34 homemade activities to entertain children on days without school

34 homemade activities to entertain children on days without school

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'Momma, I'm bored!' How many times a week do you usually hear these words from your child's mouth? And yes, although we agree with you that it does not hurt that children get bored from time to time (there is no better wick for the imagination than boredom), when your little one repeats it over and over again, on the days when that does not have classes, it can be exasperating. Therefore, in we propose many home games and activities that will be very useful for entertain the children on non-school days. Also, they will love them!

Crafts are always a PERFECT tool for days without school. And it is that they are very, very entertaining and children stay focused for a long time. It may be time to collect it all later, but what if we make cleaning and putting it all back part of the game? Here we propose some beautiful and simple crafts to do with materials that you have at home or that are easy to get.

1. Origami for children of all ages
Have you ever made an Origami figure? It is very entertaining! Depending on the difficulty of the piece, your kids may need a little help. The key, however, is to be very patient and calmly follow step by step. To begin with, you can make the figure of the ship, one of the simplest, and little by little you can dare with a more complicated one, such as the snake.

2. The bottle of calm
With a little water, a jar and glitter you can make a bottle of calm. Besides being a beautiful craft, and it will look great as a decorative element in the children's room, it is a fabulous tool for children to manage a nervous moment.

3. Crafts with toilet paper rolls
Rolls left over after you've used up all the toilet paper can have a fun and useful second life. And this is a very common material when making crafts: ladybugs, rockets, planes, binoculars, pencil holders ...

4. Homemade spinning top that goes round and round and round
A very simple and very entertaining craft? Your child will have a great time spinning this top without stopping. To avoid cuts, we recommend that you put tape along the entire edge.

Children's stories are always one of the star activities when children are at home. In addition to providing a great time with the family, they help your children understand their emotions, expand their vocabulary, improve oral and written expression, promote the reading habit ... Here are some of the best stories for children. They will love them!

5. Uga the turtle
Do you know the tale of Uga? This friendly turtle was a bit slow. He was moving so slowly that he decided it wasn't worth doing his chores, as others would do them much faster. However, your friends will help you realize the satisfaction you feel from a job well done.

6. Carola's nightmare
One day, Carola got very angry with her parents and decided she wanted to leave home. To his surprise, his parents agreed ... How sad! Luckily it was all a nightmare ...

7. The lazy bird
Once upon a time there was a little lazy bird who always left everything to the last minute. So lazy was he that he did not have everything he needed ready for the migration of his flock in time ... and they all left without him! Do you want to know what happened?

8. The Pinchón Hedgehog
Pinchón was a very kind and affectionate hedgehog, but one day he woke up angry and with very sharp quills. What happened to him? What was he feeling? This is an ideal story for children to understand what anger means.

9. Carlitos is going to live in the virtual world
The protagonist of this story spent too much time with the mobile; So much so that one day it was even hard for him to distinguish between the real world and the virtual world. Read this story with your child and find out what happened to him.

Board games bring many benefits to children: work concentration, learn to make strategies, start their head ... And days without school are the perfect excuse to play board games as a family.

10. Puzzles of different levels
Puzzles are one of the classics among board games. You can buy them already made or you can make them yourself. It is as simple as taking a sheet of a magazine or printing a photo of yours and cutting it into different pieces with scissors. Now we just have to place them in the correct order.

11. Chess or checkers
If what you want is for children to put their brains to work, board games such as checkers or chess are perfect.

12. Card games
There are many possibilities that the cards offer us to have a great time with the family: the cinquillo, the broom, the donkey, 7:30 ... What is your favorite card game?

On days without school we can also take the opportunity to propose activities to children that, in addition to being fun, are very educational. Here are some examples.

13. Do dictations with children
Dictations are one of the most complete exercises that we can do to children. In case you are not very inspired and you are looking for useful texts to help your children check the spelling rules, from our site we propose texts that you can use to dictate.

14. Organize a play at home
Do your children like the theater? It is a very very fun activity that also helps them overcome shyness and allows them to work on their memory (by having to learn the role they have to play). Have you read any of our scripts?

15. Read about the most famous people
Who was Leonardo Da Vinci? And Marie Curie? And Cleopatra? The biographies, turned into stories, will amuse and teach a lot to the little ones in the house.

16. A model of the Solar System
In addition to being a great project for science class, this model of the Solar System will help children learn the names of all the planets and the order in which they are in space. Each planet is made of painted Styrofoam balls.

17. Learn about the respiratory system
Is your child studying the human body at school? Make your own model of the nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea, lungs ...! Never before has it been so easy to learn the respiratory system.

18. World map to know geography
And within these homemade activities that are very educational, we could not stop showing you how to make a fun world map with which children can learn the names of continents, seas, countries ...

Science should also have its place on days without school. That is why below we propose some ideas that are very surprising!

19. A mind-blowing lava lamp
With oil, water and an effervescent tablet you can make a lava lamp as impressive as the one in the image. If you use a flashlight to see it, it will be even more fabulous!

20. The liquid rainbow
Did you know that rainbows can also be liquid? At least with this beautiful experiment!

21. Get colored snow
If you have small children at home, surely you have a diaper. Great! Because that's just what you need to get colored snow (even in summer).

22. How to make an atmospheric thermometer
Would you like to make your own atmospheric thermometer? Although it seems like a craft with inaccessible materials and a very complicated procedure to complete ... nothing is further from the truth! The step by step is very easy to follow and the result is extraordinary. Do you dare?

Among the most fun home activities we can propose to the children some tongue twisters, riddles and riddles with which they will enjoy and start thinking. Here are some ideas!

23. Tongue twisters for children
'The hippo's son is hiccupping. Who takes away the hiccups from the hippo's son? ' Try to say these phrases as fast as you can. Do you like tongue twisters?

24. Tricky riddles that will make you reason
'Ana's father has 4 children: Pepe, Popi, Pipu and ... what is the name of the fourth?' You will have a great time with these tricky puzzles. Who will be able to find the most correct answers?

25. Jokes for the whole family
'- Do you know that my brother has been cycling since he was 4 years old? - Mmm ... it must be far! ' If your child has laughed at this joke, do not miss all the jokes we have collected.

26. Games with paper and pencil
With just a paper and a pencil you can play dozens of games: hangman, naval battle, 3 or 4 in a row ... Great for the whole family!

Here are some activities that will help you work on both fine motor and motor psychomotrocity in your child. They are perfect games for children to be quietly entertained or get tired so that they sleep well at night.

27. Games with living materials around the house
Tear paper and make balls with it, make a bracelet by braiding wool, design beautiful pasta necklaces ... All these activities are ideal for children to concentrate and practice their eye-hand coordination.

28. Play dough
Plasticine is a must on days without school. Prepare the table with a good tablecloth, give your child a piece of different colored plasticine ... and let the imagination fly! You can build a universe based on putty.

29. A gymkhana
Using cushions, chairs, sofas, boxes ... Anything is a good object to take a path full of obstacles for your children to move. Because staying home is not synonymous with sedentary lifestyle.

30. Magic tricks, amazing!
Have you ever done magic tricks at home? Your child will be very excited to become a little wizard for one day. And the tricks do not have to be very complicated to be surprising.

31. Costume contest
Any day is a good day to organize a costume contest ... Set the rule that everyone has to invent their own costume and fun is guaranteed.

And finally, we couldn't stop suggesting you some songs that could become the best soundtrack of the days without school. Here are some examples!

32. Educational songs
To learn numbers, letters, colors ... Songs also accompany your children in their learning!

33. Clapping songs
The songs that accompany clapping games have passed from generation to generation. Which is your favorite? Does it coincide with that of your children?

34. Lullabies for naps
On days without school, you have to take the opportunity to take a nap (both parents and children). Therefore, we cannot find a better way to end this article with a proposal of activities for children on days without class than with a compilation of lullabies. Good nap everyone!

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