Paper kite. Kids craft

Paper kite. Kids craft

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Role playing is not only rewarding but highly challenging for children. With just one sheet of paper, blank or the color or pattern you like the most, a fold here and another there, you can get a fun and traditional game for children.

In this case, we suggest you make a pacifier for your child, an old game for which you hardly need paper and colored pencils. In addition to being simple, it is a very economical game that can be at the hand of anyone.


  • Paper sheet
  • Colored pencils or markers
  • Scissors
  • Tip: Pacifier is an ideal game to customize. Make different versions using colored stickers or writing different phrases

1. Take a sheet of paper and fold it, taking the upper right corner to the opposite side, forming a triangle in the upper half. Cut the remaining lower rectangle, you will get a square.

2. When you open it, you will see that a diagonal fold has formed. Repeat the process on the opposite side to get the other diagonal

3. Fold each corner of the square to the center, you will get a smaller square.

4. Flip the square and repeat, bringing each corner to the center.

5. Flip it over again and insert your fingers into the holes to shape the kite.

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