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The pen. Biography in short story for children by Miguel de Cervantes

The pen. Biography in short story for children by Miguel de Cervantes

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Do your children know who it was Miguel de Cervantes? It is possible that his name, at least, sounds familiar, but thanks to this biography in tale you can bring them a little closer to his life and part of his work. The short stories that narrate the biography (always adapted to children), are a great educational resource for children to meet the greatest characters in history and what their achievements were.

On this occasion, we suggest you learn more about the biography of the writer Miguel de Cervantes, author of universal characters such as Don Quixote de La Mancha or Sancho Panza. It is titled 'The Feather'.

Miguel was getting ready as every day to devour one of his books, when he heard his father say that they were moving again.

- Again! - He thought to himself.

Since his birth in Alcalá de HenaresThey had already moved house several times ... To Córdoba with his father's family, to Seville, to Cuenca ... and what do I know how many more places. Always looking for work to get ahead. Miguel grew up like this, traveling from one place to another, surrounded by his family and reading, always reading. And so he got older.

Being older, he did not stop traveling either. They accused him of wounding a man in a duel, and they wanted to put him in jail, so he fled to Italy. There he worked, until become a soldier to fight the war.

He was in many battles and, in one of them, in Lepanto, a bullet hit him and he began to lose strength in his left hand. That is why it began to be known as'the one-armed of Lepanto'. And… thank goodness he was right-handed! Because, for a long time, in addition to reading, he loved to write!

After the war, when he returned to Spain and when they had almost reached the beaches of the Costa Brava, a Turkish flotilla kidnapped him and kept him as a slave for five years in Algiers. Five years!!

Miguel couldn't take it anymore, he tried to escape from there several times, but he never succeeded. In the end, thanks to a ransom, he was able to be free.

He was already in Spain, finally ... Now he would have to look for any job to be able to pay your debts. His family had paid a lot of money for his ransom and all of that money would have to be returned.

He spent years working between Madrid and Andalusia. In sevilla, they commissioned him to collect taxes. He had to go house to house collecting money from the families to pay for the different wars in which the country was involved at that time. What a horrible task! They accused him of keeping money and put him in jail for a few months.

Locked up in jail, without a mobile, without a Tablet ... All his thoughts started to begin to imagine the main character of what would be his masterpiece. A tall and very crazy man, who confused the mills of Castilla La Mancha with giants to fight with: The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quijote of La Mancha.

He died in Madrid, at his home, when he was 68 years old. He wanted to be buried in the chapel of a nearby church, on which a larger church was later built. And even in our day it is not known where his remains are

It is important to motivate children to read through the fun it provides and it is equally important, from a young age, to make them meet great authors through small brushstrokes about their lives but, above all, presenting their works as something close.

Through the biography of Cervantes and the short introduction about his masterpiece, we can work with children on reading comprehension and arouse your curiosity by reading Don Quixote.

We propose some questions to find out if they have understood the text and, on the other hand, to try to pique their curiosity about the work of Miguel de Cervantes:

- Where was Miguel de Cervantes born?

- Which of your hands lost strength after the Battle of Lepanto?

- How many years were you kidnapped by the Turks?

- Where did you start to think about writing Don Quixote de la Mancha?

How have they gone reading comprehension questions? If you have doubts in any of the answers, you can reread the story as many times as you want. To make reading more entertaining, you can each read a paragraph, in this way you will also be testing your child's attention.

Once we have verified that the child has understood the story he has read, we suggest you go one step further and investigate a little more about Don Quixote. Apart from the character of Don Quixote, what other characters appear in this novel? Research and find at least four (worth animals!).

Children's curiosity is innate; they are born with it. However, parents and teachers can encourage them to have an ever greater desire to learn about the world around them and about the past that existed before they were born. Short stories, like the ones we propose in Guiainfantil, are a very appropriate educational resource to achieve this.

And is that books are a window to any learning that the children want to do or whatever adventure they want to undertake. Literature allows us to travel in time, but also in space. It even allows us to discover worlds that don't even exist. So that your children learn to love the precious treasure that is a book, below we propose more biographies in short story format of other such important writers as Miguel de Cervantes.

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