7 games to make over video calls with babies 1 to 2 years old

7 games to make over video calls with babies 1 to 2 years old

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Technology provides many communication facilities, helping those who are distant feel much closer to each other. Being able to make a video call with your grandparents or uncles to see your baby grow is priceless. Even if mom or dad goes on a trip for a few days, the distance can be made less harsh with a live video call. If your baby is between 1 and 2 years old, it won't be so easy for him to pay attention to the computer screen, is it? We tell you what the 7 best games to video call with babies 1 to 2 years old.

It is important that you choose the time of the video call well, depending on your baby's sleep and feeding routine. If you are hungry or sleepy, you will hardly be able to focus on what someone is saying to you on a screen. Keep in mind that, although at that age he may have the ability to recognize the person on the screen, it is not the same as a real human interaction.

If possible, prioritize using a computer or tablet before your cell phone. The larger screen helps you pay more attention to what's happening on it.

Have one of their favorite toys handy, so that if you lose your attention you stay where you are sitting and do not have to go for a run and explore.

Just before making the video call on whatsapp, zoom or skype, explain with a cheerful tone of voice which person they are going to call. If it's someone you don't see often, you can show them a photo before the video call. Present the video call to her like it's a game: 'Now let's call the grandparents, alright!'

Don't expect your baby to spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Mentally prepare yourself for the possibility that they have no interest in making the video call and that if that happens, nothing happens. This will release tension in you so that your baby does not notice it and does not think that the video call is an imposition, but a fun game.

Interaction with the baby should be active on both sides of the video call, by those who are on the move behind the camera and by the person taking care of the baby.

Although we advise you to use the computer before the tablet because the screen is larger, perhaps for some children it is easier to take the mobile and, they are even more used to them. In any case, what we have to do now is choose the type of application with which we are going to connect and organize this afternoon of video call games.

Do you know how many possibilities you have: whatsapp, zoom, facetime or hangout? If you have questions about how to download them or how to use them, we have prepared a small guide for you!

- WhatsApp
Maternal grandparents, paternal grandparents, uncles and you ... WhatsApp allows you to connect up to four people ... the closest ones! And the truth is that making video calls with babies 1 to 2 years old is a more than reasonable number. At this age it is difficult to get the attention of children and the more people there are, the more distracted they will be!

- Zoom
It is the most used in the workplace, in fact many media interviews are recorded with this application. But it's so cool that its popularity has spread like wildfire. The quality and the sound is fantastic, although the time is limited: they only give you 40 minutes (if you want more, you have to pay). For video calls with babies, This is more than enough time!

- Facetime
Do you have an Apple device? Then you can make video calls with your cell phone or your computer. It's cool because, if you do it with your mobile, you can use both the front camera and the back camera, but you have to have a Wi-Fi connection and, what we have said, an iPhone or a Mac.

- Hangout
If you have a Gmail account, this application to make video calls with your baby to the family will come in handy. You will not have to keep an eye on the clock or limit the number of people who participate in the conference, the only thing that may be that the image is blurry or the sound arrives late. Everything is testing!

It is important that you consider the social skills of your 1 to 2 year old baby before thinking about a certain game. At this age, children are able to recognize and call people they love and objects they like by name.

They can also have fun searching and finding things, putting different objects together based on their shape and color, learning how something works (you probably want to touch the screen or keyboard keys), you are learning to speak, and you can even sing or hum a song and let you know. he likes to touch things to see what they look like, and he can start doing his first scribbles.

Of course, each baby grows at a different rate, so it is natural that your baby has still developed more social skills than others. Don't worry about it, focus on the ones it has developed to create video calling games.

Taking into account the social skills that a baby of this age usually has, we have selected some games that can be used to keep their attention during a video call by the application of your choice. With these activities, you will get your baby to spend a few extra minutes looking at the person who greets him from the screen. Take note!

1. Blow kisses and catch them
If your baby already knows how to blow kisses, this will be a game with which he will have fun for a while over the video call. Ask him to blow a kiss to the person and he should catch it and take it to the heart or cheekbones. Afterwards, the one on the other side of the screen should blow another kiss ... Your baby will easily understand that there is some kind of social interaction interesting enough to remain attentive.

2. Funny faces
There is nothing that a baby of that age likes more than they make very funny faces. So if you see a family member or someone close to you on the screen making funny faces, you will end up laughing out loud.

3. Figures
The person on the other side may have printed some figures of words that the baby already knows: cow, heart, car ... They should be shown while both adult parties on both sides of the call reinforce the name of the figure shown. Your baby will want to repeat the word and even learn new words.

4. Your favorite song
If you have a singing baby, take the opportunity to sing their favorite songs via video call. Again, it requires the participation of the adults in the video conference, but otherwise your baby will love having them sing along.

5. Search search
When the video call is made by mom or dad (or regular household members), they can make a pact prior to the video call. For example, dad can hide a ball or a toy in different parts of the room where the video call will be made, easily accessible. Mom, from the other side of the screen, can be asking her baby to look for them.

6. Show me how much you love me
On the screen you can show the baby how much you want him by extending his arms so he can see that it is a lot. The baby will probably do the same.

7. Cuckoo-tras
The famous hide-and-seek game is very easy to do via video call. With this game you can capture the baby's attention for a long time.

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