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Stories for children. A rabbit on the track

Stories for children. A rabbit on the track

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The story A rabbit on the track, tells a beautiful story that will make children reflect and think about the value of kindness, compassion, gratitude, responsibility and commitment, towards nature.

Values ​​are those criteria that govern the behavior and way of being of children in the world and with people. The practice of values ​​must be present in the education of children. For this reason, our site offers us a story to promote one of the values ​​with which children learn the most: compassion.

Daniel was laughing inside the car at the thanks that his younger brother, Carlos, did. They were going for a walk with their parents to Pink Lake. There they would go swimming in its warm waters and fly their new kites. It would be an unforgettable day out. Suddenly the car came to a sudden stop. Daniel heard his father exclaim hoarsely:

"Oh my God, I ran him over!"

- Who, who? Asked Daniel.

"Don't worry," replied his father. Is nothing.

The car started its march again and the mother of the boys turned on the radio, a fashionable song began to play on the speakers.

- Let's sing this song, he said looking at the children in the back seat. Mom started humming a song. But Daniel looked out the back window and saw the body of a rabbit lying on the road.

- Stop the car daddy, Daniel yelled. Please stop.

- For what? Answers his father.

- The rabbit, he says, the rabbit there on the road, injured!

- Let's leave it, says the mother, it's just an animal.

- No, no, stop, stop.

- Yes daddy, don't continue - Carlitos adds -. We must pick him up and take him to the animal hospital. The two children were very worried and sad.

- Well, it's fine - said the father, realizing his mistake. And turning they picked up the wounded rabbit.

But when they resumed their trip, they were stopped a little later by a police patrol, who informed them that a large rock had fallen on the road they were going, blocking the way. Upon learning of the emergency, everyone helped the police remove the rock.

Thanks to everyone's solidarity, they were able to clear the way and get to the vet on time, who healed the rabbit's leg. Daniel and Carlos's parents agreed to take him home until he was cured.

A few weeks later the whole family went to leave the bunny back in the forest. Carlos and Daniel said goodbye with sorrow, but knowing that they would be happier in freedom.


(Story by Álvaro Jurado Nieto, Colombia)

1. Where did Daniel and his family go for a walk?

2. Why did Daniel's father stop the car abruptly?

3. What did Daniel see and what did he do when he looked back at the road?

4. What did Daniel's father do?

5. What accident did Daniel's family get out of on the road?

6. What did they do with the injured rabbit?

7. What else did you like about this story?

8. Do you think you would do the same thing that Daniel's family did? Why?

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