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Calendar of the names of April saints

Calendar of the names of April saints

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Are you one of those who have been clear from the beginning, even before getting pregnant, what would be the name for your future baby? Or maybe you are one of those women who do not finish speaking by a specific name because they like all of them? For all of you, we have prepared a list with the names of saints of the month of April for boys and girls that are born in the fourth month of the year or on any other date. Shall we take a look at it together?

Surely if you ask your grandparents or even your parents why they baptized them with the name they have today, they will not tell you that it was fashionable at that time or that they were inspired by Greek mythology. In other times, boys and girls were named after saints of the day and, therefore, it is very common to find in towns those names that today we classify as rare, uncommon or that are in disuse.

If you are thinking of recovering this tradition, you are considering the idea of ​​selecting for your offspring the name of the saint that coincides with his date of birth and they have confirmed that you will pay off during the month of April, here are the saints that correspond to each day with its origin and meaning.

Day 1 - Hugo
We start the month of April with this name Germanic origin. It means a wise man or man of great spirit. He bore this name, as a surname, the great French writer Victor Hugo. Being a short and easy to read and write name, it has become very fashionable and is always on the list of boy names preferred by parents!

Day 2 - Abundio
It comes from Latin and represents the abundant or copious. He is well known for the famous saying 'Be dumber than ...', which has made it a bit that many parents reject. April 2 is his day, although he shares the limelight with San Francisco de Paula.

Day 3 - Ricardo
It is a name of kings, of Germanic origin and with an etymological meaning that can be interpreted as powerful and strong. His saint is, according to the Catholic Church, April 3.

Day 4 - Plato
On April 4, it points out that you should congratulate grandparents, parents and children who are called Plato. Of Greek origin, it means 'wide back'. Although little used today, it became well known by the famous philosopher, disciple of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle.

Day 5 - Vicente Ferrer
Name of the preacher of the Dominican school who was canonized in 1455 and later appointed patron of the city of Valencia. He celebrates his name day on April 5.

Day 6 - Prudencio
On the sixth day of the fourth month of the year we find a name of Latin origin. Prudencio is the masculine variant of Prudencia and its meaning, how could it be otherwise, refers to caution and prudence.

Day 7 - Hegesipo
Do you know that Hegesippus, who celebrates his saint on April 7, was a writer born in the East? To find the origin of its name we have to go to Greek lands.

Day 8 - Ágabo
He is considered as one of the New Testament prophets. April 8 is the name day of this Greek name that is linked to values ​​with nobility or wisdom.

Day 10 - Ezequiel
'God is strong' or 'God is my strength' is the meaning of this masculine name. On April 10, the martyrdom of the prophet Ezequiel is commemorated, but the church has also pointed out in the calendar of saints Saint Ezequiel Moreno and Díaz, bishop, which is celebrated on August 19.

Day 11 - Estanislao
A name of Slavic origin, it means 'in a state of glory' and is the patron of the young and the dying. He celebrates his saint on April 11.

Day 12 - Constantine
On April 12 you have two names of important saints. On the one hand, Julio I pope and, on the other, Constantine, a name from Latin that means 'the one who endures'. Constantine the Great founded the city of Constantinople.

Day 13 - Hermenegildo
Of Visigothic origin, it means 'the one who renders a total sacrifice'. As information we will tell you that this day, April 13, is also the saint of Martin I Pope.

Day 14 - Valeriano
It comes from the Latin term, 'valens' and, as you may have guessed, it is a name that is closely related to health.

Day 15 - Telmo
Of Germanic origin and of uncertain meaning, it can mean 'the one who protects' or 'the one who is calm' depending on the derivation taken.

Day 17 - Aniceto
It means invincible and, although now this Greek name is little in demand, perhaps after knowing its meaning you will consider it for your son.

Day 19 -Expedited
This name was widely used in Roman times and, especially, during wars. And it is that the infants who barely wore armor and who went out to fight were named that way. April 19 is the day of his saint.

Day 20 - Teodoro
With Greek roots, this name means 'gift of God'. This name has derived from Teo, one of the most common in children between 4 and 8 years old, and an animated story character that children love.

Day 21 - Anselmo
Name of Germanic origin whose meaning is 'helmet of God', which could be interpreted as 'protected of God'.

Day 22 - Cayo
That name has a very peculiar meaning, and it is that it is linked to the bird that bears the name of rook. His saint is celebrated on April 22 because that day a pope with this name was beatified.

Day 23 - Jorge
Male name of Greek origin, whose root means 'he who works the land'. Its holiday coincides with Book Day, as it is the anniversary of the death of Shakespeare and Cervantes.

Day 25 - Marcos
This name raises various possibilities regarding its origin and etymology. Some authors point to Latin, for the god Mars; and others assure that it could be derived from the Germanic voice that means 'man'. Mark the Evangelist, author of the Gospel of Saint Mark, was the founder and first bishop of the Church of Alexandria.

Day 26 - Pascasio
It means 'Easter' and it was a name that was given to children born in the Easter period, because, as is already known, Holy Week varies each year and can fall in March or April.

Day 28 - Vidal
Of Latin origin, it is derived from the root that means 'vital' or 'belonging to life'. They can be found written as Vidal, with d, or Vital, with t. You will have to send him a congratulatory message on April 28.

Day 29 - Cristino
This name of Greek origin means 'the chosen one'. And, although it may be strange, it has given rise to a very common feminine name today: Cristina.

Day 30 - Quirino tribuno
And we end the month of April with this name that is closely linked to Romulus, founder of Rome. Its etymology leads us to the word curia, the political and religious division of the Roman people.

Day 9 - Casilda
On April 9, we met the first saint. It is Casilda, a name of controversial origin, since it can come from the Germanic voice hatuhild, 'battle, combat', or from the Arabic kassilda, 'to sing'.

Day 16 - Engracia
'The one who is in the grace of the Lord' is the translation that we can make of this feminine name of Latin origin that celebrates her name day on April 16. Engracia has, for example in Madrid (Spain), a street that bears her name.

Day 18 - Anastasia
Its masculine version, Anastasia, was prior to this feminine name but, instead, it is the one that has remained. One of the reasons is the story of Anastasia, daughter of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II, around which a mysterious story revolves that has led to a Disney movie.

Day 24 - Salomé
Biblical name (wife of Zebedeo and mother of the apostles Santiago and Juan) to which several meanings are attributed: peace, wisdom and love. He was resurrected thanks to the song of the same name by Chayanne.

Day 27 - Montserrat
It has its origin in the Catalan language and means 'sawn mountain'. The Virgin of Montserrat, which is celebrated on April 27, is also known as 'la moreneta' and is the patron saint of Catalonia (Spain).

One of the most important dates that this month of April brings us is the celebration of Book Day, a perfect occasion to talk to children about the importance and benefits of reading regularly and, also, to discover great authors of universal literature such as William Shakespeare or Miguel de Cervantes. This date was chosen by UNESCO in 1926.

As a tradition in many parts of the world, on this day children and adults are given a book, activities such as storytelling are carried out for the smallest of the house or proposals related to reading are prepared, such as children inventing a story.

'A child who reads is an adult who thinks'. This phrase undoubtedly sums up the importance of children reading and the imperative also for parents to transmit to our children the love of books. Do you add?

During the fourth month of the year, there are many celebrities of all times who have a reason to party: they celebrate their birthday. Do you want to know some of the most outstanding ones? Check out this list that we have prepared for you!

  • April 3, singer Miguel Bosé, singer Leona Lewis and actor Marlon Brando
  • April 5, actress Bette Davis
  • April 7, actor Jackie Chan
  • April 8, Nobel Peace Prize Kofi Annan
  • April 15, the inventor, philosopher, scientist, poet Leonardo Da Vinci
  • April 16, the legendary performer and camera genius Charlie Chaplin
  • April 19, the Mexican producer and singer Luis Miguel
  • April 21, Queen Elizabeth II of England
  • April 23, writer William Shakespeare

When children reach primary school, it is very likely that they will study proverbs, those popular sayings that have been transmitted from generation to generation orally. Most of them have a teaching and usually have a rhyme, something that facilitates their understanding and memorization by children.

There are sayings of all kinds: about animals, about life, about learning, and also about the months of the year. Do you want to know what are the most widespread popular sayings about the month of April? We have prepared a selection for you and we will tell you that they all have to do with time.

- 'In April it rains a lot'.

- 'In April, little rain and thousand clouds'.

- 'April can bring dew, and other times icy and cold'.

- 'In April, you cut a thistle and it will grow a thousand'.

- 'The rains in April and May are the best of the year'.

- 'Windy March and rainy April makes May flowery and beautiful'.

- 'If it thunders in April, prepare the cape and go to sleep'.

- 'April thundered, good summer is coming'.

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