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Yoga for kids

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Do you find it difficult for your son or daughter to be able to stay still, quiet and focused in one of the yoga positions? Sure, many parents will find it almost impossible, but the truth is that the yoga practice It will show you that anything is possible, and that this oriental discipline has a lot of benefits and can get a lot of good things out of children. Everything will depend on the motivation, patience, persistence and joint work between the parents.

Unfortunately, today's children suffer, like older adults, anxiety and stress. Exams, homework, after-school, schedules, pace of life ... They also need to stop from time to time and disconnect from everything to recharge, they also need to practice yoga.

And, although for many parents it can be quite an odyssey, the truth is that children have more facility to develop many of the positions of this discipline than adults. For them, the practice of yoga is a game in which you have to stretch your body and breathe.

Through yoga, children will exercise their breathing and they will learn to relax to cope with stress, conflict situations and lack of concentration, problems so evident in today's society.

Yoga will also help you on your long way to the physical and psychic domain. And it is that there are several benefits that the little ones in the house get on a physical and mental level with the practice of yoga:

  1. Development and dexterity of motor muscles
  2. Joint flexibility
  3. Improvement of postural habits of the spine
  4. Internal organ massage
  5. Improvement in breathing habits
  6. Stimulation of blood circulation
  7. Improved self-esteem
  8. Low in stress level childish
  9. Perfecting the senses
  10. Agility and integrity
  11. Calm and relaxation
  12. Stretching
  13. Better development of attention, concentration, memory and imagination
  14. Harmonization of personality and character
  15. Timely channeling of physical energy
  16. Better understanding and interaction with others

Yoga classes associate body and mind work. When it comes to children, motivation is a very important factor. For this reason, it is convenient that in a yoga class (if it is done in an academy) there are no more than 15 children gathered. If your goal is to set up your own yoga class at home, it is important that you take note of the following tips:

- Children should feel comfortable and relaxed.

- Must wear rloose, light, comfortable opas and that allow them to make any movement comfortably.

- Classes must take place in a clean, calm, ventilated and quiet environment. Don't forget to disconnect cell phones and other electronic devices!

- They can use mats or mats appropriate and children can be barefoot or wearing socks.

- Yoga can be practiced at any time of the day, but the best time to practice it is in the morning or when they arrive from school or you have already finished work.

- Regarding the frequency, two sessions a week will suffice so that they get used to it.

- It is also recommended that avoid ingestion of solid food two hours before your practice. If they are hungry, eat something light and smooth, for example, a fruit.

- Yoga is a lot of patience. It is not about everything coming out the first time or being the best. There is no room for competitiveness here.

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Breathing is an integral part of yoga. Inhaling and exhaling through the nose is essential so that the child can stretch and obtain the necessary balance to begin practicing the yoga postures. Once the group controls their breathing, the teacher or parent will start with the poses.

The objective of the postures is, from the external organs, calm the internal organs. With children, the positions have to be practiced little by little. Ideally, at first, they should learn to breathe, relax, then concentrate. For children, as said facts, yoga should be practiced as it would be a game. And they may surprise you. Ask them to do the tree pose? They will almost completely transform into a tree.

You should not require them to repeat a pose over and over again because that can become very boring for them. You have to go varying postures and movements slowly and at a pace that the little ones do not lose concentration. As we have already said, encouragement and motivation are crucial in this regard; respect, moderation, and a positive and cheerful attitude, too.

1. Indian posture
It is the best way to get started in the practice of yoga. Sitting on the floor, with your legs crossed and hunched over, stretch your back, close your eyes and place your hands together and in the center of your chest. Take several breaths from here.

2. Puppet pose
The goal is to relax and release tension. After breathing, it is one of the most recommended for beginners. Stand up and, little by little, drop your body forward. Do not resist. If you need to, bend your knees. The point is to free your body.

3. Warrior pose
Now only the name draws the attention of the little ones. Put your relaxed body in front, then turn your right leg to this side and then turn your head as well and stretch your arms to the right side. Stay in this pose for 40 seconds.

4. Dog pose
It is one of the most common and simplest to do with children. With your hands and feet flat on the ground, lift yourself up to make the shape of a triangle. You should stay like this for half a minute. The ideal is to do it from a horizontal position and go, little by little, down until your hands are on the ground.

5. Cat pose
And finally, another very fun one for children. Rest your knees and hands on the floor. As you breathe, you should make a curve with your back, taking it out and in, as if you were a kitten.

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