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10 African names for boys

10 African names for boys

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If you have already started looking for names you will know that it is difficult to choose the name of the baby. Traditional names, family names, different names or strange names, all options are valid according to the tastes of each family.

African origin names for boys are original, little-known names that have not been worn down by use. They are also names with eloquent meanings that make them very interesting proposals. We have a list with 10 African names for children.

Perhaps because your partner or some other relative is of African origin, because you had to travel to this continent for work, because it was your destination to celebrate your honeymoon or because you started reading and reading about this unique corner of the world, but it It is true that now that you are expecting a baby you are clear that his name must be related to Africa.

We wanted to save you time searching and research and we have made a selection for you with top 10 african names for boys more beautiful, popular and magical for you to choose from. In addition, we have accompanied them with their meaning.

1. Morati
This name of African origin has a sound that is familiar to us. One of its main values ​​is its meaning of 'wise man', which seems to give it more strength and a very personal touch.

2. Yaro
Many African names refer in their meaning to the position they occupy in the family. The name Yaro means 'son' and we like it because it is a simple name, little used and that it is not extravagant.

3. Abu
It is one of the African names that are best known to us and means 'father'. It has the charm of short names that stand out for their simplicity without losing personality.

4. Saud
The name means 'good luck'. It is an original and rare name but with a simple sound that makes it suitable for children around the world. It also comes with the guarantee of its meaning.

5. Jasir
This name has a meaning of 'courage', which makes it one of the best bets for your baby's name. His musicality gives him a charismatic and sophisticated touch that is hard to resist.

6. Bakhit
Again an African name that means 'luck', a guarantee for your baby. It is a name with strength that can become very popular thanks to its sound and its forcefulness.

7. Haaziq
This is one of the traditional African names. It is very attractive for its sound and also for its meaning of 'intelligent', something that can positively mark the personality of your baby.

8. Ismat
The name is not unusual in many parts of the world and means 'purity'. It is a very charming and attractive name capable of reinforcing the personality of any child.

9. Faatir
It's a name that means 'creator'. In addition to the eloquence of its meaning, the name is attractive for its sound, full of elegance and originality.

10. Abdul
This African name that means 'servant'. It is one of the most popular names in many parts of the world and is slowly making its way up the list of frequent names.

The african names they are special, right? They represent beauty and symbolize many of the traditions that are still very much alive today in the different tribes of this continent. Many of them are related to the Arab world, since Islamic culture was very present there for centuries.

They come, as we have said, from many different tribes, but most are taken from the languages ​​spoken in areas such as Swahili, Zulu, Hausa, and Yoruba. Although it must be said that since it is such a wide and extensive continent, the popularity of some of the names may vary in each country and thus we will find different names if we are in Cameroon, the Congo or Equatorial Guinea.

One of the most popular customs is to choose the name according to the day of the baby's birth, for example, Kofi means Friday; also according to the order he occupies in the family (Orou is the name for the first child) or also depending on the circumstances (if he has had twins or twins before, the chosen one will be Dosu).

There is an increasingly widespread 'fashion' of choosing names that have nothing to do with the African world and being influenced by news, events, events or characters from other corners of the world. Thus it is possible to discover that there are children called Messi or Cristiano as a result of the celebration of the Soccer World Cup in South Africa.

Every year on May 25, the African continent and all its inhabitants (both those who live there and those who are abroad) celebrate their big day. And is that a 25 of May In 1963, what we know today as the African Union Organization (OAU) was born, the only association to which the 55 states of the continent belong as a result of the meeting of 32 leaders of different African states.

With this date, the African continent wants to recognize its role in the world and invite the other continents to think and reflect on the role of Africa for world development, since it has a population that exceeds one million people and houses some of the greatest natural wealth on the planet.

If you are in love with this continent, its people, its culture, its customs and its gastronomy, surely you will like to tell your child about some of the most popular African legends with which you can also teach them values ​​of life and of the nature.

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