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The real Easter bunny. Short story for children

The real Easter bunny. Short story for children

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Tell this beautiful story to the children and discover with them which of the rabbits is the real Easter Bunny. Through stories, children can learn values ​​as important as those transmitted by Easter. Read this story to your children to celebrate Easter as a family. You'll tell us what you think of the story!

Once upon a time there was a family of rabbits, the father, the mother and the 3 children, who lived in a small burrow in the middle of the forest.

Easter was approaching and no one knew who the Easter bunny would be bringing the chocolate eggs to the children. So Mommy and Daddy Rabbits got down to business.

The mother took a basket and put 3 eggs in it, one very large, one medium and one small. He called his 3 children and said:

- In that basket we have 3 Easter eggs. Each one of you take an egg and take it to the garden of the house where children live.

The rabbits were very happy. They lined up, from oldest to youngest, and began to follow the mother's instructions.

The eldest of the sons took the largest egg, and ran through the forest. He crossed the river, the meadow, but he was going so fast that he ended up tripping on a stone and fell to the ground. The egg he was holding broke and he was unable to bring it to the children.


The second rabbit chose the medium egg, the most striking red. He crossed the river, then the meadow, and as he hurried to the children's house, he tried to jump over the fence, jumped too big and fell. And with him, the egg broke.


The third rabbit, the youngest in the family, had no choice. She took the only egg left in the basket, the smallest. Enjoying the collected and unhurried, the little rabbit crossed the river, then the meadow and finally reached the garden of the children's house. The door was closed. So he put the egg in the basket that the children had put at the entrance of the house.


moral of the story: By wanting to find quick solutions we create more problems. Think well before you act. Do it with joy and enthusiasm!

Check if your child has understood the message of this beautiful story of the Easter Bunny, with these simple activities.

1. Reading comprehension questions

Correctly answer each of the following questions

- How many children did the rabbit family have?

- What did the rabbit parents want to know?

- How many Easter eggs were in the basket?

- Which egg did the older rabbit choose?

- Which egg did the medium rabbit choose?

- Which of the 3 rabbits was the real Easter bunny and why?

2. Order the paragraphs

You show your skills in this exercise that consists of putting a little order to the story. - He tried to jump over the fence, he jumped too big and fell.

- The little rabbit crossed the river, then the meadow and finally reached the garden of the children's house.

- Daddy and mommy rabbits got to work.

- They lined up, from oldest to youngest, and began to follow the mother's instructions.

3. Form word groups

Those who are older can do this exercise on their own. Within the text there are nouns, adjectives, verbs ... Taking into account these three categories, the children must find five words from each of these groups. Shall we start?

4. True or false

Finally, an exercise that is always a lot of fun for kids. Are we lying or telling the truth? It's up to you!

- The rabbit family consists of a father, an aunt and four children.

- In the basket there were 3 eggs to distribute.

- The second rabbit was the only one who managed to carry the Easter eggs without dropping them.

- The third rabbit did not go to the children's house. He stayed in the field eating the egg.

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These days when children do not have class and the elderly have a day off to rest and enjoy leisure, why not think of an activity that the whole family can do together? Here is a selection ... It will be difficult for you to choose between so many plans!

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