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10 ideas for telling stories to children

10 ideas for telling stories to children

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How good it is to tell stories to the little ones in the house! For them it is a great opportunity to travel and dream, let their imagination run wild and discover new places, new characters and stories ... For parents, stories are a perfect tool to educate on values, spend time together and create a fun connection with children making them enjoy and be interested in the world of books and reading.

We want to encourage you to tell stories to your children and help you get the most out of each of the stories. Telling a story is easy. You can follow some small tips so that both children and their parents enjoy the fantasy and this magical moment:

1. Choose the children's story
The first thing we have to decide is which story to tell. What do we want to teach the children? We can choose our story based on the value we want to convey to them. We can also choose it based on its characters and the tastes of children. What kind of stories do they like? Do you prefer fairy tales or pirate adventures?

2. Dress up for your child
For a moment we are going to stop being dads. We are going to become something different, a character who will guide children through history helping them to dream. It doesn't take much. Children have a lot of imaginations! Any element will help us to become another person in the face of the little ones. If you are going to tell a pirate tale, for example, find any scarf and tie it around your head.

3. Decorate the environment to tell stories
It is important to also create a space for history. With a brown blanket we can quickly turn the living room sofa into a pirate ship. No need to complicate. Just put something down and show the kids your boat ...

4. Surprise your child
We have to get their attention from the first moment. Maybe we can change the typical 'Once upon a time ...' a bit and start playing our role.

5. Act to tell stories
It is the most important thing to keep their attention and get them to understand everything we want to convey to them. Change the voice depending on the characters that appear. Raise and lower the tone. He speaks softly, as if telling them a secret, and suddenly screams, without being expected.

6. Make your child laugh
There is nothing that children like more than seeing the grown-ups doing a little clown. Make you cry when the character is sad, jump with emotion when the protagonist achieves his goal ...

7. Invite your child to participate in the story
Always keep them in mind. Ask them often. You can make you forget something in the story to be corrected, or ask them what they think the characters would do. You can even modify the story based on what they answer!

8. Make your child sing, dance ...
You can add anything children like to your story. The pirate may have to sing a song to get the treasure chest open, or repeat some magic words. You can also ask them to do the special effects, such as the sound of the wind ...

9. Educate in values ​​through stories
Add a little moral at the end of the story and finish it with them. Let the children find out the message of the story. What do you think the pirate learned from his adventure?

10. And above all, enjoy the story!
Take advantage of this moment to have a good time with the children. It's a great time to laugh together! It is a moment that you can repeat every day and thus create the habit of reading and enjoying together.

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Through stories, we can draw children's attention to misbehavior they are having, as well as educate them to overcome difficulties and adversities for which they are not prepared. The stories educate in values ​​and are infallible resources to make children understand some bad behavior.

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