16 Entertaining Homemade Solo Games For One Kid

16 Entertaining Homemade Solo Games For One Kid

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Who said that afternoons at home with children are boring? Nothing of that! You just have to use a little imagination and a pinch of ingenuity, that's what we're here for! Here are a few ideas for Homemade solo games to do with just one child. All of them fun and very educational. And we have also classified them by age! Whether you have babies at home or if your sons or daughters are older, here we have very entertaining children's activities.

From bed to television to watching cartoons or rights to video games. Well, you must know, dear children, that using technology for a little while depending on the age of each one is very good, but they never have to take space away from home games.

On the other hand, dear fathers and mothers, you should know that children also need to play alone. And it is that when they play alone they learn to entertain themselves, which encourages their creativity, but also their autonomy and independence. In these moments, they can express their emotions and thoughts, without being pressured of any kind.

Even, as detailed in the study 'Moods when playing alone or in cooperation: two unequal motor and affective experiences' (published in Anales de Psicología, Universidad de Murcia), children's moods when playing alone (as opposed to competitive games) can vary, depending on the personality of the little ones.

Do you need a few ideas to have a great time at home? Here we share with you those that have occurred to us, we also encourage you to you invent your own games, you just need to be a little bored for your imagination to get to work. What fun!

Babies, no matter how small, are eager to know the world around them, nothing better than to achieve it through the game. In addition, these activities are a great tool to stimulate your senses.

1. What will this object be?
Show your baby everyday objects that are pleasant to him: a stuffed animal, the spoon with which he eats, a headband, the slippers ... And say a few words about each of them, he will not only be entertained during a good time but it will help you to acquire vocabulary. With all these objects you can create a fabulous basket of treasures with which you can play whenever you want.

2. Where is the teddy?
You will see what a simple and fun game. You take his favorite stuffed animal, show it to him, put it behind your back and ask him: where is the stuffed animal? You are going to have a great time!

3. The game of smells
It consists of offering the baby things that you have at home so that he can smell them and experiment with the sense of smell. You can even tell her to close her eyes to further activate her sense.

4. And by the end of the afternoon, a story!
Have you had a good time doing these home games with your baby? As a finishing touch, we suggest that you read him a story. Reading has a lot of benefits, so even if you think your baby is still very young and not paying attention to you, don't miss the opportunity to read a story every day.

Now it is the turn of the little ones from 2 to 4 years old. Let's see, what can we do to get them to play at home for a bit? The idea is that they have a good time and you can have a little time to do your things.

5. The costume game
Surely you have a box full of costumes at home, and surely you also have clothes that you hardly use anymore such as a handkerchief, a scarf, a shirt ... They are perfect objects for your child to have fun playing dress-up while taking out to shine your fantastic imagination. To make it a little more entertaining, you can tell him that every time he puts on a new costume he will make up an adventure story.

6. Homemade bowling
Some empty milk jugs, a rubber ball, we really want to have fun and we already have another ideal game for a little one from 2 to 4 years old. Don't be surprised if she wakes up every day thinking about another round of homemade bowling, even you will want to start playing!

7. To run!
What do little ones of this age usually like the most? Well run and run, so why not make them a safe circuit at home? You see, you put some ribbons on the floor of the hallway that he will have to jump over, then in the room you will have to go limp, do a cartwheel on the bed, go through the living room to give Mom and Dad a kiss and start again. You already have your own homemade gymkhana! You can also do it in the garden.

Boys and girls of this age, in addition to being very smart, are very explorers, so for them we have ...

8. Teddies party
Suggest that your child put all his stuffed animals on the bed, read them a story, play this or that game, prepare a snack ... Come on, what comes to be a full-blown stuffed animal party.

9. Put on a choreography at home
Music and dancing! The child will have to prepare a choreography with the song that he likes the most and, once he has rehearsed it as many times as he wants, he will have to perform it at home in front of his parents. Don't forget to clap at the end of the show!

10. The secret cabin
Your child will surely love the idea of ​​setting up a secret cabin in the middle of the living room or in his bedroom. Some blankets, some chairs like sticks, a flashlight, stories and some toys. You won't be able to get him out of there until it's snack time. This secret lair, in addition, could become a safe corner where the child could go whenever he feels nervous to, in this way, find calm.

My son is included in this group, he is 7 years old, so when he is bored and does not know what to do I tell him to come by my side to make these ideas while I work. He entertains a lot and keeps me company, I can't ask for anything more!

11. Make origami figures with colored paper
Origami may seem complex but it is really simple, so much so that a child can make a few figures on his own, especially if he uses colored sheets.

12. Shall we make a comic?
At my son's school they have been sent a tutorial in which they explain what a comic is, how to make vignettes, what can be written in the sandwiches ... And they have been told that if they dare to draw a comic about something they did when they went out for a walk. Well, this is going to be my son's game for a few days. Ideal for creative minds!

13. To design bracelets
That of designing bracelets with some strings and a few beads also tends to be very popular with children of this age. You can tell him to make a few to give to family and friends and to personalize them with colors and with as many details as he wants.

If your child is this age and you are looking for ideas for games that he can do by himself at home, these activities are sure to hit the spot.

14. Write your own story
Same as what I told you before the comic but in story format with illustrations included. You can talk to him to shape the idea and then let him put himself in the role of a dedicated writer. You can't wait to read that wonderful story!

15. Puppets, how original!
With papers, pencils, colors and some cardboard, your child can make wonderful puppets to enjoy the creation process and to have a great time playing with them. What is a simple but fun idea?

16. And finally ... A collage!
Scissors, paper, cutouts and objects to create a traditional collage or a 3D one. Suggest that your child make the collage based on the theme he or she likes the most and then take a photo of it so that their friends can see it, perhaps even they will be encouraged to make their own collage at home.

Play days at home will become a magical time for your children.

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