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Saint Philip's Day, May 3. Names for boys

Saint Philip's Day, May 3. Names for boys

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Felipe is one of those names for children of Greek origin that parents all over the world like very much. It means 'he who loves horses' and it is a name that confers a special dignity and nobility to everyone who wears it. It is a frequent and familiar name, although in recent years its use has declined somewhat. But even so, it remains among the favorites by parents for being one of those names that never go out of style. Celebrate your name day May 3, which is the day of Saint Philip.

There are many parents who choose the name for their babies according to the saint they have to celebrate on the day of their birth. Other parents simply like to know which sacred man or woman of the saints is named after their little one and what day they celebrate their birthday. Whatever your case, you should know that on May 3 Santo Felipe is celebrated, in honor of Philip the Apostle.

Philip was one of the apostles who followed Jesus and learned from his words. He accompanied him as one of his disciples and transmitted his teachings to all those who also wanted to learn them. According to the Bible, Felipe was present in such important episodes as the distribution of the loaves or, of course, The Last Supper.

Saint Philip died martyred in defense of his Christian faith. He was crucified and later buried under stones near what we know today as Turkey. At present, his relics are preserved in the Basilica of the Holy Apostles in Rome (Italy).

According to the New Roman Rite, the date on which we celebrate his saint is May 3, which coincides with the name day of the Apostle James the Lesser. San Felipe is considered the patron saint of hatters, street vendors and pastry chefs. He is often depicted with a Latin cross, as this was his martyrdom.

Although May 3 is one of the most frequent dates to celebrate the saint of Philip, the saints include other dates in honor of other holy men that were called like that. This makes some parents decide to celebrate other birthday celebrations throughout the year.

- He February 5th It is celebrated on the day of San Felipe de Jesús O.F.M. This Mexican saint was a Franciscan friar who died martyred in Japan. He is the patron saint of Mexico City, but also of Nagasaki.

- He April 11 the name day of Felipe de Gortina is celebrated, who became the bishop of the city with this name in Crete. Very little is known about this saint who could have died around the year 180.

- He May 26 it is the day of San Felipe de Neri. In his honor, another of the most common onomastics is celebrated by grandparents, parents and children who bear this name. Known as the Apostle of Rome, he studied philosophy and theology. He was given the complicated task of re-evangelizing the Italian city at a time when the true values ​​of Christianity seemed to have been forgotten.

- He August 22 or 23 (depending on whether we take the calendar we attend) is celebrated on the day of San Felipe Benicio. Of noble origin, this Italian friar directed important convents in the area and preached the faith in different Italian cities.

- He October 25 it is celebrated on the day of Saint Philip Howard, an English saint revered in the Catholic Church as one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales.

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The name Felipe is used throughout the world with different variants, all of them well known. Greek Philippos, the French Philippe, English Philip or italian Philip They are as familiar to us as Felipe, so your son will carry a name that will be well received wherever he goes. In addition, there are many personalities that we know with the name of your son.

Royalty and nobility They have liked the name Felipe throughout history, from King Philip II of Macedonia, who was the father of Alexander the Great to the King of Spain, Felipe de Borbón, many are the kings who have walked through the European courts with him your child's name.

We find representatives of your child's name in all areas. In sports we have the Spanish basketball player Felipe Reyes and the Brazilian Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa. In literature we find the American writer Philip Roth and in music we cannot forget the mythical Phil Collins.

In addition, there are different regions and cities in the world whose name refers to San Felipe: in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, the United States, Guatemala ...

Numerology gives a number to each letter of the alphabet. If we add the values ​​of all the letters that make up a name, we have the number that corresponds to it according to numerology. In Felipe's case, this number is 8: F (6), E (5), L (3), I (9), P (7), E (5).

Taking into account this number, we can know that Felipe is a boy very active and curious, who is always looking for a way to satisfy your concerns. It is easy for you to make an effort, if you know that the objective of this work is profitable.

Because of the meaning of his name, Felipe has a charismatic personality full of strength and resolution. His cheerful and dynamic character makes him succeed in social relationships, and his high degree of responsibility makes him the perfect leader. In addition, Felipe is close and affectionate and puts the welfare of his family above all else.

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