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33 poetic boy and girl names that mean hope

33 poetic boy and girl names that mean hope

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For many families, the arrival of a baby into their lives is a symbol of hope, because a new being arrives who will be part of the future of humanity, because his tenderness and innocence reminds us of the joy of living. Therefore, if you are looking for a name for your baby, you may want a name whose meaning indicates illusion, here you go 33 poetic boy and girl names that mean hope.

Having a baby is one of the greatest illusions that a couple can experience, it is an illusion that cannot be compared to any other experience! Hence, many parents look for a name with great meaning. Are you looking for one for your male child that is related to the word hope? Take note!

1. Camaxtli
God of hunting, fire, war and hope, according to Tlaxcala mythology. Camaxtli is a name used in Mexico, for its powerful meaning and because it is also considered one of the four creator gods of the Earth.

2. Dylan
This Irish name means 'ray of hope'. One of its most original variants is Dillon. You like?

3. Von
This mid-century English origin name means hope. It is a simple one-syllable name, but with a lot of personality.

4. Awat
It is a name of Kurdish origin, whose meaning is hope. We find it cute and very original. How about your son?

5. Kibou
This pretty Japanese name means hope. We love it, and you?

6. Tumaini
An unusual name, of Egyptian origin, that speaks of hope.

7. Amanaki
It originates from Polynesia and its literal meaning is hope.

8. Amil
This Arabic name means hope and it's a unisex name that sounds great right?

9. Hiwa
In Kurdish, Hiwa's name means hope.

10. Yuuki
One of our favorite Japanese names. It means 'tender hope' and 'precious help' and can be used for both boys and girls.

11. Umut
This beautiful name, whose variant is Umit, has Turkish origin and its meaning is hope.

12. Tsholofelo
For lovers of different names, what do you think of this African name of Tswana origin? Of course, it translates to hope.

13. Omid
A Persian name, which is also unisex, and represents the hope of life.

14. Deene
Beautiful French name that symbolizes hope, whose sound is easy to pronounce and very catchy.

15. Matthan
This Israeli name derived from Mateo or Matthew. It has an essential meaning: hope.

16. Jahleel
This Hebrew name symbolizes 'hope in God', making it a powerful name full of faith and hope.

Now it is the turn of the parents who are expecting a girl. What name do you want for your baby? Inside of selection of names for girls that link with hope you will find short names and of different origins.

17. Nadia
One of the most popular is this diminutive of the Russian name Nadezhna, which means hope. Isn't it precious to your baby?

18. Eiddwen
A beautiful name of English origin whose meaning is 'hope and desire'. Perfect for those babies so desired that they will finally reach the family.

19. Joali
Its meaning is 'light of hope', it is of Germanic origin and it seems to us a precious name.

20. Ashia
'Life and hope' is the meaning of this beautiful Arabic name that was very popular in the 80s and 90s and is back to stay among the favorites.

21. Kazuki
Another of our favorite Japanese names, which means 'harmony and hope'.

22. Faith
The word in English literally means 'faith', but the name has derivations from Latin, so its meaning as a proper name is 'faith and hope'.

23. Nadine
The French derivative of Nadia seems to us even more beautiful than the first and, of course, it means hope.

24. Natsuki
It is the Japanese variation of Nadia, and it is really a harmonious and very cute name.

25. Wilona
Of Anglo-Saxon origin, it means hope. It is a complex name, strong and with a lot of personality. Surely perfect for your baby, don't you think?

26. Cream
Nata's name in Poland symbolizes hope.

27. Nozomi
Another nice Japanese name whose meaning is hope.

28. Suyai
This original name of Mapuche origin symbolizes hope. We love it, and you?

29. Amaani
This delicate Arabic name also means hope. Without a doubt, it is a very beautiful name for your baby.

30. Taraji
A name that has begun to sound thanks to the actress Taraji P. Henson. Swahili in origin means 'hope'.

31. Hope
Of course, the literal name in Spanish could not be missing. Esperanza is a beautiful name, right?

32. Hope
Its meaning in English is literally hope, but it is also used as a woman's own name. Maybe you like it for your daughter, what do you think?

33. Suyana
This original name of Quechua origin means hope. It is a different name that denotes a lot of personality. You like?

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