9 best games to play over a video call with children ages 3 to 5

9 best games to play over a video call with children ages 3 to 5

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Perhaps the grandfather, the aunt or the father or the mother need to see your son or daughter by video call, either because of distance, work or simply the pleasure of seeing him. However, keeping a child of that age in front of the screen, seeing a person virtually on the other side, requires a certain skill, patience and many doses of imagination. Today we propose some games to make by video call with children from 3 to 5 years old.

Before starting to make the video call, it is important that you consider what can children from 3 to 5 years old do, Or in other words, what are your social skills. Do not expect to have an overly rational conversation for more than a few minutes, because perhaps your son or daughter can respond how he is or tell a preschool anecdote, but if you continue in the line of the conversation he will get bored and want to leave as soon as possible to do anything else.

In this age period, children are beginning to develop the basic social skills of all human beings, such as empathy, attachment, cooperation or self-control. But this does not mean much less that they handle them, quite the opposite, they are learning them and still do not understand that on the other side of the screen a person is waiting to be able to talk to them. Their thinking is much more focused on their needs, on themselves, coupled with the fact that they are in a moment of intense learning.

Between the ages of 3 and 5, they need to do a lot of physical activity and learn through constant play. Therefore, if they make video calls to see a family member, Ideally, 90% of the video call is a game situation, in which they get involved and enjoy themselves, while they can begin to learn some social skills.

Zoom is in fashion, but like all trends, you have to be careful because improper or inappropriate use can be dangerous. It turns out that this application, popularized in the business world, is beginning to be used by families and teachers. And it is fantastic because it allows unlimited connection of people (uncles, grandparents, cousins, nephews, brothers-in-law ...) and with great sound and image quality. The but that must be put is that each session has a maximum time of 40 minutes and that you have to have a recent Windows update to avoid security problems.

But if you don't want to take risks and try new things, you always have at your disposal the WhatsApp video calls (maximum four people). The truth is that for children it is the best of all, because they are more used to the interface of this application.

There are those who prefer Hangout (if you have a account it comes out by default) or also the video calls with Google Duo (it comes installed in most Android phones) or Facetime (only for Iphone devices).

If you have older children, they may have already tried doing video calls with your friends with Houseparty or Jitsi (for iOS and Android). Tell them to give you a 'crash course' and start making virtual encounters with the whole family.

Here are some games designed for this age range that can be done by videoconference. Of course, be patient, they may not always work, they may not like everyone, they may want to play the same game for a minute or perhaps half an hour.

Teach me...
It is an ideal game to start a video call. It is about asking the little one to teach you something they learned that day or in those days. It can be jumping, drawing a circle, cutting out a square, tying shoelaces, smearing a slice of bread with jam, counting to 4 or 10 ... no matter what it is! With this game you will reinforce what you have learned, in addition to acquiring self-confidence by feeling supported by what you are learning day by day.

Faces and emotions
It is very important that at this age they can strengthen their emotional intelligence. A basic game at this age are cards with drawn faces that indicate joy, sadness, anger ... That same game can be used through the screen or it can also be done with one's own face. Seeing the different faces that adults make can be a lot of fun.

Another similar game that can be derived from the previous one is imitations. Ask the little one on the other side of the screen to imitate the gestures of your face and your hands. Then move on to his or her turn. You will love it!

Let's become a character
It can be a cartoon character or, for example, an animal. He is sure to enjoy barking alongside you on the other side of the screen for a long time.

Phone calls
It sounds absurd, but it is something very useful to promote communication with children of this age. While you see each other on a video call, make a ‘call’ with an imaginary phone. First, pretend you have a call, answer and say something funny, that an animated character is calling you, for example. You will get their attention and, with a bit of luck, the little one will want to interact, calling or calling you.

Let's draw together
At 3 years old a child can learn to make the shape of a circle and at 5 years of the square. Propose an interactive game between the screens. It is about putting the finger on the screen at the same time that the child does it and following a shape, for example a circle. This game is ideal for video calls with a tablet.

I tell you a story
If the person on the other side of the screen is a good storyteller, he or she can propose to the little one to tell him a good story made up (or known but not read) Always with the option that he can intervene and propose a change in the story. why not?

Let's sing songs!
Songs never fail at this age, especially for the most singing children. If you know it very well, you can sing a cappella together via video call, but you can also put the song in the background or even the video.

What do you want to play?
Let your little one decide what they want to play. At this age their imagination has no limits and perhaps they will propose games that you cannot imagine and with which you will have a great time.

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