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Plans to do with children at home at Easter according to their age

Plans to do with children at home at Easter according to their age

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Children await the Easter holidays with the same enthusiasm as Christmas. A parenthesis of 10 days without school that offers us the opportunity to spend a few days with the family and to reconnect with our children and with the child that we all carry inside. What to do with the children? We have prepared a lot of Homemade activities to do with children on the days of Easter.

Without leaving home you can also make interesting plans with children. What do you not believe? Surely you have much more resources at home than you thought. Everything is a matter of stopping to think, organize and, above all, really want to have fun.

Activities can be done thousands, but you have to take into account the age of the smallest of the house. And it is not the same to play with a two-year-old than to play with an eight-year-old, right? In addition, if we give a child an activity that is not in accordance with his maturational development, it may happen that he becomes bored because he does not understand it or because it seems too childish.

Also important know the time that we adults have. Parents may not be able to take a vacation from work for so many days or they have to be telecommuting at home. Hence, we leave home activities that require more elaboration for when we are there.

Finally, it is very important to know the tastes of our offspring. If our son loves dinosaurs, let's adapt the activities to his preferences; On the contrary, if the crafts are not at all good, let's try to change them for making recipes.

For all this, we are going to propose a series of activities that we can do with children, taking their age as the main criterion. They are indicative proposals, which can always be modified and / or adapted and that seek that fun is our great companion on these days of vacation. Are you ready?

Perhaps it will be your first Easter holidays with your little one and this will make you live them with special enthusiasm. Whether they are the first or the second, you want them to be unforgettable, that's why we have prepared a series of very cool activities.

- Tickle session. It may sound crazy to you, but why not organize a laughter therapy session with your baby. You can intersperse the tickling with the games of 'cuckoo-tras'. You will enjoy the two or all three a lot.

- Game with a cloth ball. This proposal is perfect for when your baby begins to lift his head (six months), begins to crawl (between 6-12 months) or takes his first steps (12-18 months) because it will be like doing a gym class . You throw the ball to him and he has to go for it or, if he is very young, invite him to take the ball in his hand and move it so that he slides his eyes from side to side.

- Creative drawings. For children between 2 and 3 years old, any artistic activity can become a challenge. Do simple things like drawing with finger paints or placing your hand or foot on a sheet of paper and painting your silhouette. It can be a nice keepsake to show her when she grows up!

For those children who are already beginning to discover the world and are anxious to learn more, we have prepared the following selection of activities.

- A good idea to entertain children at home are the Crafts: origami, balloon twisting, plasticine figures ... These are some ideas to spend hours and hours of fun while enhancing your imagination and creativity.

- The costumes and the theater. Children love to dress up, imitate their favorite characters, and make up stories. Both the rehearsals to stage a play and to choreograph their favorite music and dances will be a real challenge for them and the whole family will enjoy the performance. There are many things to do at Easter with children. Whether you stay at home or go on a trip, the possibilities are very wide, so much so that they will not let you waste time.

- As children's imaginations have no limits, we suggest that you leave them a cardboard boxes and see what they do with them. Where you see 'a simple cardboard box', they will see an airplane, a castle, a car ...

- And do not forget to do on these dates of paint an easter bunny or decorate easter eggs (This activity is also valid for children of any age). It is a tradition that is taking root every time.

If the weather is not good or you simply do not feel like leaving the house, we also have a lot of educational and fun ideas for children between 8 and 10 years old. Write them down!

- The game of challenges. Have you never heard of him? It is about choosing a theme, for example, musical themes, and writing a list with questions. Your favorite song, the song you hate the most, the songs you sing in class, your mom's favorite song ...

- For those who carry an Indiana Jones within themselves, the proposal of organizing an escape room will attract them from the first moment. Organize the treasure hunt plan, hide clues around the houses and ... set a time timer.

- The following plan is very emotional for everyone: it is time to take a trip back in time watching family photos of when children, but also the parents, they were small. By the way you can explain to your children what your childhood was like, what was fashionable at that time ... They will be surprised!

- Children's drawings say many things about their personality: if they are sad, happy, if they are worried about something ... But they can also tell you about thoughts they have about others. What if you ask him to draw each of the family members separately? So you will have an idea of ​​how he sees you.

Even though our children are all pre-teens by now and we think they just want to be in their room talking to their friends, we are wrong! They also like to spend time with the family, even if they don't say it because they are embarrassed.

- If you have any type of video game, You can hold family and friends championships online, and enjoy a fun and different afternoon with the children.

- On the other hand, board games are a good option when it comes to enjoying and having fun with the family: cards, chess, checkers, ludo or more complex ones like Scrabble, Trivial, Pictionary, Taboo, Monopoly ... You can choose one every day and that's how you play them all!

- One of the most precious things that vacations give us is being able to have a few moments to ourselves, something that will make us take care of ourselves a little more. What if we set up our own spa at home? It can include a session of manicure, pedicure, massage, hairstyle ... Whatever you all like the most!

- Create a collage for the room. Take the magazines and newspapers that you have at home and tell your child to cut out anything that catches his eye. Then it is the turn to stick it on a cardboard. Is it cool? Find a hole in the wall of his room because you can frame it.

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