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The good-natured giant. Short story for children

The good-natured giant. Short story for children

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Here is a beautiful fantasy tale, based on a fantastic work by the Welsh writer Roald dahl ('The Great Good-natured Giant'). Without a doubt it is a wonderful story for children and not so young, since it transmits from a perfect dream world, dozens of values, such as respect for differences, the importance of friendship, the value of courage ... Do you want know more? Do not miss this fantastic and imaginative story of a girl who will live an exciting adventure.

Sofía was a girl of just 9 years old, full of curiosity but very shy. Since she had no parents, she lived with other girls in an orphanage in England. She liked being alone and didn't have many friends. One day, or rather, one night, something caught his eye. That night Sofia couldn't sleep, and she leaned out the window. Then he saw him: he was big, very big ... he was a giant!

At first Sofia was afraid. He thought the giant would hurt him. But the giant treated him kindly from the beginning. He turned out to be a good-natured giant.

The giant took him to the world where he lived. Taught him all the secrets about your country and its people. For example, he told him why giants have such big ears ... Do you want to know? Chsss ... but it's a secret: Giants can hear thanks to their huge ears ... all the secrets of people! Yes, giants hear sounds that no one can hear. They listen to thoughts and are able to hear hearts speak.

The Giants are able to fly, whenever they take Gasipum, a special drink. In addition, they run very fast, thanks to their very long legs.

The good-natured giant does not read stories, but dreams. His books are written with dreams that they manage to catch on the fly. Thanks to the dreams that the Good-natured giant reads, Sofía sleeps calmly and without nightmares, and no matter how silly those dreams may seem, they always work. In fact, the Bonachón giant narrates dreams about books, magic books. When you start counting them, they can't stop anymore.

But don't think that all giants are that good. In the land of the giants, there are also bad guys. In fact, one of them wanted to hurt Sofia and all the children on the planet. The good-natured giant decided to confront them, with the help of Sofia and the Queen of England herself. Together (including the dreams caught by the good-natured giant) they were able to stop the bad giants.

Since then, and to avoid new problems, the giants decided to hide in their world. But I know one thing that many do not know: from time to time, they let a child in, to tell them all their secrets. Besides, there are many.

1. Who is Sofia and where does she live?

2. What did Sofia see from her window?

3. Why was Sofia afraid?

4. What was the Bonachón giant like and what did he do?

5. Why do the giants live hidden in your world?

6. What did you like the most in this story?

7. What have you learned from this story?

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