8 flowery short lectures on spring for elementary school kids

8 flowery short lectures on spring for elementary school kids

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If you are looking for ideas for short dictations to do at home with your children or with your elementary school students and to reinforce writing and grammar rules, we have to tell you that you have come to the right place! In GuíaInfantil.com We have prepared a list with a few thematic dictations about spring to which the children will not be able to say no, even less if you propose that they illustrate the exercise with a nice drawing on the back. We started!

Dictations are highly recommended basic exercises for boys and girls know the correct use of grammar rules and improve memory and concentration as well as spelling. Of course, it is not worth using the first text we find. To get students to do these exercises with motivation and interest, they need to prepare material of their age that is to their liking. In addition, and as detailed in the article 'Dictation as a communicative task' by Daniel Cassany for the humanities journal Tábula Rasa (Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, Bogotá), dictation can be a very useful exercise for students to learn more and better the mother tongue or the foreign one (if we do it in another language, such as English).

On this occasion, we propose a series of short thematic dictations that they talk about spring, the sun, the flowers and the good weather to come. The former are poems by famous authors, ideal for children to also discover something of their work, and the latter are our harvest.

We have prepared them according to the grammar rules that are seen in all primary cycles In addition to putting large doses of imagination. We hope you like them!

You can dictate the poems as they are here or you can just take a couple of paragraphs and leave the others for the next day. Remember that once they finish the exercise you will have to correct it with them in front of them and clarify all their doubts.

1. Fragment of 'Doña Primavera' by Gabriela Mistral

you saw that it is beautiful,

in white, just like

lemon tree in bloom.

Wear for sandals

a wide leaves

and by caravans

some red fuchsias.

Go out to find her

down those roads!

She goes crazy with suns

and crazy with trills!

of fruitful breath,

laughs at all

the sorrows of the world ...

Do not believe whoever speaks

of mean lives.

How will you understand them

among the jasmine?

How will you understand them

next to the sources

of golden mirrors

and burning songs?

2. 'The spring kissed', by Antonio Machado

The spring kissing

and the new green sprouted

like a green smoke.

The clouds were passing

over the youth field ...

I saw in the leaves trembling

the cool April rains.

Under that flowering almond tree,

all loaded with flower

I remembered, I have cursed

my youth without love.

Today in the middle of life,

I have stopped to meditate ...

Youth never lived,

who would dream of you again!

3. 'Spring ', by Juan Ramón Jiménez

April, without your clear assistance, out

but even if April does not open her flowers to you,

you will always exalt spring.

You are the true spring;

rose of the inner roads,

breeze from the secret corridors,

fire of the hidden hillside.

What peace, when in the mysterious afternoon,

embraced the two, be your laugh

the supplier from our single source!

My heart will pick up your rose

your breeze will blow over my eyes,

your light will fall asleep on my forehead ...

Let's now look at a series of short dictations that are an ode to spring and sunny afternoons. The spelling rules that you will see in them are designed for your students to reinforce what they saw in class. You can dictate them as is or you can use a fun game like balloon dictations or wall dictations. Here we go!

4. The day dawned sunny. I really wanted to go out and play in the forest but none of my friends were going to be there, they had all gone on vacation to the city. I shook off the laziness, grabbed my cap, and headed out the cabin door. It didn't take long for me to run into Leon who was going to take a hike down the path. He told me if I wanted to go with him because he had met later with Tigre and Pato to observe the clouds. I didn't think about it for a second, I love playing with animals!

5. Recipe for a super special spring afternoon


- Want to have fun.

- A ball to play in the park.

- Sneakers for running comfortably.

- A bunch of friends.

- A hint of good humor.


Put all the ingredients in the same bowl, tell mom and dad that it is time to play outside and leave the mobile (also that of the parents) inside the house. Delicious!

6. Why can't I pick the flowers? 'Amanda asked her mother. His mother told him that they had just started dating and that if he cut them and they would not bloom again. 'They're so pretty!' She insisted. 'I know, darling, but we have to be respectful of the environment,' replied the mother.

7. Once upon a time, there was a dad who always came home late because he had a lot of work at the office. One fine day he decided to surprise his children, it was hot, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. So, without thinking twice, he put down his computer and walked out the door. When he got home, before entering he took out his phone and called his eldest son:

- Hello, honey, where are you?

- Where will i be? At home! Like every afternoon ...

- Tell your brothers to come and get the toy that you like the most. I wait for you in the backyard.

Pablo, the eldest son, couldn't believe it. He paid attention to what his father had told him and in a little while he and his brothers were playing hopscotch with their father. It was a perfect spring day!

8. How happy I am! March has finally arrived. The flowers bloom, the birds sing and I do it with them. April will soon arrive with crystalline rain and May will come loaded with suns everywhere. Everything shines, everything shines and I just want to go to the movies, but also to sing and dance.

What do you think of these thematic dictations about spring?

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