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The letters that make up children's names determine their personality

The letters that make up children's names determine their personality

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Do you think a rose would smell just as sweet if we didn't call it 'rose'? Shakespeare did believe it and the creators of the study that we are going to talk about here too. And it seems that the sounds and the letters that form children's names They help us to create an idea of ​​what that baby's personality will be like. Do you want to know what your child's name means depending on how it sounds?

There has always been a great interest in how the name of a thing or a person influences interpretation or perception that we have from him. For example, if you are going to meet someone named Pedro, Alba, Ana or Kate, would you have an idea of ​​how they can be just by the sound of their names?

This is what they have found out in three experiments conducted at the University of Calgary. They found that people with soft names as, for example, the name of Ana, they were more pleasant, emotional and even hard-working. On the other hand, it was expected that people with stronger names like Kate or Kirk were more outgoing. What is very curious?

Previous research on the symbolism of sound has shown that people tend to associate certain sounds of language with specific qualities and this is true whether it is about objects or people.

Going back to the experiments we talked about before, the authors compared names that contain what are called voiced consonants, that is, M or L, with those that contain consonants not as voiced as K or T. The former are characterized by smoother, more continuous sound, while the latter are more abrupt.

Compare the word 'mom' with the word 'play', which one sounds much softer than the other? Well, in the case of names, the same thing happens. Nicknames like Kirk, Kurt or Tate sound different than Noa, Ana, Lúa, right? Well, the researchers also affirm that only by that difference in sound is attributed to each name a different personality.

The other part of the study consisted of asking a group of people what certain names inspired him. Most of the participants were convinced that people with names like Ana or Matías would be kind, sensitive and hard-working. Instead, they claimed that those named Kate, Robert, or Quique would be strong and outgoing.

If you are looking for a name for your child or want to know what the nickname of your little one transmits, you just have to follow the steps of this curious study. Everything points to himthe way of being and the personality are marked in advance by the name, or rather by how it sounds.

Of course, and this is also detailed in the study, there is no scientific evidence that Ana is more kind or hardworking than Kate simply because of her name. Or at least that's how they verified it when they asked more than a thousand people their name, their personality and their way of being.

It is not true then that if you put your son Alberto or Hugo he will be more or less sociable; but it is true that the names of people, like Shakespeare's rose, can awaken certain sensations, feelings or ideas in others.

So far everyone agrees, right? But what if it turns out that we treat others differently just because of our predisposition to them? What if people, including children, know that others expect them to be kind and act this way?

The effect that we create in the mind comes from the sounds of the names, but it does not have to be really associated with the personality of the people. So what is it about the sound in the name Ana that makes it seem especially lovable? This effect is explained by a kind of metaphorical extension of the qualities of sounds or feelings from words to shapes.

The results suggest that proper nouns contain information that influences what we expect someone to be in terms of their personality. But beware, appearances can be deceiving.

What do you think of this study? Do you think your child's name conveys certain feelings just because of how it sounds? Welcome to the debate!

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