The meaning of colors in children's drawings

The meaning of colors in children's drawings

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The cartoon they are a good way to get to know our children a little more. Through his drawings we can discover his feelings, how they relate to the environment and some characteristics of his personality. Although the interpretation of children's drawings should be done by an expert, parents can also draw some conclusions.

At the time of interpret children's drawings It is important that we pay attention to all the details, from the position of the drawing to the size, through pressure and tracing. However, it is the colors that the child uses that will give us the most information about their emotional development. Discover the meaning of the colors in the drawings of the kids.

If there is an activity that all children like to do, draw it. Sitting at the table or even lying on a carpet with blank pages, pencils and paints is a great plan. What if we told you that if you observe your little one doing this creation exercise, you can get to know him a little more? You will only have to check if he uses more one color than another!

If this orange color predominates in your child's drawings, it is because we are facing a sociable child and active that needs contact with people and that moves quickly and impulsively. You probably have a harder time concentrating on a task and enjoying more relaxed activities.

Blue is the color of calm, calm and balance. Children more shy and introverts use this color as the predominant color in their drawings, although it also indicates that he is a sensitive and reflective child. In some cases, the excess of the blue color in some drawings can hide a disorder such as enuresis.

In the same way as blue, green tells us about a calm child with lots of sensitivity. However, that tranquility can turn into rebellion and maladjustment if you use it to color things that are not green.

The color pink is not exclusive to girls. Boys and girls alike use this color more than others when it comes to dreaming children those who like to live in imagined worlds. It can indicate the need to escape from reality or be a sign of creativity.

This color that can be very striking tells us about a sociable, cheerful and vitalist. However, if the use of yellow is excessive, the drawing may be telling us about tensions in its environment or emotional conflicts.

It is a very frequent color in children's drawings due to its intensity. Used in moderation, it tells of a child with great energy and very passionate. But if it is used in excess it can indicate certain imbalance, hostility and also aggressiveness.

Brown is the color most used by responsible and prudent children. If it is used in excess, it is necessary to be aware that the child is not losing his childhood overwhelmed by responsibilities not appropriate for his age.

This color, which symbolizes spirituality, may indicate that we are facing a child dominated by melancholia. Used as the predominant color in a drawing, it tells us about the child's vital dissatisfaction, something that we must stop as soon as possible.

Although it is a tone that we older people associate with something sad and we do not like, for example, dressing our children in black, we do not have to be afraid that our children will use it in their artistic creations. It is related to power and elegance and it is about perfectionist children, although it must also be said that they can be small, a little introverted and be very distant with others.

Colors have given us a lot of information about the character of our son, so it is now time to go one step further. Do you know the tree test to discover things about the personality of children? We tell you more about this 'test'.

You have to ask your child to draw a tree and look at three aspects: the ground, the trunk and the crown. In these elements will be the key to many of your questions about the behavior of your little one.

- The floor drawing
If he has not painted anything and has left the tree without support, it means that he is a very formal person, not very spiteful and that he is not easily influenced by others. If, on the other hand, he has drawn a line to support it, we are facing an outgoing, sociable child with a tendency to be the center of attention.

- How you have drawn the trunk
When the trunk is rather narrow it is telling us that your offspring is very emotional and sensitive and, at times, a little stubborn. If it is wider, the adjectives we would use to describe it would be self-demanding and communicative.

- That's how he painted the glass, that's how he is
It can be very simple, a simple roundel, or something more complex, with branches and all. In the first case, it would be said that the child has impeccable behavior and is very collaborative; in the second scenario it will depend on whether the branches are up (optimistic) or down (very negative).

One of the first excursions that kindergarten and / or primary school children do is to visit a school farm to see pigs, sheep or cows up close. Does your child want to learn how to make any of these animals? Take good note!

If you have pets at home and you want to give them a very special gift, we suggest that you draw a picture for them. Here we show you the step by step to learn to draw dogs, rabbits, birds or turtles.

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