Recycling crafts for kids with egg boxes

Recycling crafts for kids with egg boxes

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Recycling is one of the most important values ​​that we can teach our children. Caring for the planet is everyone's responsibility, but above all so that they, in the future, can continue to contribute to this work. The egg boxes They are an ideal material to make recycling crafts, while helping to take care of the environment. Surely at home you have many to start having fun with your children!

These recycled craft ideas will help you when decorating the children's room. You can not only make decorations with recycled materials, but also magazine racks, boxes and jewelry boxes that serve to teach your children to keep their room tidy.

Use these egg crate recycling crafts to make accessories for homemade costumes or celebrations. Ecological toys are a very interesting option to teach recycling to children: decorations for their room, princess castles or cars can be made with simple and recycled materials.

And it is that perhaps, until now, you had not considered that there are certain materials to which you could give a second life (the next time you go to the supermarket you will see everything with different eyes, I assure you!) Or that your children can find fun in small objects that they can make with their own hands. They won't have sounds or lights, but they will be even more entertaining than remote-controlled cars.

With recycling we can make a multitude of inexpensive and very beautiful objects that we can use every day while we teach children the importance of learning to recycle. Take note of these clever ideas!

Turtle with egg cups. Recycling toys for children. Turtle craft made from egg cartons on site. Turtle made with egg cups, children's craft with recycled materials. We teach you how to make homemade animal toys at home and with children.

Cardboard turtle. A craft for children made with a recycling material. A turtle made from an egg carton. A very cute and cheerful turtle to decorate the children's room or store small objects. In addition, it is a very inexpensive craft.

Fish with egg cups. Recycling crafts are a good alternative to teach children to take advantage of and value the materials that we have at home and that we normally throw them away. We suggest you make this puffer fish with egg boxes or egg cups. our site invites you to do this craft with children.

Fire truck. One of many children's favorite toys is fire trucks. From Guiainfantil we have been thinking about how to create our own fire truck for children to play with homemade toys. We teach you how to do it using egg boxes or egg cups.

Hen with egg cups. Learn how to make a chicken from egg cartons on site. Chicken with egg cups craft for children. Children's crafts with recycled materials. Recycling hen, easy craft.

Pirate Ship. Craft of a cardboard boat to do with the children. Toy crafts made with recycled material. our site proposes easy children's crafts to do at home with your children.

Spider with egg cups. Happy Halloween 2015. Halloween spider. Children's recycling crafts. Halloween spider step by step craft. Halloween children's crafts.

Cardboard worm. On our site we teach you how to make a cardboard caterpillar. Craft to recycle and do with children. Craft of a worm to do with your children. Craft to recycle cardboard.

Bee with boxes of eggs. On our site we teach you how to make a bee with egg cups to play with children. Recycling crafts, teach children to take advantage of egg cartons. Turtle craft with recycled materials.

As with egg cups, there are other materials that we can reuse and take advantage of to let the imagination and creativity of children soar. And it is that with such simple things with a shoe box, cardboard, a roll of toilet or kitchen paper, great works of art can be made. You only need scissors, glue, paper and a lot of desire to have fun. Ready?

- Toilet paper
What would you think if I told you that a simple roll of toilet paper can transform into a rocket, a bee or a butterfly? What do you want to do today? For the butterfly and the bee you need the colors, the wings and the antennae and, of course, paint some eyes and a mouth on it. In the case of the rocket, in addition to lining it in the colors that you like the most, you will have to think about putting something orange on the tail to make it look like it is running and the front part that fits in the shape of a triangle.

- Cardboard boxes
I don't know your children but mine is to see a cardboard box and they go crazy. If it is made of shoes, they soon transform it into a crib for their babies or into a ball pit (they throw paper balls to simulate balls). When it comes to a bigger box, they sneak into it to imagine they are driving a car or piloting a plane. You can also do this if you have a cardboard box on hand, you just need to decorate it!

- Plastic bottles
We have to educate children to reduce the consumption of plastics little by little because they harm the planet. It is something that may take time to do, so we suggest that while you get down to work, use those leftover plastic bottles to make an hourglass, bowling pins or a musical instrument.

- Folios
How many times have you printed a document and then thrown it into the paper bin? Next time you're going to do this, think about it! And the thing is that with the 'dirty' sheets you can start making the most varied figures: from a paper bow tie to a frog. Discover all the advantages of origami.

Since We encourage you to take advantage of all these resources to make crafts with your children because this activity will provide your little ones at home with a lot of benefits for their development:

- Improves attention and concentration, because the child has to be very aware of what he is doing and not be distracted; otherwise your work will have been for nothing.

- Develop imagination and creativity. And it is that you have to create in your head that from a roll of toilet paper, for example, an airplane leaves, because it leaves!

- Works fine motor skills. Children have to be precise in their movements and have very good coordination so that everything fits perfectly.

- Encourages team work. Some of these craft proposals may be done individually, but for others they will need the help of their colleagues or yours.

- Promotes social relationships. It will be a new form of fun for them and will make you exchange opinions and experiences on what to do or not do.

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