My family. Short poems for children

My family. Short poems for children

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Family is one of the most important treasures a person can have. In family we are born, we grow, we learn ... With our family we live good and bad moments, but it always accompanies us in all stages of life.

To teach children the value of family, in Guiainfantil.com we offer you this short poem that speaks to the children of the families. A great way to teach the child and exercise memory and attention while having fun with the best nursery rhymes. These verses by Marisa Alonso, which you can read below, are also great to celebrate May 15, World Family Day.

Here we leave you this precious short poem dedicated to all the families of the world. As you can see, it is short, it only has three stanzas of four verses each. Enjoy it a lot!

Because we love each other

because we take care of ourselves,

because we are together

nothing is complicated.

Because with a kiss

with a look,

everything happens to be

a fairytale.

Because if we are together,

between all we form

this little world

what 'family' we call.

How beautiful is this poem! You can read it and recite it aloud as many times as you want, but you can also propose some entertaining activities to your son or daughter based on the verses. With these exercises, you can reinforce skills and knowledge. Here are some ideas!

1. Reading comprehension questions
Even if it is a very short poem, we can ask the child some questions related to what they have read to check that they have paid attention and understood the message. Here we propose some questions.

  • The family in the poem is very fond of each other, true or false?
  • When they are together, things are more complicated, true or false?
  • They are happier when they are together, true or false?

2. We understand all the words of the poem
It is true that this poem contains some very simple words that surely all children know. In any case, it is worth asking our son or daughter if there are any words that they do not understand. You can look it up in the dictionary (in a physical one!). In addition, there is an expression that can cause doubts. What does 'everything happens to be a fairy tale' mean? It has nothing to do with a story or story itself, but rather refers to the fact that we are all happier.

3. We illustrate the poem
After reading the poem, you can ask your child to draw a picture of these verses. Tell him that he can be inspired by your own family or a new family can be invited to star in this poem. You can even do the exercise of converting poetry into pictograms. It is about replacing some of the words with a small picture.

4. We turn the verses into a song
Take the melody of your favorite children's song ('Que llueva' or 'Los patitos', for example) and try to adapt these verses as if they were the lyrics of the song. You can also make up a rap!

The main theme that this short poem tells us about is the importance of family, because it is a real treasure! To talk to children about the importance of caring for and loving our family members, below we have compiled other educational resources that talk about the family.

- A cat in distress. Play
Who is always there to help us when we run into a problem? Our family! The cat starring in this play will realize that he can always count on his loved ones. Why are you not the actors and actresses yourself and represent this script?

- Learn to love. Story about the arrival of a new brother
Some children may feel jealous at the arrival of a new member of the family, like the protagonist of this story. If it is also the case of your son or daughter, do not hesitate to read this sweet story.

- Short dictations that talk about the family
Dictations are an excellent exercise to improve children's writing. If we take the opportunity to dictate texts that talk about the family, we will be transmitting values ​​to the little ones.

He15 th of May International Day of Families is celebrated, a very necessary day to raise awareness about its importance in the education of children. But also to celebrate how much we love each other!

The family plays an essential role in the development of children, both on a physical, psychological and emotional level. Parents, and the rest of loved ones, are the first references of the children who mark their upbringing and education. These transmit values, but also influence the way in which the little ones face their day to day.

For example, and as indicated in the study 'Relations between family social climate and performance in social skills in boys and girls between 2 and 3 years of age' by the researchers Laura Isaza Valencia and Gloria Cecilia Henao (published in the journal Colombian Act of Psychology), cohesive families transmit to children certain patterns that favor social skills of the kids. It refers to families who seek good communication, the demonstration of affection and the establishment of clear rules.

Remember, however, that the concept of family can be very different depending on who defines it. And it is that the family is not always the one to which we are united by blood. Let's look at some ideas to celebrate Family Day!

- Family games to enjoy as a family
Although we try to make time to play with our children every day (at least during the weekend), the truth is that it is not always possible. But on Family Day, there is no excuse! Board games, crafts, story times, family games ... Have fun!

- Cinema session with values
Through children's movies, children can also learn many values. And it is that they can see exemplified in a very simple way certain desirable behaviors (and others not so desirable). For this reason, from our site we suggest you organize a family movie afternoon.

- A morning of recipes, and then family meal!
A great plan to celebrate Family Day together can be to have a fun time together in the kitchen. You will have a great time preparing delicious recipes (they can be very simple preparations, do not overcomplicate), but also eating them all together.

- Visit grandparents and uncles
May 15 is the perfect day to visit our grandparents, who care so much for us, or our uncles and aunts, who love us so much. But we can also take the opportunity to take a trip and surprise a relative who has not seen us for some time because he lives far away.

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