This usually entails sagging of the belly area in the postpartum that is difficult to eliminate, at least during the first weeks.

Many moms want a firm tummy again after giving birth, and this is possible thanks to home remedies. In We discover the best tricks to say goodbye to sagging belly after the baby is born.

1. Balance diet
To get back to having a flat stomach after giving birth, exercise and beauty treatments are not everything, far from it. It is very important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, with products and foods that are natural and varied and help not retain fluids and stimulate the abdominal muscles.

Some of the star foods in the diet are green leafy vegetables, protein from meat and fish, legumes or vegetables.

2. Water against fluid retention
Much of the blame forsagging belly after delivery relapses in fluid retention that leads to pregnancy. To end it both in the pregnancy itself and in the postpartum period, it is necessary to drink a lot of water, since the liquid that is ingested helps to lower the general swelling of the body, and specifically that of the belly.

3. Hipopressive abs
These exercises are the star option for new moms to regain the tone of the abdomen after giving birth. This activity is ideal for women who have just had a baby, because through breathing and proper postures you can get that abs back in place after delivery.

4. Skin hydration
To regain the toning of the abdominal muscles it is necessary to deeply hydrate the area in question. For this reason, to end sagging, you have to take great care of external agents so that the skin becomes strong and elastic again. Also, homemade masks are ideal to reactivate the dermis in the postpartum period and reduce flaccidity.

5. Walk daily
Although it is advisable to return to regular exercise after the quarantine, not only to regain the figure after pregnancy, but also to stimulate resistance and elasticity, walking is also very relevant for the abdomen.

Thesagging belly It can be combated by walking daily for an average of twenty minutes, since in this way fluid retention that affects the legs but also the belly is fought. In addition, the very movement of walking each day, strengthening the abdomen with breathing will make it easier to achieveharden the area in question.

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