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Saint Ferdinand Day, May 30. Names for boys

Saint Ferdinand Day, May 30. Names for boys

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Fernando is a name for a boy of Germanic origin that means 'the one who is willful and daring'. It is one of those names for boys perfect for your child for its meaning and for the familiarity of its use.

It is a frequent name that enjoys great popularity, one of those names that have not been worn down by its continued use throughout history. Celebrate your name day May 30, which is the day of Santo Fernando. You want to know more? Ahead!

He May 30 It is a very important day for all families that have a member named Fernando. You cannot forget to congratulate him on this day, because according to the calendar of the saints ... he is his saint! The penultimate day of May is dedicated to San Fernando and, therefore, it is a day to give many kisses and hugs to all those who bear this name.

We know how Saint Ferdinand to King Ferdinand III of Castile, who bore the nickname of the Saint. He was born in the Spanish region of Zamora in the year 1199 and was king from 1217 until the day of his death, May 30, 1252. And, for all those who like history and want more information to locate this Spanish king, was the son of Berenguela, queen of Castile and Alfonso IX, king of León. Therefore, under his reign these two demarcations were unified.

There were many milestones that marked his life and his reign. For example, he participated in the so-called Reconquest of the Christian kingdoms in the Muslim territories. But he also made sure that Castilian was the official language of his regions, instead of Latin.

To Fernando III he liked poetry a lot and of his period we can speak of great literary or formative titles such as the translation of the Fuero Juzgo (a code of laws that came from afar, nothing more and nothing less than the Visigoth kings Recesvinto and Ervigio), the Seternario (a book that he sent do dealing with philosophical issues), even some of his own cantiga.

Fernando III was canonized in 1657 by Pope Clement X. He is considered the patron of Seville, among other Spanish cities, but also of the Spanish Army.

May 30 is the most frequent date that families celebrate San Fernando's Day. However, there are also other blesseds with this name that stand out on the calendar:

  • He 5th June It is celebrated on the day of Blessed Ferdinand of Portugal. Known as the Holy Prince or Holy Infant, he was one of the sons of the Portuguese King Juan I, the one with good memory.
  • He August 27th It is the day in honor of Blessed Fernando Gonzáles Añón. Born in Valencia (Spain), this priest is considered a martyr.
  • He November 6th It is the day of Blessed Fernando M. Llovera Puigsech, another of those considered martyrs of the Spanish civil war.
  • He July 13 the day is celebrated in honor of Fernando María Baccilieri, a priest from Italy who founded the Sisters Servants of María de Galeazza.

As you already know, the name Fernando is known all over the world and has a multitude of variants, all of them very attractive for your child. Ferdinand, Hernán, Ferrán, Herrán or Ferrante are just some of the possibilities that this name offers, in addition to its diminutives Fer, Nando or Fernan. In addition, it is the form that inspires the surnames Fernández and Hernández, both very common in all Spanish-speaking countries.

Your child's name has been used throughout history by countless kings and noble aristocrats. The best known was King Ferdinand the Catholic who, together with his wife Isabel, ruled during one of the most splendid times. And at the same time we meet the explorer Hernán Cortés.

The world sport of recent years is full of figures who bear the name of Fernando. Fernando Verdasco, Fernando Torres, Fernando Martín, Fernando Alonso ... In addition, San Fernando names cities or municipalities in many countries around the world: in Spain, Argentina, the United States, Peru, Venezuela ...

By the way, did you know that Fernando is also the name of a cocktail very rich and famous in Argentina? It takes fernet and mixes with cola. And if we get musical, we can't help but remember the ABBA song that pays tribute to this name for children.

Numerology gives a number to each of the children's names according to the letters it contains. In Fernando's case, this number is 5. This is obtained by adding the values ​​of all its letters: F (6), E (5), R (9), N (5), A (1), N (5), D (4), O (6).

Numerology explains that children who are related to this number tend to be strong and energetic. They generally don't tend to be overly dependent, so you have no problem doing your own research to learn and find your own way.

Because of the meaning of his name, Fernando has a strong and courageous character. His charismatic personality and his willful eagerness make him the leader of his group of friends. In addition, Fernando is tenacious and hard-working and a faithful defender of his ideals, something that leads him to fight for what he believes in and end his companies with success.

Whether you have come to this article looking for a nice name for your baby or if you just wanted to know what day and who was Santo Fernando, do not forget to congratulate the children who bear this name on May 30!

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