Positive phrases to motivate your child

Positive phrases to motivate your child

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To get children to be orderly, studious, happy, sincere, responsible, and to be constant as much as possible, it seems difficult but it is not so difficult. It can motivate children, from the earliest age, so that they learn and know what we expect of them and for them.

Motivation is what can contribute the most to the task of educating children, awakening in them a positive attitude in all the tasks they perform during their daily lives.

After knowing the phrases that nurture and stimulate children's affection and improve their communication and dialogue with the family, it is recommended that you do an exercise. Add some phrases that you normally use at home with your child to the list below. Watch them and see how they are motivating your child. Surely your child has presented a desirable behavior.

We present the phrases for positive motivation and the consequent relationship with the promoted attitude. Positive phrases should be used often. In front of other people they increase their effectiveness; but, in the presence of siblings they can produce jealousy.

So you have to be very careful not to go overboard in this regard. It is advisable to surprise your children by doing something nice for them and tell them how much you love them. Doing it once a day would not be a bad idea. Here are some sample sentences. First, what parents say appears and then the attitude that the words promote in children.

POSITIVE MOTIVATION (phrases said by parents to their children) PROMOTED ATTITUDE (in children)
Very good. ANDor i know you willI am capable
Have you been able to do it I am capable
I don't doubt your good intention I'm good
Juan thinks highly of you Juan is my friend
If you need something, ask me Friend
I know you did it without wanting to I will not repeat it
I'm very proud of you Satisfaction
I know that you are good I'm good
I congratulate you for what you have done Joy, desire to improve
What a good surprise you have given me Joy
When you need me, I will help you Love
I like it that way, you've done very well Satisfaction
I notice that every day you are better Want to be
I believe what you tell me, I know you will Trust
You know that I want the best for you Love
You deserve the best Satisfaction
I did not expect less from you Trust me
You can get where you want I can do it
Sure the next notes are better Study more

You have learned positive phrases, now it is good to know negative phrases that are very bad that only demotivate your child. Phrases that we should never say to children.

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- Article by Pablo Garrido. Professor at the European Institute for Educational Studies.

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