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Mother tricks to cut bangs to children at home

Mother tricks to cut bangs to children at home

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Many times, hair grows very fast, but not enough to spend unnecessarily on hairdressing. Perhaps your son or daughter has grown bangs and it bothers their eyes a bit, so they just need a little review that we can easily do at home. How? Keep reading, because we explain how to cut bangs to boys, girls and babies at home, everything you need and some tips so that your children are calm in the process.

He fringe It is the most delicate area of ​​children's haircuts, mainly for safety. It is very close to the eyes, so it is important to consider certain tips that could save you both from a good upset. Take note!

1. It is important that you always keep the scissors perpendicular to your child's skin. So that the outer edge (which does not cut) is the one that can hit his face in case your child moves. Never put the tip of the scissors towards their eyes or face.

2. If your son or daughter is old enough to understand what a haircut means, Explain to him in advance that he should stay still when you are handling the scissors. You can decide to agree on a password, a word that your child can say if he needs to move. It is not highly recommended that you are entertaining yourself with television while cutting your bangs, much less your mobile or a video game. You could get lost, forget your hair was cut, and turn your face, causing an accident. If you have a mirror in front of you, you can better understand that you need to sit still and focus solely on your haircut.

3. If your daughter or son is still too young to understand the situation, it is important that another adult help you to entertain him and make sure that his face is as still as possible and, very important, that your hands do not move up to your face. A slap could be a reason for an accident. Don't risk it.

4. In the case of babies, it is important that your son or daughter is sitting on the knees of an adult (Daddy, Mommy, Grandma ...) in order to have better control of his hands and head.

5. In this case, a toy could be of great use, Well, while he grabs it, you can take advantage of cutting his bangs, as long as another adult helps you.

Regarding the materials It is important that you have special scissors to cut hair. Don't try to cut her hair with another type of scissors. In addition, you need a fine-toothed comb and a cape (towel or similar) to put it on your shoulders and prevent it from getting hairy. It is also advisable to spray with water and a chair that is not too low so that the child is comfortable and you can cut the bangs at ease.

The classic technique for cutting bangs and hair it is the same for boys as for girls. It involves dragging the hair with the barbed comb until it reaches the area where you want to cut. The comb serves as a guide for cutting the ends. This technique requires some practice, perhaps the first few times it will not be as good as you expected, but little by little you will be able to do better.

If the bangs already have a certain shape, for example, straight, you can pass the scissors directly. First comb the bangs forward respecting their shape and then begin to cut the ends following the imaginary line of the bangs shape.

It is important to clarify that these two techniques are best done with wet hair. Therefore, you can cut your son or daughter's bangs after the shower or have a spray bottle with water and wet it very well before starting to cut.

Girls' bangs are usually shorter than the rest of their hair, so the rules change when it comes to cutting it. If you already have a previous cut and you just want to go over it a bit, you just have to follow the shape of the bangs.

However, if you are starting from scratch, you must first separate the strand of hair that will become the bangs. To do this, draw a triangle from the peak of the arch of each eyebrow to the top of the head (which is usually halfway between the forehead and the crown, although it depends on the shape of the head) That is the strand that you will cut.

Make sure to sweep the rest of your hair back, either with bobby pins or pigtails. Comb forward the lock of hair that will be the fringe, after having previously wet it. Once you determine the length (don't forget that when the bangs dry it will rise), start cutting the bangs with the classic technique, using the comb as a guide. This way you will achieve a perfect straight bangs.

If you want the bangs to be lopsided, you will first need to cut a long straight bangs. Once you have it, separate it into two strands, and comb it sideways (one strand thicker than the other if the head line is lateral and two equal strands if the line is central). Begin to shape it by cutting from the shortest point to the longest. We recommend doing it just above the eyebrow, so that the bangs are not too short.

There are different shapes of bangs for boys. The most common is straight bangs, although it can also be lopsided or even scaled, that is, with longer strands than others. In the case of straight bangs, cut it just above the eyebrows, since you have to take into account that when it dries it will rise. If you cut it higher, the bangs will be too short. In most of the boy's haircuts with straight bangs, this is formed from the crown or head, so before cutting you must first comb it from this area of ​​the head.

In the case of lopsided bangs They are usually used in children with longer hair, and they also usually start above the eyebrow, climbing laterally towards the top of the haircut. That is, if you have hair up to your ears, the bangs must end at that top, it must not be shorter.

As for the scaled bangs, here imagination and creativity play an important role, also the skill you have to cut hair. One recommendation is to look for a photograph on the internet with a haircut similar to the one you want to do to your child or that your child wants, so you can have a guide on the bangs that you or like.

In the case of babies, both boys and girls, it is important to use another technique of cutting bangs for safety reasons. Babies move their heads unpredictably, making their bangs more difficult to cut.

In this case, instead of cutting it in front, should be cut by tufts, combing them upwards and, once up in the air, cut holding the lock between the index and middle fingers (this is the cutting technique that is usually used in the rest of the hair). If you find it difficult to estimate the length of the strand, you can take some of the strand that you cut first as a guide.

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