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The surprising home chlorine test to know if you are pregnant

The surprising home chlorine test to know if you are pregnant

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If you are looking for a baby and you may be impatient to know whether or not you are pregnant, you may want to try a home pregnancy test. Yes, they are not science-based tests, and they have a wide margin of error, but you can try it and see if it was correct later.

Do you know the home test for chlorine to know if you are pregnant? If you want to try this test, we explain how to do it very easily.

To do this home pregnancy test, you need chlorine and your own urine. It is a simple experiment that bases its principles on the reaction of chlorine in contact with the pH of urine. As you know, the urine of a pregnant woman changes pH, and chlorine is a reactive or activating element.

To perform this home pregnancy test you only need:

  • Chlorine
  • A plastic cup to collect your own urine

Test preparation Homemade Pregnancy Test for Chlorine and Urine in 3 Steps:

1. It is better that you use the first urine in the morning. Wait for that moment (if you can be impatient) and pour some urine into the plastic cup.

2. Next, pour some bleach into the glass.

3. You will see the result almost immediately: If your urine hardly reacts when you pour chlorine into it, you are not pregnant. Your delay may just be due to a menstruation mismatch. If, on the other hand, your urine reacts when you pour chlorine or bleach with a lot of foam, change the color of the liquid to darker and even the foam make the liquid rise and pour out of the glass, there are chances that you are pregnant.

If the result of this home test is positive, you should confirm it with your doctor or take a second pregnancy test more reliable. Remember that home pregnancy tests have a wide margin of error, but maybe they can give you some clue and make you suspect about a possible pregnancy.

There are many other home tests to find out if you are pregnant. You can, for example, bet on the homemade soap test, very popular in the Puerto Rico area. In this case, you should pour urine over a laundry soap and see if it lather much more than normal when you rub it.

You also have other home methods to detect pregnancy, such as the home oil test, the vinegar test, the cold urine or the vaginal discharge test.

Once the pregnancy is confirmed, if what you want is to know if you are expecting a boy or a girl, there are also many beliefs and 'popular tricks' about it. For example, you can consult the well-known Chinese table. has selected some tests so that you can do them at home and find out if you are pregnant:

The soap test to confirm a pregnancy. We explain how to perform the incredible home soap test to confirm a pregnancy. Learn how to do the home soap test step by step to find out if you are pregnant. try doing the soap test to confirm a pregnancy. Do you want to know if you are pregnant? You can try this home test.

The oil test to know if there is pregnancy. We explain how to do the oil test to know if you are pregnant. A home pregnancy test that can make you suspicious of a possible pregnancy. Pay attention to the explanation to easily do the oil test to know if you are pregnant.

The homemade vinegar test in a few minutes. There is a formula that, although it is not 100% reliable, can put us on the suspicion of a pregnancy. This is the vinegar test to see if you are pregnant. It is an inexpensive home pregnancy test, easy to perform and that will give us an answer in a few minutes. In any case, the best and most reliable pregnancy test will be performed by a gynecologist.

The home cold urine test. There are numerous home pregnancy tests that can help you find out if you are pregnant. In this case, we are going to show you how you can do a home pregnancy test with urine in an easy and free way. It is not 100% reliable, but you can always give it a try. One of the most popular home pregnancy tests.

Home test of vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is an indication that we may be pregnant. Find out if you can be expecting a baby with this simple home test to find out if you are pregnant based on your vaginal discharge. We will tell you how you can find out just by looking at the color of your discharge if you are pregnant. Useful and simple home pregnancy test for vaginal discharge.

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The basal temperature test. We explain how to perform the basal temperature test to achieve pregnancy. Many women also use it to prevent pregnancy. The basal temperature test will tell you when you are ovulating and when you are in your fertile days or most conducive to conception of pregnancy.

The traditional pharmacy test. How to use it?. If you think you may be pregnant and you don't have a pharmacy test handy, you can try home pregnancy tests with household supplies. It is about knowing how to know if you are pregnant without a pharmacy test. We tell you how to do the vinegar test, the soap test, the bleach test, or the toothpaste test.

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