Children's math games to guess numbers

Children's math games to guess numbers

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In We have selected a series of mathematical tricks so that children can count in front of their friends and leave them speechless.

They are a series of mathematical puzzles and number riddles ideal for elementary school children, a great way for them to learn mathematics and practice operations in a simple and, above all, very fun way.

1- Guess the number

1. Think of a number

2. Add 5

3. Multiply the result by 2

4. Subtract 4 from what was left

5. Divide the result by 2

6. Subtract the number you thought from what was left

Solution: The result is always 3

2- Guess the month of the birthday and the age

1. Ask the child to tell you the number of the month in which he was born, for example: January = 1, February = 2, April = 4, May = 5

2. Then ask him to mentally multiply this amount by 2, and add 5 to the result.

3. Then tell him to multiply the obtained by 50

4. And now tell him to add his age to everything obtained, and to tell you the result of everything

5. Now with the sum of everything you must mentally subtract 250

Solution: the result will give you 3 or 4 digits, the two digits on the right are the age and the left are the number of the month of birth.

3- Guess a number

1. Ask the child to think of a number (for example 20)

2. Tell him to add a 0 to the right (200)

3. Ask me to subtract any number from the table of 9 (9, 18, 27, 36 ...), for example 18

4. Tell him to say the result out loud = 182

5. To find out what number you thought, the two numbers on the left (18) are added to the one on the right (2), the number you initially thought comes out: 20.

4- Guess what shoe size

1. Tell the child to look at his shoes and keep his size

2. Tell him to multiply the number above by 5

3. Ask him to add 50

4. Now that you multiply by 20

5. Tell him to add 1015

6. And let the year of his birth remain.

Solution: The resulting number will have four digits, the first two will correspond to the size of the shoe and the next two to the child's age.

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