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Day of the Incarnation, March 25. Names for girls

Day of the Incarnation, March 25. Names for girls

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Incarnation It is a name for a girl of Latin origin that means 'inside the meat'. It is a name that represents one of the invocations of the Virgin Mary, so it has a great religious tradition. It can be the perfect name for your daughter if you like the same old names, but not out of date. He celebrates his name day on March 25, which is the day of the Incarnation.

Due to the meaning of her name, Encarnación has a gentle and friendly character, which makes her essential for social relationships. Encarnación has a charismatic personality full of charm and mystery and knows how to win the affection of others based on tenderness and complicity. In addition, Encarnación is a committed and very effective worker.

- A popular name in Spanish-speaking countries
He name Encarnacion It is not one of the most frequent and its use is mainly restricted to Spanish-speaking countries. Encarna and Encarni are the most popular forms that your daughter's name takes. In any case, it is a name evocative of love and friendship, which will make your girl a nice and much loved person.

- Encarnacion, a very famous name
We know several famous women who have borne and bear the name of your daughter. The famous radio host Encarna Sánchez accompanied the listeners for many years advising them on the most diverse issues. And today we find the singer Encarna Salazar, who was a member of the duo Azúcar Moreno, who is unforgettable for us for her catchy songs.

- Patron and consecrated
If we take a tour of different points of the Spanish geography and / or Latin America we find cities that have chosen Encarnación as their patron or to baptize towns or churches. For example, the Cathedral of Malaga (Andalusia-Spain) is dedicated to Our Lady of the Incarnation and is the patron of the parish of Cercado de Lima (Peru), the municipality of Adeje (Tenerife-Spain) and the municipality Carrión de Calatrava ( Ciudad Real-Spain).

He day of the incarnation it is very important for religious families. This day was the date chosen for the archangel Gabriel to communicate to the Virgin Mary his state of grace and that she would give birth, through the Holy Spirit, to the son of God. She, surprised, could not help but respond with the following words: 'Behold the slave of the Lord, let it be done to me according to your word.

And it was just at that moment when the incarnation took place, that is, the word of God becomes flesh. From this March 25 there are just nine months for the birth of the baby Jesus and the celebration of Christmas.

The number 7 is, according to numerology, the one that will mark the destiny of the girls called Encarnación. It is obtained through the sum of the digits that each letter of this name has and this number reveals characteristics about the personality of the little ones.

- Positive traits
Dreamers, intelligent and charismatic. Such are the boys and girls ruled by the number 7. They are people with a special charm, good negotiators and, in turn, excellent strategists. All this, together with their great capacity for effort and work, will make them rise to high positions in large companies.

- Negative traits
Their head never stops working, and they spend all day imagining doing and achieving a lot of goals. They will have a tremendous facility to let go and not to keep their feet on the ground, which can lead them to make more than one mistake. On the other hand, we are dealing with people with self-esteem problems.

He name of Incarnation It is strongly imposed on other options that you and your partner had considered, but still you would like to weigh other options. We have made a compilation with other names of girls that represent an invocation of the Virgin Mary so that you have possibilities to choose.

  • Assumption. It means 'attract' or 'assume' and refers to the moment in which the body and soul of the Virgin Mary were taken to heaven.
  • Carmen. It comes from the Hebrew word, Karmel, although other theories point to a more Latin origin.
  • Lourdes. This name for girls is closely related to the French town of the same name, since the Virgin appeared there and is a pilgrimage site for Christians.
  • Pains This name may be a bit old, but its more shortened and colloquial form, Lola, is very fashionable lately.
  • dove. It means 'wild sparrow' and is used all over the world as a symbol of peace. Beautiful to baptize your little one!

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