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Saint Rodrigo's Day, March 13. Names for boys

Saint Rodrigo's Day, March 13. Names for boys

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Rodrigo is a name for a boy of Germanic origin that means 'the one who brings the glory'. Evocative of nobility and bravery, Rodrigo is one of those names from medieval tradition that are being revitalized by today's parents. Thus, Rodrigo enters with force in the list of frequent names loaded with beauty and strength. Celebrate your name day March 13, which is the day of San Rodrigo.

For the meaning of your name, Rodrigo has a powerful personality that exerts a great influence on others. Of alert intelligence, Rodrigo stands out for his effort and courage to solve delicate situations, so he can easily become the leader of his group. In addition, Rodrigo has a friendly and sociable character, always concerned about the well-being of his family.

The name Rodrigo is known in all languages ​​with some variations. In the German and Slavic sphere, its Roderick form predominates, while in French it remains as Rodrigue and in Italian Roderico. Because it is a name widely used in the Middle Ages, we also know its ancient variants Rui or Ruy.

The name of your son was forgotten for a few centuries, and it is now that it is gaining true strength. Therefore, Most of the personalities that we know by the name Rodrigo belong to medieval times, yes, all of them endowed with a special charisma. Rodrigo was the last Visigothic king before the arrival of the Arabs to the Iberian Peninsula and his figure is so surrounded by legend that the musician Händel was inspired by him for his opera 'Rodrigo'.

But if we talk about myths, we cannot forget that heroic figure of the Reconquest that was Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, the Cid Campeador, a Castilian knight who managed to reconquer Valencia and whose bellicose exploits are described in the 'Cantar de mio Cid', a essential work of Spanish literature.

There are two dates on the calendar to celebrate Rodrigo's saint. On the one hand there is March 13, which reminds us of the life of this priest and martyr born in Córdoba. His life developed as a mediator between Christian and Arab culture, in fact he was the brother of a Christian and a Muslim.His Christian faith led to his death (He was beheaded and thrown into the Guadalquivir river), and it is that he publicly defended Jesus Christ and refused to convert to Islam.

On the other hand, we find the Mexican priest San Rodrigo de Aguilar Alemán. His patience and charity towards those most in need was present from the first days of his work as a priest, although not everyone saw him as someone good and compassionate. He was persecuted, a fact that forced him to flee and take refuge in a ranch.

There he continued to give himself to his Christian work, but some of his faithful denounced him and this cost him his life. Before being executed in the main square, he had an unexpected gesture with those gathered there. He blessed his executioners, forgave them all and gave his rosary to one of those who were going to kill him.

The number 5 will be part of the lives of children named Rodrigo, and it is a digit that is closely linked to him. According to numerology, the science that studies the relationship between numbers, living beings and mystical forces, all the letters of the alphabet (consonants and vowels) are associated with a number and, if we add all of them until only one remains, we will obtain that digit that will mark our lives. What else can 5 tell us about Rodrigo and his personality?

- Positive traits
Many see them as a true leader, but that corresponds more to number 1. They simply settle for being listened to and paid attention to, nothing more! They stand out for being very bright in subjects such as mathematics or science and for being children who really like to practice all kinds of action sports. They cannot stand for a moment!

- Negative traits
They are aware that they have a certain charisma and that can make them believe it a lot and try to take advantage of that quality. They can be, at times, a little tyrant and disrespectful towards others, since they will try to take advantage of the rest. On the other hand, they can be a bit exhausting. The fact that they want to spend all day doing something can tire parents and, worse, despair and drive them crazy.

Do you like German names? Perhaps that has been the reason that has led you to choose the name Rodrigo for your son. But in case you change at the last minute, in case you want to see other options or create a 100% German compound name, here are other options!

  • Froilan. It is a Germanic name for boys that has been in disuse for a long time, but when rescued to baptize one of the members of the Spanish crown (the son of the Infanta Elena) has become fashionable again. It means 'lord of the earth'.
  • Oscar. It's one of the classic names that many parents turn to because it sounds good. In addition, the fact that there are international awards with this name, augurs a good future for the child! It means 'divine spear'.
  • Orlando. 'Famous for his battles' is the meaning of this German name for boys. Surely you are very familiar and we owe it all to the actor of 'Pirates of the Caribbean', Orlando Bloom.
  • Ronaldo. We owe the current boom of this name to the world of football. Cristiano Ronaldo or Ronaldinho are some of the best known characters. It means 'the advisor to power' and was a very popular name in the Middle Ages.
  • Heriberto. If your little one has spent your entire pregnancy kicking you in the gut and comes to this world giving war, without a doubt the name Heriberto is ideal for him! It means 'famous army' and you can use the Anglicism Herbert - something more modern - to refer to it.

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