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Quick recipes for working moms

Quick recipes for working moms

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If being a mother is exhausting, the task is complicated when we talk about working mothers and fathers, who have to combine childcare with other tasks. To facilitate children's meals we offer you a selection of quick recipes for working mothers.

In less than half an hour you can prepare a rich and nutritious dish without great complications. Follow these recipes to make quick menus for days when there isn't much time to cook, and encourage your kids to participate.

Collaboration in the family is very important, children must learn to do their part in the housework. Cooking is one of the best ways to teach them to be responsible in a fun way, since they tend to entertain themselves and like to participate in this activity.

With half an hour and simple ingredients you can prepare a delicious and healthy dinner for the whole family, and encourage yourself to try new recipes.

First courses. Selection of easy healthy first course recipes for working moms. How to prepare quick first courses for the children's diet. Quick recipes of first courses for feeding children, for moms who have very little time to cook.

Second courses. Recipes of main dishes for children's diet How to prepare a balanced diet for children with quick recipes. Quick and easy second course recipes for working moms.

Desserts and sweets. Simple and quick dessert recipes for working moms. Ideas for cooking quick and easy desserts with children. How to make quick desserts and sweets for children.

Recipes to prepare in 10 minutes. The simplest and fastest recipes for children are quick recipes to prepare in 10 minutes for children. Nutritious dishes that are prepared in a few minutes. How to prepare a healthy and easy menu to feed children. Quick recipes for mothers and fathers with little time.

To elaborate simple and quick recipes It is very important that they are not too laborious, so it will take less time. What would you think if we told you that we have culinary proposals that you can make with just three ingredients? Put on your apron! We started!

- Salmon and cheese roll
This recipe will allow you to offer children fish in a way that they hardly even notice. You only need dough, salmon and cheese spread. You open the puff pastry, put a little spread cheese (it can also be made with the sliced ​​cheese), then put the smoked salmon on top, roll them up and that's it! We recommend that, depending on the pasta you use (there are some that do not need an oven), you put it in the oven for 5-10 minutes so that everything melts, but that depends on taste.

- Japanese cheesecake
Open the fridge and take out three eggs, 120 grams of white chocolate and another 120 grams of cream cheese. Preheat the oven because this is so fast. Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie and when it is ready add the cheese. Catch the eggs and separate the yolk, which you will add to the previous mixture, from the whites, which you will beat until foam is left. Mix everything in a bowl and put it in the oven for 30 minutes at 170 degrees. Turn it off after that time, but leave the cake another 15 minutes to finish cooking.

- Caprese salad
Very healthy, light proposal that not only requires few ingredients but you will not need an oven or microwave and you can do it at the moment and without staining the kitchen much. Take two large, ripe tomatoes and cut them into slices; then do the same with two balls of buffalo mozzarella cheese. Place everything on a flat plate and put pieces of lamb's lettuce and / or arugula. Dress to your liking and prepare to serve!

- Cheese and quince sandwich
We now present a delicious proposal to offer to children at mid-morning or as a snack, especially if they like quince. Toast some bread, add a bit of goat cheese or spread (depending on your tastes) and then put the quince on top. If you want, another option is to change the star product, in this case the quince, for honey. How about?

When there is little time and many things to do, it is best to have a good organization. Do you want us to help you with planning and give you some motherly tips and tricks? Take note!

- If your watch only has 24 hours, but you would need some more, Maybe you should start thinking about ordering the purchase online! If it is true that going to buy and see and touch the products can be a change in terms of quality, but there are times when it is not possible and we have to relieve ourselves of pressure and stress.

- It is also important to be very clear about what you are going to eat each day. You can take the opportunity to prepare the menu together, capture it on a sheet and leave it hanging in the refrigerator. This way everyone will know what is playing each day and we will avoid discussions and possible tensions!

- Sign up for Bath Cooking. Haven't you heard of this new trend in kitchens yet? Is about prepare meals for the week on the weekend. In this way, then on everyday days you will not be overwhelmed by work and children, because everything will be to look in the fridge, take out and heat.

- How old are your children? We asked you because you might not be able to ask them to fry a steak, but you can ask them to set the table, to pick it up, to put things in the dishwasher or to heat their plate in the microwave. Here we all collaborate!

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