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Saint Joseph's Day, March 19. Names for boys

Saint Joseph's Day, March 19. Names for boys

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José is a name for a boy of Hebrew origin that means 'abundance'. We are facing one of the most frequent names, a true classic that has been a parent's favorite for generations. It is the ideal name for your child if you want to give him one of those well-known names with great force. In addition, it is perfect to combine it with any other name. Celebrate your name day on March 19, which is the day of San José.

By the meaning of his name, José implies a decisive and generous character at the same time. He has a very particular personality created based on opposites such as reflection and impulsiveness or sympathy and introspection. José is a person of strong convictions who does not hesitate to acquire commitments and responsibilities, with family being his main priority.

The name José is used throughout the world and we know infinity of variants, both in other languages ​​and in the range of possibilities that it has in Spanish, from Pepe to the change in accentuation that turns José into Jose. In French, English and German it is Joseph, with the diminutives Joe and Joey, and we especially like his variant in Italian Giuseppe.

It is a name that has been carried by countless personalities throughout history.. Among all those who have borne the name of your son, we could point to the Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset, the Cuban writer José Martí and the opera singer José Carreras. Among its variants, we cannot avoid mentioning the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi and the former coach of F.C. Barcelona, ​​the Catalan Josep or Pep Guardiola.

Another curiosity about this name is where to put the accent. Some write Jose while others choose Jose. And we must not forget its feminine version, Josefa, and also the feminine name that arises if we put María in front, María José.

Do you know that there is every month of the year there is a José to congratulate (and that without counting the blessed)? If you want to have everything pointed out so that nothing happens to you, here is a complete list with the saints of José!

  • January 28. Saint Joseph Freinademetz
  • February 4th. San José de Leonessa
  • March 12. Saint Joseph Zhang Dapeng
  • March 17. Saint Joseph of Arimathea
  • 23 of March. San Jose Oriol
  • April 30th. Saint Joseph Benito Cottolengo
  • May 1st. San jose worker
  • June 23. San Jose Maria Robles
  • June 26th. Saint Joseph Ma Taishun
  • June, 15. Saint Joseph of Thessaloniki
  • July 9th. Saint Joseph Yuan Zaide
  • July 24. San Jose Fernandez
  • August 25th. San José de Calasanz
  • September 18. Saint Joseph of Cupertino
  • October 25. San Jose Baldo
  • November 24. Saint Joseph Tuan, priest
  • December 17. San Josep Manyanet and Vives

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March 19 is the date chosen in some countries such as Spain, Morocco, Andorra, Bolivia, Croatia, Honduras, Italy, Liechtenstein, Mozambique or Portugal to celebrate Father's Day. On the other hand, in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, the United States, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico or Venezuela this holiday is passed to June. But why do we celebrate Father's Day? What were its origins?

There is no doubt that the main transmitter of your son's name is San José, known to be the husband of the Virgin Mary and the father of Jesus. And to highlight his particular role as father, the Christian tradition has wanted to celebrate his name day on March 19 and at the same time, mark it as Father's Day.

The fact that in other parts of the world it is celebrated on the third Sunday in June is due to the American, Smart Dood, who saw how his father after the death of his mother had to take over the education of him and his brothers. Initially Dood wanted to choose the date of June 5, for his father's birthday, but it could not be and in the end he stayed on the third Sunday in June.

Do you want to discover the personality and character of your little one before you almost see his face? Numerology, the science that studies the relationship between divine forces and numbers, can help you. Each letter in your baby's name hides a digit and when you add them all together, you get a single number, 4, a number that will always accompany your baby and that holds mysteries that we are going to solve for you below.

- Positive traits
There will be values ​​that you will not even have to teach them, because they will come in their DNA. And these children are very honest and humble. In addition to standing out for these qualities, they will stand out for being people with a great desire to learn and for trying their best to get what they want.

- Negative traits
It would be wrong to say that they are fearful children, but it is true that they do not like to get out of their comfort zone because they feel misplaced and disoriented. Improvised things make them very nervous, as they like to have everything under control. On the other hand, their lack of interest in exploring new worlds will make them very sedentary children.

In addition to being a traditional, popular and very common name, José is one of the names that best combines with others. That is why it is very common to find compound names with Jose. Do you want to know which ones, among all, the ones that best combine you? We give you the options: with José in front or behind.

- Compound names with José in front

  • Jose Maria
  • Jose Luis
  • Jose Alberto
  • Jose Manuel
  • Jose Andres

- Compound names with José behind

  • Pedro Jose
  • Antonio Jose
  • Jesus joseph
  • Carlos Jose
  • Mark Joseph

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