Mysterious treasure hunt game to do with children at home

Mysterious treasure hunt game to do with children at home

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Bored? Tired of always playing the same game? Come on! Let's go! Stop complaining and run to gather your parents, brothers, grandparents, cousins ​​... Somewhere in the back of the house an object has been hidden that is waiting to be discovered. What a mistery! The treasure hunt game to distract and learn with children at home.

The game that I propose is very fun. It is a homemade gymkhana or if you prefer, the search for a treasure that is hidden somewhere in your house. Where could it be? What is it about? Are you ready? I will explain what it consists of. Someone needs to organize the clues, write them down in notes and hide them around the house without the rest of you knowing where they are. We will call this figure the organizer.

The challenge is that you have to discover the clues that the organizer has been placing and hiding in every corner of the house. When you are in front of one of them, read it carefully! Because it surely hides a secret message.

Discovering the mystery behind that message will give you the option of reaching the place where the next clue rests. Thus, one after another, until you find the place where the treasure is hidden. eye! than some tracks keep behind them a challenge in which your skill and, above all, your ability to work as a team will be measured. We started!

The first thing you have to do is choose a place in your house, which may be the living room, from where the search will start. Teams can be organized for those households where there are a higher number of participants. From the starting point the first test is born: enabling explorers.

To be an explorer you have to overcome the challenge of the tongue twister. All players must overcome the challenge of reciting a tongue twister without making a mistake. Until all participants have done so, they will not be enabled as true explorers. Note: one or more tongue twisters can be chosen depending on the level or ages of the participants.

Ready to start? The organizer offers the group or groups the first of the tracks.

- Track 1
Look below the place where dreams come true, where bodies are not supported by feet, where eyes do not look. Bingo! You have discovered it! Now read the message and guess where the next one is hidden.

- Track 2
I am beautiful from the front, something ugly from the back, I transform myself every moment as I imitate others. You got it? We continue! To win the next clue you must use mimicry well, since in front of him you have a movie you have to imitate and your teammates get it right. Mystery at the cinema: You can challenge three movies. One of the participants reads the card with the selected film and offers it to the rest by mime. When they guess the organizer gives them clue 3.

- Track 3
Go to the place where a small animal with four teeth lives that brings us food very diligently. Here's hint 4 hidden!

- Track 4
Who I am? Come up full, come down empty and if you don't hurry, the soup gets cold. When you've guessed it, tap on the next quiz: Hallway Races! We are going to use this object for the next test. Boiled eggs, spoons and a hallway are needed. It's about going back and forth down the aisle with the spoon in your mouth and the egg on it and your hands behind you.

You cannot touch the spoon with your hands. If the egg falls, it starts over. For the challenge to be overcome, all participants have to do it without the egg falling. Note: Shifts are established and time may be limited. Challenge completed. The organizer will give you the next clue, number 5.

- Track 5
Look for the place where a man lives who is always loaded with food, people empty him, and is never swallowed. You got Clue 6!

- Track 6
Look under the place everyone is looking to rest and if I have already told you do not think about it anymore. Take a good look because below you have clue 7!

- Track 7
He listens because he speaks and has no throat, he intons and has no voice; If you want me to sing sing and if you don't want it, no. Tune in the station. At this point the organizer hums three songs with their mouths closed that the participants have to recognize. Only then will the following clue be given: it is number 8. Courage! The prize is near.

- Track 8
Look in the place where seven little brothers live that last a single day, when one comes the other leaves and thus they spend their whole lives.

- Track 9
A very soft young lady who, without being ill, is always in bed.

Has it been difficult for you to get here? Surely not! Collect your prize: a book, your favorite food, a shell session or simply the pleasure of having enjoyed and having fun with your family. Remember that this is just an idea and that you can complicate it as much as you want.

Solutions: Clue 1: Bed. Clue 2: Mirror. Clue 3: The fork. Clue 4: The spoon. Track 5: Plate. Clue 6: chair. Track 7: Radio. Track 8: Calendar. Track 9: Pillow.

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