Fables for children. The hare and the Tortoise

Fables for children. The hare and the Tortoise

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Fables are short, short literary narratives, usually in verse, always ending with a teaching message or instructional moral for children. our site offers us one of the children's favorite fables, which talks about the value of effort and work. His characters are almost always fictional animals or objects, as in the hare and the tortoise.

The fable of The hare and the TortoiseIt is a very traditional and educational story that talks about values ​​such as perseverance, attention, effort, perseverance and calm, as well as vanity. It is about a race between a hare and a tortoise. Who do you think is going to win?

In the world of animals he lived a very proud and vain hare, who kept proclaiming that she was the fastest animal in the forest, and that she spent the day making fun of the slowness of the turtle.

- Hey, turtle, don't run so much! Said the hare laughing at the turtle.

One day, the tortoise came up with an unusual bet on the hare:

- Hare, are we going to have a race? I'm sure I can win you.

- To me? The hare asked in amazement.

- Yes, yes, to you, said the turtle. Let's place our bets and see who wins the race.

The hare, very conceited, accepted the bet promptly.

So all the animals gathered to witness the race. The owl has been responsible for marking the departure and arrival points. And so the race began:

Cunning and very self-confident, the hare ran off, and the tortoise stayed behind, coughing and enveloped in a cloud of dust. When he started walking, the hare was already out of sight. Not caring what advantage the hare had over her, the tortoise kept up with her, nonstop.

The hare, meanwhile, trusting that it would take a long time for the tortoise to catch up, stopped in the middle of the path before a lush green tree, and took a rest before finishing the race. There she fell asleep, while the turtle kept walking, step after step, slowly, but without stopping.

It is not known how long the hare fell asleep, but when she woke up, she saw with awe that the tortoise was only three steps from the goal. In a start, he ran with all his might, but it was too late: The turtle had reached the finish line and won the race!

That day the hare learned, in the midst of great humiliation, that one should never make fun of others. He also learned that overconfidence and vanity are an obstacle to achieving our goals. And that no one, absolutely no one, is better than anyone.

This fable teaches children that you should never make fun of others and that overconfidence can be an obstacle to achieve our goals.

Fables are a good way to entertain and educate children at the same time, while helping them develop their imagination and understand some values. our site has developed some questions to find out what children have understood and learned from this story:

1. Who was the fastest in the forest, the tortoise or the hare?

2. Why was the hare making fun of the tortoise?

3. Who has fallen asleep under a tree?

4. How did the turtle win the race?

5. What did the hare learn from the tortoise?

6. And you, what have you learned from that story or fable?

If you know any other fable for children and want to share it with us and other parents, we will be delighted to receive it.

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